Sunday, 17 May 2015

Welcome to my mid-Spring Garden

I find mid-Spring here is the best time for blooms. Here's a peek at part of what's blooming chez nous.



Golden Celebration Rose

Golden Celebration Rose (bush)

Tea Clipper Rose

Strawberry Hill
 These roses are all David Austin roses. They are doing tremendously well this year. The yellow rose's blooms are the size of my hands!

I was the lucky recipient of this RAK from Carol of Stitching Dreams. As anyone who has seen her blog, you know her work is exquisite and I can attest to that!  She made me this beautiful pillow and she even changed the design to include my kitties, Julius and Daisy.  You can read all about it here.
 Carol also included these goodies! I love everything! Thanks so much, Carol!
RAK from Carol
Daisy says "wha? I'm immortalized in stitches?!" 
"Cool! Now back to my snooze."
Cats have got it good!

I hope you are all finally enjoying some nice spring weather. I know there's been freakish snow in parts still!  I'm busy but not stitching so it's highly likely that you won't see me back here till June sometime. Take care!

Monday, 4 May 2015

May - Gardening Mania

Happy Monday! I have been busy in the garden with very little stitching to show but here's my next start on my fourth Prairie Schooler Santa.
As you can see it's Book # 47. It is the first PS leaflet that I bought, way back when. I have stitched the Santa in red balloon ages ago and wanted to stitch some more of these designs. You can't go wrong with any of the PS Santas I think!

In the garden, some of my roses have started to bloom. 

Then there's this sweet columbine. I planted it last year and was very happy that it returned this year!
Bougainvilleas do not grow here naturally. I decided to try a pot of it this year and bring it in to overwinter and see what happens. Our deck is hot so I think it should be happy this season. 
I've been busy on my sewing blog, unofficially participating in something called Me-Made May 2015. You can read it on my May 1 post. Basically it's a fun challenge you set for yourself. Perhaps you want to wear one handmade 4 times a week, or every day, or whatever. It's just fun. I've decided to try and post every day and see what happens.   It's been fun seeing all the hand-made clothing (sewn or knitted) out there!
Now, back to a bit of stitching. There was a question from Linda in VA (no reply) about whether the Bird Song chart  in my previous post allows for DMC equivalents. Nope. It only shows Gentle Arts threads. The linen called for is 40 count Vintage Examplar. I am using 36 count.  Perhaps you can email the designer to ask about DMC equivalents?

I will close by joining a bit of gardening and stitching. The pink flower is my tree peony bloom, and the sampler in the back is Manor at Peacock Hill by With thy Needle & Thread. 
So, I will be happily busy this month doing lots of gardening and sewing I think!

Oh, one last thing before I forget - I've finally found the answer to my problem with commenting on some of your blogs because of the Embedded option.  The answer -  "Third Party Cookies" on your browser must be turned on before Blogger recognizes you! Sounds so simple when you find the answer!

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great week my friends!