Sunday, 19 April 2015

Santa n' Da Blooms

It sounds like a good name for a band, don't you think? Santa and Da Blooms? At least a Christmas band...maybe an Ooompapa bank?! ;-) 

I've finished my third Santa for my PS Santa Sunday Sal with Carol and Hilda.  I love the dove in this one!
 Here are my three Santas so far.  Prairie Schooler makes such great designs!
Thanks for all your Birthday wishes. As it was my small package did arrive before my birthday - yay! I had a nice afternoon out with a friend where we went to explore a part of the city we haven't visited for awhile (changes, changes everywhere), had a nice lunch but the weather had changed drastically that day and the winds picked up, and I caught a chill. Yup, I was in bed the whole weekend. Ah well. I told my husband I am taking a rain check on the birthday meal!  Slowly, the weather has warmed up and I've been feeling much better.

I was out in the garden today and Spring is just my favourite time in the garden. I've said this before - it's like meeting old friends again as the new buds emerge.  One of the best feelings in the world is to be out in the garden with the cool spring sun, uncovering your old friends and listening to bird song. It is just wonderful. 

The next three photos are of the grand ladies in my garden - the tree peonies. They just get more majestic as they grow and age.

Not to say I only pay attention to the grand show-stoppers. I also love uncovering the little blooms for which you really need to get down to the ground to appreciate. These are primula auricula and I've been fortunate that I've had luck with propagating them each year so I am getting more of them popping up through the garden. 

This last beauty is a really an old plant and I love it to pieces. They have such happy "faces". Can you imagine them in a children's story?

I am saving more stitching to show you next week so I have something to post each week. Otherwise it's every two weeks I'm afraid!   The garden is doing so well right now so I am sure I will inundate you with more blooms next time too.

Thanks for visiting! Have a wonderful week!


Beth said...

You have a special touch as a gardener. Both peonies and auriculas are difficult plants to grow and retain! Well done.

Brigitte said...

Great new Santa finish. They are looking so good, all the three together on that piece of fabric.

Your peonies are blooming already, how wonderful. Ours just poked through the ground about a week ago, but with each sunny day they are growing more. It's fantastic to watch that.

Marilyn said...

Your Santas look great.
What pretty colors of Peonies.
And the little Primula are so pretty.

Vickie said...

That dove is so sweet. An adorable touch to the Santa.
I don't mind seeing your garden one bit! :)

Mdm Samm said...

so nice to see your I am ready for that...lovely stitching

Shelly said...

Such pretty flowers, especially the primula auricula. Da Santa's are looking great!

Mii Stitch said...

Love peonies, they are my favourite blooms :) Great Santas too!

Robin said...

Congratulations on your latest PS Santa finish, Melissa! What a green thumb you have with your plants and garden! I really like the lower to the ground plants in the last two pictures.

Enjoy your week!

Robin in Virginia

Margaret said...

Love your Santas! Love your garden! Oh my! Those Primula auricula are soooo pretty!

Hilda said...

Hi Melissa,
congratulation on finishing your third Santa - it looks amazing (unfortunately I did not even start my third one - because of missing the time for stitching at the moment).

Oh I love your garden picts. And I so agree to what you said of how Spring is for you. I absolutely feel the same way (as soon as there IS spring, haha).

Have a wonderful springtime!


Marie P said...

ahhhh, beautiful flowers from your garden! Love seeing them.
Your PS Santa looks great!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

The PS santas look great - their designs have a unique look.
I enjoy seeing your garden no matter what time of year it is - I do love Spring though:-)
Belated Birthday Wishes Melissa.
Have a good week.

Ruth said...

You are so right -- those blooms have very happy faces. :) Actually all of them make me smile. Congrats on your fine Santa finish -- he's perfect -- I love your collection of them.

Mary said...

Oh Melissa, you have both a silver needle and a green thumb! Your Santas make such a cheery line up. Can't wait to see another one take his place in it.

I know exactly what you mean about finding this year's new blossoms and greeting them like old friends. The night blooming jasmine on my walking route is in full bloom right now. I could smell its return before I saw it, but knew exactly that it was back again.

SuperMomNoCape said...

My Dad grows peonies every year but I've never heard of a tree peonies. Yours are beautiful.

I love all three of your Santas.

I've just started a Stitchery Link Party and I'd love if you'd come link up this or one of your other posts.

Barb said...

So sorry to hear you were sick !! That's a bummer, especially if you had planned to go for a Birthday dinner! I love seeing your garden and the Santas are the best. I agree, you can't beat PS for Santas!

Maggee said...

It doesn't take much to get some of us sick, does it? I am also just recuperating from pneumonia again! Some people just don't get how really sensitive I am to catching their germs!! Those Santas are going to be so appreciated when Christmas comes around! Great work! Love Peony's! Don't have any, but my neighbor does and they are delightful! Hugs!

Andrea said...

Your flowers are a welcome sight to see. The Santas are of course wonderful. They all look great standing in a row. Hope you are feeling much, much better now.

Carol said...

I'm finally catching up on my blog reading, Melissa! So good to see your third Santa--and what a handsome one he is :) I am so addicted to stitching these guys--I don't want to stop!

I'm glad you're getting a lot of garden time--it really is so good for one's soul. I just wish we were able to grow more here--our deer population is becoming increasingly invasive and nothing seems to be safe except daffodils!

Hope your good weather continues and I'm so happy you had a lovely birthday :)

barbara said...

I had no idea that peonies grew on trees - wow!! And those Santas are fab!!