Monday, 6 April 2015

April Shelf and a few other things

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend. Here we've had a mix bag of weather. Right now it's sunny so I've forgotten all about the rain already!

I will start off with the April Shelf:
All four of the pin pillows are made by me and they are Blackbird Designs. The sweet little bunny up front was made by Anna (Ana?) in Poland. Sadly we lost touch. It's been a few years since she moved and I think her blog was closed down.  I have found that has happened to me with blogging friends. "Life happens", I know, and changes can hit you in real life that doesn't translate to the blogging world. 

This next small is Caged Bird by Carriage House Samplings. I think I might spiff up the finishing a bit should/when I find the right trims.
Many of you know Carol of the lovely blog, Stitching Dreams. If you know Carol, you will also know it was a big birthday for her this past January. So I wanted to give her a nice gift but I warned Carol that it would take me awhile to get everything together. She just received the gifts prior to the Easter weekend so I can show them off now.

The pin pillow is the Sewing Bird from Homespun Elegance.  The fabric was left over from a shirt that I made and Carol really liked the fabric. So it was the inspiration for the colour theme. (Hint: If you want to make anything for Carol, you can't go wrong with BLUE!)

I love this design. It is so sweet and I made this last year and when a friend said she liked it, I gave it to her. She knows who she is...;-)  I have made a third one but it may also be gifted. I am destined to stitch this one at least one more time, I'm sure!
I included some silks and linen. This IS a big birthday, after all! 
I am eagerly waiting for 2 things I purchased from Market. Alas, it was wrongly addressed and returned to the needlework shop and they had to correct it and send it out again last week. I was really hoping they would get here before my birthday. Now I don't know. There are a few days left yet. Fingers crossed!

Here are my two furry buddies just enjoying snoozing in the moment! 

Daisy tends to sleep all tucked into herself all the time. Julius can be found sleeping in all sort of postures, including on this back with belly ready for a rub!  He just turned 9 yesterday! Daisy will too this weekend. They are middle-aged!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope Spring is finally paying you a visit with some warmth and sunshine!  Have a lovely week!


Robin said...

Melissa, I love the blue bird pin pillow you made for Carol. Which blue fiber did you use for the bird? What a fabulous line up you have created for your April shelf! Your kitties look quite comfortable.

Robin in Virginia

Mary said...

As always, I'm so impressed! All the little pillows are lovely, but by far my favorite is the blue bird for Carol. Such a lovely gift!

My Mo is like Julius, no dignity whatsoever when it comes to napping.

Mdm Samm said...

such sweet birds and cats who could care less...silly cats ....great photos..

Tammy said...

Love your shelf and all your projects! I think my favorite might be the Caged Bird-such pretty colors!

Barb said...

The fur buddies look so very comfortable! The pillow shelf is lovely as is all the stitching. Carol is lucky to have such a nice friend.

Barb said...

The fur buddies look so very comfortable! The pillow shelf is lovely as is all the stitching. Carol is lucky to have such a nice friend.

Beth said...

Happy birthday to the fur buddies! They look very content with their lot in life! Lovely birthday gifts to Carol - so generous of you. You have a lovely April shelf display.

Annette-California said...

The pillow you made for Carol is so beautiful! What lovely gifts you sent her. I bet she was surprised:) Your shelf looks so pretty with all your stitched goods. love Annette

Marilyn said...

Your April shelf is so pretty.
The little Bunny is too cute.
Sorry you lost touch with your friend.
Love the bird pillow.
Pretty kitties! :)

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Love your April shelf Melissa, it's nice to have an area to display your seasonal stitches. The little Sewing Bird looks quite different in the blue tones, I have mine on a shelf that is out of the way of naughty little paws. I look forward to see what you've chosen from market and hope it arrives soon, that's really disappointing for you. Daisy and Julius look so relaxed, two happy kitties.

Margaret said...

Happy birthday! I hope that order comes in time! Love your April shelf! Love the caged bird and the lovely gift for Carol! I bet she loved it! Daisy and Julius are such sweeties. I so need to figure out a way to make that bench for Mia more like your window seat. Such a perfect kittie spot!

Vickie said...

=) That little bunny tucked up on your shelf is adorable!
Yes, blue for Carol hits the spot! Such thoughtful, great gifts you gave her.
I plan to stitch Caged Bird this year. I am thinking of doing it all over one. I have been wanting to start an over one, tiny frenzy, but I am making gifts nonstop for one month now. :)

Lianne said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Hopefully your order makes it to you in time ;-)

I love your April shelf and I have added the CCS Caged Bird to my Wish List - so lovely, thanks for enabling!

Such a lovely gift, I am sure Carol loved it!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

What a fun post! Love looking at all the lovelies. You have such a giving spirit. I'm sure Carol is just over the moon. Have a good week!

Carol said...

Ah, there is my sweet new blue bird, Melissa--I hope you know how much I love him!! He is happily sitting on my shelf here in my kitchen now--seems very much at home amongst all the American birds and bunnies around here :) Thank you again, my sweet friend--you made my BIG birthday very memorable indeed!

Love your April stitching shelf and I know how you feel about losing touch with blogging friends when they shut down their blogs. I often wonder what they're doing now and if they are okay. It's kind of sad, really...

Very pretty Cage Bird pillow, too! You've been busy between all your sewing and stitching lately :)

Hope April is going well for you!

Andrea said...

Your shelf display is lovely. A beautiful gift for Carol too.

Barbi said...

Lovely April shelves, and I love your birds, such great gifts!
It is sad when you lose touch with stitching friends, it's happened me to, with too many to count. but I still look at certain pieces and think of them :)

Deb said...

Lovely work! Pretty kitties!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Oh how I love birds and your stitching bird is so sweet! blessings, marlene

Maggee said...

Yes, 'life happens!' Every day, at the end, I say 'where did my time go??' It just flies by! Some days I am more productive than others--usually driven by the weather outside. Kinda like a cat?? I really like the shelf pieces and the Caged Bird pillow. Your gift to Carol was very nicely done. Thanks for sharing!

Brigitte said...

Great to see all the little beauties on your April shelf. And what a wonderful little pillow you stitched and finished for Carol. It's the perfect design for her, I think. She must have liked your little gift package a lot.

Marie P said...

So many wonderful BBD pillows.
How sweet of you to send off that great birthday package to Carol. I am sure she was thrilled!

Look forward to seeing your latest purchase.
Hope you have a happy birthday!

Mii Stitch said...

I'm in awe with your little finishes, as always ;)

Lois said...

Love your April shelf! BBD come up with such lovely charts for smaller pieces. Also love the pin pillow you made for Carol, what a lovely package of goodies you sent her way. Hope that Market order arrives soon - it's so frustrating when you know there's something in the post but it takes forever to get to you!!

Hilda said...

Such a perfect gift for Carol, Melissa. The blue color, the little bird on the scissors - no wonder she totally liked it.

And I love all your pillows on your April shelf. I am a BBD-lover so this little exhibition looks perfect to me.

Happy belated birthday and all the best for you, my dear friend!