Monday, 27 April 2015

Finally, stitching a sampler!

Good morning. It's a rainy Monday morning here. The weather (what else do we talk about?) has been very windy, even stormy at times lately. We even had some hail in parts of the city! When I go outside I have to double check what weather to dress for! How about you?

Here's my start on a new sampler. Can you guess what design it is?

Well, back at Nashville Market, my eyes were caught on this sampler.
It's called Bird Song. I remembered looking at it and thinking it looked awfully familiar and that's because it reminded me of this beautiful antique sampler I saw a few years ago!  I had loved this antique sampler from afar and thought to myself "maybe I can chart it one day" ...ha ha ha.
So I was really pleased to see the Bird Song chart.   This will be my summer project. I am not stitching so much these days because of all my sewing projects and I also need to go slowly because of my neck issues.
The garden is in bloom. Here are a group of "pinks".


Bleeding hearts
Beauty Bush & Primula Auricula
Who doesn't love a cat in a box? This is crazy Julius playing with his the box! 
 Then he settled down for a snooze. It says so in the book of Cat Regulations - play, then snooze!
Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week. Hope the sun shines down on you!

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Santa n' Da Blooms

It sounds like a good name for a band, don't you think? Santa and Da Blooms? At least a Christmas band...maybe an Ooompapa bank?! ;-) 

I've finished my third Santa for my PS Santa Sunday Sal with Carol and Hilda.  I love the dove in this one!
 Here are my three Santas so far.  Prairie Schooler makes such great designs!
Thanks for all your Birthday wishes. As it was my small package did arrive before my birthday - yay! I had a nice afternoon out with a friend where we went to explore a part of the city we haven't visited for awhile (changes, changes everywhere), had a nice lunch but the weather had changed drastically that day and the winds picked up, and I caught a chill. Yup, I was in bed the whole weekend. Ah well. I told my husband I am taking a rain check on the birthday meal!  Slowly, the weather has warmed up and I've been feeling much better.

I was out in the garden today and Spring is just my favourite time in the garden. I've said this before - it's like meeting old friends again as the new buds emerge.  One of the best feelings in the world is to be out in the garden with the cool spring sun, uncovering your old friends and listening to bird song. It is just wonderful. 

The next three photos are of the grand ladies in my garden - the tree peonies. They just get more majestic as they grow and age.

Not to say I only pay attention to the grand show-stoppers. I also love uncovering the little blooms for which you really need to get down to the ground to appreciate. These are primula auricula and I've been fortunate that I've had luck with propagating them each year so I am getting more of them popping up through the garden. 

This last beauty is a really an old plant and I love it to pieces. They have such happy "faces". Can you imagine them in a children's story?

I am saving more stitching to show you next week so I have something to post each week. Otherwise it's every two weeks I'm afraid!   The garden is doing so well right now so I am sure I will inundate you with more blooms next time too.

Thanks for visiting! Have a wonderful week!

Monday, 6 April 2015

April Shelf and a few other things

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend. Here we've had a mix bag of weather. Right now it's sunny so I've forgotten all about the rain already!

I will start off with the April Shelf:
All four of the pin pillows are made by me and they are Blackbird Designs. The sweet little bunny up front was made by Anna (Ana?) in Poland. Sadly we lost touch. It's been a few years since she moved and I think her blog was closed down.  I have found that has happened to me with blogging friends. "Life happens", I know, and changes can hit you in real life that doesn't translate to the blogging world. 

This next small is Caged Bird by Carriage House Samplings. I think I might spiff up the finishing a bit should/when I find the right trims.
Many of you know Carol of the lovely blog, Stitching Dreams. If you know Carol, you will also know it was a big birthday for her this past January. So I wanted to give her a nice gift but I warned Carol that it would take me awhile to get everything together. She just received the gifts prior to the Easter weekend so I can show them off now.

The pin pillow is the Sewing Bird from Homespun Elegance.  The fabric was left over from a shirt that I made and Carol really liked the fabric. So it was the inspiration for the colour theme. (Hint: If you want to make anything for Carol, you can't go wrong with BLUE!)

I love this design. It is so sweet and I made this last year and when a friend said she liked it, I gave it to her. She knows who she is...;-)  I have made a third one but it may also be gifted. I am destined to stitch this one at least one more time, I'm sure!
I included some silks and linen. This IS a big birthday, after all! 
I am eagerly waiting for 2 things I purchased from Market. Alas, it was wrongly addressed and returned to the needlework shop and they had to correct it and send it out again last week. I was really hoping they would get here before my birthday. Now I don't know. There are a few days left yet. Fingers crossed!

Here are my two furry buddies just enjoying snoozing in the moment! 

Daisy tends to sleep all tucked into herself all the time. Julius can be found sleeping in all sort of postures, including on this back with belly ready for a rub!  He just turned 9 yesterday! Daisy will too this weekend. They are middle-aged!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope Spring is finally paying you a visit with some warmth and sunshine!  Have a lovely week!