Sunday, 13 July 2014

Stopping by to say...

This is a quick post to say two things: 

First, a much heartfelt thanks to my friend Ann who has spoiled me with a wonderful package of goodies!  Am I a lucky girl, or what? I just love everything! 

The two pieces of fabrics on the left are Liberty prints! Yes, now you know who had started me on the Liberty madness! Thank you again, Ann! :-)

Second - we just finished watching the final match of the FIFA World Cup.  Big congratulations to Germany! Well done! What a great team, what a great match, what a fantastic World Cup this has been! I think it's the most exciting World Cup we've seen in awhile.   This game arouses passions around the world. See you again in four years! 

And that's me for this quickie post. Life is good. Summer is here and it's hot! (Hot for here.) Even the cats are moving slower! 

Happy Stitching!