Thursday, 19 June 2014

Newest Obsession & Taking a Break

Hi all. I've been pondering about whether to just not write a post for awhile, or write a post then take a blogging break. Guess I decided on the latter as there are a few things to tell, and to show.

First off, thanks so much for sharing your advice about lighting and helping with my stitching problem on my last post. I actually have not done any stitching since my last post! But I have saved a few smalls that I stitched awhile ago so I will show you those, then I can tell you about my lastest Obsession!

First off, from Pineberry Lane - Merry Christmas?( Not entirely sure about the title.)  I have the funny reindeer and Santa. The reindeer is holding off like it's getting ready for a Disneyland ride (Thunder Mountain?).
Next is Beggar's Christmas from Threadwork Primitives. Love that series!
This one is Thankful Heart (I think) from Heartstrings Samplery. I left out the words and shorten the design from the bottom. I like the spareness of it though I think I might go back and add our initials. I love the colours! 
This last one is Land that I love from Birds of a Feather. I modified it to say Oh Canada!, which is the start of our national anthem. Love that cute design!
My newest obsession? It's related to stitching...sewing clothes for myself but the real obsession is getting my hands on some Liberty cottons for tunics and tops. *sigh* I will have to shop online as I can't find any of them here in a brick and mortar store. I would really prefer to see them in person so I can better gauge the scale of the prints, etc. If you have any advice in best place to get Liberty cottons and at a good price (and I haven't already asked you privately)  please let me know. Thanks!
Last year, I was gifted some pieces of Liberty cottons from dear Ann from Scotland.  I knew nothing about these cottons until there and I didn't really get obsessed with them till I tripped over finding a pattern that I thought was do-able for me. It's the Schoolhouse Tunic by Sew Liberated. Apparently it was quite the buzz online a few years ago when it first came out. 

My mom had also asked me to do some minor alterations for her and with my getting my sewing skills sharpened I just remembered that I used to do sewing for myself, that I have actually made some small quilts and I have a darn good sewing machine at home. I also found my serger from 20+ years ago tucked in a corner of a closet, dusted it off and will take it in for much needed maintenance.

So, as you can see, I've been bitten by the sewing bug and the fabric-holic bug!  While I haven't found Liberty cottons I did find some cheap cottons on sale so I can try out the fitting of the pattern and polish up my rusty sewing skills. I remember the fabric stashing bug that I went through when I was quilting. Well, it's back!

I've been spending a lot of time online looking for those cottons but also easy to sew patterns. This is a new arena for me and it's so easy to spend hours lost online! I gotta stop!

Meanwhile everything else have taken a back seat. Julius was wondering why my painting tray is empty! 

My roses seem to be finally in full bloom despite the up & down weather. 

So, we'll bid you farewell for awhile while I muck away at the sewing machine, the easel, the garden, and maybe some stitching! Oh yeah, and we've been watching the World Cup games. I don't know if it's my imagination but the games seem to be better than they were the last time around - more excitement, more goals.
Take care and we'll see you soon!  Summer will officially arrive in a few days!


Giovanna said...

Great finishes! Well done.

Vickie said...

Nice stitching!
Good for you with sewing. It is nice to have something else besides stitching.
Aww, that last picture is so very sweet.

Margaret said...

Love all those finishes! Beautiful! I hope you find a good price on the Liberty. They are expensive, no two ways about it. I haven't seen good prices, just the normal prices. lol! Hope you get that sewing going!

marly said...

Enjoy the sew! I hope you find your fabrics. What an adorable photo to end your post.

Barb said...

Wonderful finishes! It must be the time of year. It seems that many bloggers need to take a break, enjoy the quiet time.

Timemimi 當代迷你倉 said...


Frances N said...

I love your smalls! I especially like the Santa and reindeer in the sleigh! How funny is that??
Also, your cats are sweet!
I hope your blogging break will be a short one!

Annette-California said...

Love what you stitched. Yes this is a great time for giving your creative talents some new challenges no I should say Opportunities:)
Enjoy and we will be here welcoming you back (whenever that may be).
love Annette

Blu said...

Great finishes!
Enjoy your break and hopefully we'll see you back soon :)

Beth said...

Such pretty roses Melissa (including in your blog header). I think you have the right or it as regards that Pineberry Lane reindeer! I hope you enjoy your blogging break. I can totally understand your Liberty print obsession. I go to the Liberty store each time I'm in London and drool over all the lovely fabrics. I usually bring back some handkerchiefs, not because I use them, but because I love the fabrics and I display them on top of my dresser! Have fun painting, sewing, gardening, and being at your kitties' beck and call!

Brigitte said...

So beautiful, your latest four little finishes.

I can totally understand your need of a blog break although I will miss your posts. Enjoy your new adventure into the sewing world and come back soon with wonderful pictures.

Teresa said...

it's so beautiful.....

Lois said...

Love your finishes Melissa. My stitching mojo has gone walkabout and it's all fabric, fabric, fabric for me at the moment!!!! Would you believe I've also been considering dipping into clothes making. It's something I haven't done since I was in school (and I loathed but hey, things change!!). I did buy the pattern for the washi dress which I kept seeing pop up online. As yet though I haven't found a fabric that I want to sew it in!

Mii Stitch said...

These are lovely little finishes and I hope you do find some Liberty fabric at a reasonable price! That is all I know about it: it's very expensive... but really pretty too :) Have fun with your latest hobby x

KimM said...

What lovely finishes. Love the pictures of your garden and kitties.

Maggee said...

Pink roses--my fave!! Those are pretty finished projects... I look forward to seeing the final finishes. Have fun with the sewing 'bug'... I gave it a try a few weekends ago... need to return and try again! Wasn't a very successful project! Hugs!

Andrea said...

Wonderful finishes. Good luck with your new venture.

Evelyne said...

I love your small finishings!
Beautiful roses too!
Have fun with your new obsession!

Have a nice weekend,

Ranae said...

Wonderful stitches
Don't be gone too long

Ann at Beadlework. said...

There's a lovely Liberty book that was published a while back that uses their tana lawn fabric. It's got a great little peacock design in it that looked very neat to sew. I hope you find some fabric and know what you mean about seeing it in the flesh, it makes it so much easier to make the right choice. Beautiful roses.

Penny said...

I love your finishes, Melissa! But then I love everything you stitch. :) I really wish I had learned more from my grandmother about sewing. It's nice to be able to make your own clothes. Hope you will share some pictures. What a sweet picture of Julius and Daisy. :) And your flowers are gorgeous as usual ~ love your blog header!

Carol said...

Oh, don't be gone too long, Melissa--I, for one, would love to see your sewing finishes, too :) I used to make some of my clothes back in high school (skirts, simple tops, a couple of dresses for my younger sisters who didn't notice my numerous mistakes!), but I really haven't done anything other than stitch up pillows and ornaments since (oh, there were the random Halloween costumes for my sons :).

I do love all of your stitching finishes--especially the Pineberry Lane one! So cute with that little reindeer holding on for dear (deer!) life :)

And I love the Oh, Canada piece--such a great national anthem...

Well, my friend--don't be a stranger, but I hope you enjoy your break. Hug the kitties for me!

Marie said...

Love the reindeer in Santa's sleigh. :-)

Threadwork Primitives has some awesome design. I just stitched Happy 4th and have a line up of others to stitch.

Ooooh, Liberty of London fabric ~ so nice. I was on a VT shop hop and one shop carried a selection but I can't remember which one. You could always take a trip to London and pick some up. :-D

I too am getting the itching' to start stitchin' on my sewing machine. Have 3 quilting kits that I want to complete.

Cute kitty pics and gorgeous (as always) gardening pics.

Introverted Art said...

a break is an absolute must sometimes.

Jeanne said...

Very cute projects Melissa! Good luck with your new sewing projects, a change of pace can spark up the creativity. I've heard about Liberty fabrics but not sure I've ever seen any in person.

Sharon said...

Beautiful stitching! Enjoy your sewing, I have always wanted to sew but failed miserably in home economics.

Solstitches said...

It's surprising how many cross stitchers are changing direction and returning to dressmaking myself included.
Way back when, I worked part- time for Liberty of London as they had a small concession store within a department store in Southampton UK.
Twice a year we received a length of fabric - Tana Lawn in the Spring and Varuna Wool in the autumn from which we made our uniforms from a pattern of our own choosing.
I sold my stash of Liberty fabrics on eBay when I thought I would never be dressmaking again.
This girl in UK does Liberty at a reasonable price and she does small pieces.
the only other one I know of is
You've done some beautiful stitching. I hope you will keep up with your blog whatever you are making.

Hazel said...

Beautiful finishes Melissa! I wish I could do dressmaking but I'm rubbish on a sewing machine. X