Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Good Things

Happy Tuesday. Happy Earth Day. Happy Sunny Day here! Lots of things to show you today...

First up, giveaway win from Annette's Blogoversary celebration. While I did not win the 'grand' prize, sweet Annette drew 2 more names and I was one of them. Her gift held many wonderful things. 

Annette included a project bag which was wonderful as I don't have one yet. She also included a needlebook and lots of wonderful goodies. Her handwork is beautiful. Thank you so much Annette! 

Next up, my progress on Seven Sheep Sampler.  

I am almost done with this half of the sampler. I just need to complete the two small urns of flowers. It's a very fun piece to stitch. 

As some of you have asked about my art classes, I thought I would show you some of my work so far. Last week week we did a red apple in class.
The orange colour is used to 'prime' the canvas so, as homework, we had to find the right green shade and paint in the background.  

While the red apple looks terrific, I can't take the credit. The teacher did come over and help me. She would wave the brush around, dab at this paint and that, swish, swish, presto, change-o...Magic! 

We started painting a green apple (from a real apple rather than a photo as we did with the red apple) today and it looked yucky until she showed me what I should do (I needed more yellow in my green).  

So there is lots of homework to finish it! The class is basically for newbies like me to learn colour theory first. I have to admit to a bit of mental fatigue at the end of the 2.5 hours! There is so much to learn!

Lastly, can you spot what I want to show you in the next photo?
It's a bird's nest built in our rose bush! This has never happened before! I will have to figure out the name of the bird. It's a little tiny grey thing and chirps and when it flies it's like it's a sailboat bopping up and down; so cute! 

That's it for another week chez moi.  Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful week!

Monday, 14 April 2014

A busy week

Good Monday morning to you! Thank you for all your kind words, good thoughts and prayers to my friend and her husband. They are much appreciated. 

Last week was a busy and fun one. First, a picture walk along a part of Granville Island. 

That was just a quick visit down to Granville Island specifically to go to the art supplies store. I started a new painting class last week so I was armed with a supply list! There wasn't much time to meander as I had the chauffeur (DH) with me!

Now onto some stitching. I received some lovely goodies from my friend Paula of Kelmscott Designs. They are wonderful but my favourite has got to be those cute scissors! Thank you, Paula! 
Here is some progress on Seven Sheep. The tree is done! 
Paula and I were chatting about a stitching "bucket list".  Let's say you have 20 good years left to do stitching and you could stitch one big thing a year. What would be your top 20 items?  I would love to see this on your blog. 

When Paula asked me the question, I actually spent some time hauling out and making that list. I know the list will change (and it has changed slightly since I shared it with Paula!). 
  1. Ann Hull
  2. Sarah Chapple
  3. Anne Hall
  4. Sarah Woodham
  5. Susan Rambo
  6. Jean Rattray
  7. A Yuletide Welcome
  8. 1837 Crown Sampler
  9. Jane Pattison
  10. Rachel Howells
  11. Mary Tillinghurst
  12. Christina Cathcart
  13. Needleworker's sampler
  14. Jane Tindall 
  15. Maria Lambooy
  16. Martha Rogers
  17. Christmas Garden
  18. Ann Grant
  19. John Foster
  20. Katrine Thomsen
What do you think? Let's see your list! 

I have lots of gardening photos but I will save those for next time. I will close by showing you our neighbours' magnolia starting to bloom, and the purple azaleas on our side. Spring is just my favourite season - Nature putting on a fashion show!
Thanks for stopping by! I hope this nice weather sticks around! More gardening today! Have a great week!

Monday, 7 April 2014

Counting Sheep

Happy Monday to you! I will jump right in and show you my progress on the Seven Sheep Sampler. 

I am using Vintage Sand Dune linen and the colour is a lot darker than what you see in the photos. In the lower left hand of the first photo you will see my "test patch" as the Italian Gold silk was not showing up too well. This is not evident in the photo but, trust me, the colour just melts into the linen so I am choosing various floss that I have on hand as a replacement. 

I am so enjoying this sampler it's hard to put it down but evidence of my enthusiasm is showing up in the form of a stiff neck! So I gotta take more breaks. I just noticed this last photo is not that clear. Sorry about that. I took the photos using my phone so maybe my hands were not so steady on that last one. 

I was contacted by a new blogger last week, Frances of A Symphony of Stitches. Please visit Frances and have a look at her wonderful ornaments! 

I am a bit heavy-hearted today.  I have a good friend whose birthday is a few days before mine and we always have a small celebration together. We got together today after not having seen each other for a few months. Her husband has terminal cancer so it was a somber catch-up.  

I will leave you with some beautiful cherry blossoms casting their magic over our fair city.
Thanks for stopping by. Give those close to you an extra hug today!