Friday, 31 January 2014

Endings and Beginnings

Here we are, with January ending but a new year is starting in the Chinese calendar. It's the Year of the Horse.
image from
I was searching for an image of a horse to depict and oddly enough found the above under "Horse designs for knitting". I think that was a mistake but I really like this artwork. 

I saw a nice post from Edgar this morning about the Chinese New Year which you can see here. So, Kung Hey Fat Choy to you too! 

Now onto stitching - I have finished ES Spot Motif sampler by Of Female Worth.  First finish of 2014! Yay!

All the reds in it has just the right feel for Chinese New Year!  As are these pretty tulips!
This morning I'm off to look for a paint colour for this room, which I call my RoMO - Room of My Own. 
This is where I stitch (can't sit in a cushy chair because of my back!), do my  yoga/exercise, etc. I am tired of that blue colour which was there when we moved in almost a decade ago. It is time to finally paint it (maybe this summer). In the meantime, I can start checking out colours.  I was also thinking I need a colour that's more complementary to my samplers!

As always, thanks for stopping by and I appreciate reading your comments. Welcome to my new followers!  Enjoy your weekend!  

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Feeling Better!

After a week of recuperating, I am feeling better. Thank you for all your kind words too. While I was entrenched on the couch, nice things did come my way!  

At the turn of the year I've made a new friend online, Paula from Kelmscott Designs. It turned out that Paula used to live in Victoria so we had a great time chatting about places we knew. She sent me some goodies in the mail. I was so bowled over by the lovely things I found - red handled scissors, an "M" needle minder, mother of pearl thread keep and short ruler (very handy!). I love everything she sent - thank you Paula! 
Next, I was surprised by this lovely painting of Julius that came in the mail!  A couple of weeks ago I had passed on an old but still beautiful evening dress to a friend of my son's. She in turn decided to thank me by creating this lovely painting. That was so sweet of her and I love it! 
Not all good things came to me by mail. I ventured out on Saturday and stopped off at my favourite charity shop. I found these small needlepoint cushions. They are beautifully finished, if a little worn, but I think they are adorable. They just need a little cleaning. Although the photos make the background of the cushion look blue, they are in fact a rich green. The dog is my favourite of the two!
You may wonder why I am posting on a Sunday night. That is because I am recording the latest episodes of Downton Abbey, and the Season 3, first episode of Sherlock (finally, he's back!) and will be watching them tomorrow morning most likely! While I was sick I vegged out in front of the TV and got all caught up on both shows. 

BTW, for Downton fans did last week's episode (#2) make you feel sick afterwards? It did for me but I had a heads-up about the episode so at least it wasn't so much of a nasty shock. Still it made me mad. What about you?  (ahem, THIS is why I don't like to watch soap operas but here I am tangled in Downton's elegant web!)

I have no stitching to show. I did not stitch while sick so I have lots more catching up to do. Now, it's bedtime! Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week!

Monday, 13 January 2014


What a title for the first post of the year - woozy; well, at least it's better than boozy? I've caught some type of bug and have been sick and still am. One minute I think I'm feeling better then the next I'm not. Time to take it easy. 

On New Year's Day I started the ES Spot Motif Sampler. It's full of bright, happy colours!

The colours are darker than they are in real life. It's difficult to take good photos when the days are so dark. We have had very stormy weather for a while - lots of rain; but we're not complaining, it's better than the deep freeze that's in many parts of the country!

Yesterday I was snuggled in a chair, wrapped in a blanket, and either reading or catching up on Downton Abbey episodes. If only I had a box of chocolates beside me...

Thanks for stopping by. I also appreciated all the lovely comments on my last post - I am looking forward to some positive changes this year!  Hope your new year is off to a great start. Have a wonderful week!