Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Red, white, green & gold

Recently I've been feeling very blah. I think I've mentioned that. Partly it's the Fall weather that makes our bodies slow down I think. The other part is all the "life issues" abound for me right now. So it was a delight to see Lee, of Lake Stitcher fame, posting again.

 You can go there now and read all her great posts, including why many of us may have stopped writing to our blogs. I wasn't quite there yet but was close to taking a blogging break! 

But I'm here today and today I have some stitching to share! Here comes the picture show...

This is "Merry Merry" by Birds of a Feather. I did not stitch the border as I wanted to finish it as a "small", maybe a pinkeep.  I stitched this on 30 count WDW Straw linen.

I did not use the metallic gold floss. I didn't like it so I used WDW Amber. For the "merry Christmas" words in the lower right, I used one strand of Amber and one strand of the Chestnut used for the tree trunks, just for a different effect. I love Santa's smile!

The following is "Dashing" by Birds of a Feather.  

The chart called for little beads to be stitched on for snow but I wanted something bigger so stitched in snowflakes instead. This was stitched on 30 count WDW Parchment. 

This morning I will have to see what I will stitch next. I was going to stitch another BOAF but I may take a break and stitch something different.  

I don't know why but Daisy has been very obliging to the camera of late.  She's saying "I'm a good girl, aren't I mom?" This is because Julius was a very bad cat yesterday and ate part of my baking! No matter what I try to keep him away from people food, somehow in some measure of time, he will find his way when my defences are down! Grrr. He was in the dog house (so to speak) yesterday and he knew it as he hid most of the evening yesterday!

That's me and my words and photos for another post. I have not given up entirely but may be less frequent with posting. I want to thank you for visiting but I also want to thank you for those of you who keep posting to your blogs! 

Take care and have a great week!