Wednesday, 21 August 2013

A little more of Matilda Ann

A mid-week post! Now there's a surprise. I was trying my darndest to finish the border on Matilda Ann Charles before I posted.  I was very tired of petals when the last one was completed last night!

I stitched from the bottom up. When I finished those two baskets with the names, I was going to do the flowers/fruits in them but I was wondering about the colours to use (since I've ended up not following the design). Then I thought it would be better if I finished stitching the border first. Now I can stand back and squint and...keep my fingers crossed that what I decide on will work out and won't involve too much frogging!

Are you excited to see the new releases from Market? I am! So far I have seen a few things I like from Paulette, Brenda, and of course, Barb & Alma!

I am constantly inspired by the colours in my garden, whether they come in big or small packages!

That's it. Short and Sweet. Thanks for visiting. I really hope to finish Matilda Ann by end of the month but we have some "stuff" coming up that may take up my time elsewhere. We shall see. Thanks for your visits and your comments - seems you are all alien-friendly folks! Have a good week!

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Visited by Aliens A & E

Good morning! Thank you for all your nice comments about Jane - it was very gratifying! Now, because my "playing with crayons" experiment worked so well, I am continuing that with another sampler.

First, meet my new alien friends: 
Aren't they the cutest alien stick people ever? I just adore them as they are just so funky - actually reminds me of squid as they are so white! They could be squid people. Do you recognize where they are from? 

It's Matilda Ann Charles from The Scarlet Letter. I've had this chart for awhile now and I've always considered changing the colours. I started this from the lower left hand corner and all was going well even with what looks to be a border that needed lots of careful counting. I adore the border, by the way.
I was blissed out stitching these lovely colours while listening to a very interesting audiobook - Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell.  The novel is composed of six stories that are related and moves from the past to the future (sci-fi) and then back. It can be very confusing but if you just let go and listen, and the narrators are fantastic, then it can be very engaging. 

Unfortunately, somewhere along the way I was too engaged with listening and not counting... I found the boo-boo yesterday.  Can you see it? 

Yup. The tree, and this is AFTER it was all complete, is off center and is about 8 spaces too far to the left! Oy! There's no way I would frog this so I will have to improvise somehow. If you look at the original you will see that the space is densely filled with words so it's not going to work with my big boo-boo. I hang my head in embarrassment! 

But, it could be worse, right? I've never, knock wood, cut into my linen by accident! Now that would seriously make me cry....or scream.
Enough about stitching, let's head outside and check on the other alien in my home - the banana flower pod.  The leaves, as you can see are still peeling back from the pod then those squiggly things form into little bananas! 
Here's a view from above. 
After seeing squid people and alien banana pods, here's a pretty flower to wrap up this post. 
Thanks for stopping by. Let me know if you have any suggestions for the spaces around the A&E tree. I was thinking just doing an alphabet...

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and have a great week!

Sunday, 4 August 2013

All about Jane - a finish

Good Sunday morning to you all!  I'm going to do a quick post just to show you Miss Jane Harris in all her prettiness. I present her to you with a sigh of relief and a big smile on my face!


I'm still smiling when I look at her. I won't be getting her framed for awhile since I am not working so I don't want to spend the money now, especially with the Market goodies coming this month, but more importantly because I haven't found a new framer yet. So for now I have pinned her up on my bulletin board where she'll hang out and wink at me every once in awhile! Jane is the biggest sampler ever stitched for me so I am very happy with that milestone too!

Here are the "technical" bits. The Jane Harris 1827 Sampler is published by McIntosh Sampler. I stitched on 36 count Vintage Light Examplar linen (Lakeside) using various silks from my stash.  I have been asked about a conversion and I can tell you bits of what I used in a minute but I did not have a 1:1 coversion.  I quickly found that I wanted to break out from the original charted colours and just used what I felt like. Yes, when you do that, there can be a bit of frogging involved.

I started stitching this in the lower left hand corner.  See that red and rust coloured basket? That colour combination occurred a lot, including in the peacock. Well, I wanted a blue and purple peacock and it just kind of spiraled happily from there! 

For the border I used Belle Soie's Strawberry Shortake and Weathered Vine. The rust colour I used in the basket and framing the house was AVAS 4236.  I used a lot of BS Poison Apple and Terra Cotta as I love that combination!  The design of the middle basket was my creation. 

I could never have done this changing-up of colours if I was still in a full time job. I really needed time to play (and frog). My advice if you want to do what I did is just to have fun with the process and don't be rushed. I'm glad I started from the bottom where there were lots of different motifs for me to add colour in so I can get a sense of how the palette would look. Then I used a lot of those colours in the alphabet at the top part of the sampler. 

Now, I am onto doing the same thing with another sampler. I am still in the trial-and-error (ribbit, ribbit) stage so no photos yet. 

Oh, one question I have for you if you don't mind - do you have any favourite colours in silks? Can you tell me your top 3 or something? You can tell I love Belle Soie silks, can't you? 

Well, this was a quick post but not so short! However, time to get on with Sunday! Hope you have a great week. Thank you for stopping by!