Monday, 20 May 2013

Be Kind and True

Hello! It's the end of the Victoria Day long weekend here and it's not raining!  I've been able to get something new finished too! 

Here is, Be Kind and Be True, by Blackbird Designs.  I hunted for this chart for awhile and was able to find it earlier this year.

I made a few small changes to the design. I used all the called for overdyed floss with a bit of substitution. It is stitched on 35 ct WDW Parchment. 

Now I want to hunt down another OOP Blackbird Designs chart called Garland Fair.  If anyone has it and want to trade or loan, please let me know. Thank you.

I have two weeks left of work and I think I am having a bit of "the blues" about it. It's leaving behind the people side of it, not the work side of it, that has made me feel somewhat sad. 

However, a pick-me-up is just outside my door. Here are some photos from our garden.  

The roses are all coming into their season of glory! The above rose is a coppery orange and it's called Pat Austin. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit with me. Also thank you for your kind comments left on my last post - they help me a lot especially the way I am feeling today. Time to get outside soon for my dose of gardening. 

Have a great week ahead!

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Happiness is...

...represented by many different things, depending on circumstances, mood, season and all the endless possibilities in life. Grab a cuppa as this will be one of my longer posts in a long while. There will be lots of photos and some stories too. 

Today, Happiness looks like this:

(1) Picking up a couple of beauties from my framer
The first one is Sarah's House from Blackbird Designs. 

The photos above are darker than the what it looks like in real life. It turned out much prettier than I'd expected! 

The next piece is Mary Ann Myers from Little House Needleworks.  
Originally I had a frame at home I'd wanted to re-use. It had a deep green tone like as in the alphabet. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the frame was too narrow so I had to find a new frame. However, I really like how this distressed white frame looks with Mary Ann. It totally lightens the mood of the piece and makes it much more playful.
The bit of sad news about the framing is that my framer is going out of business! I caught her in her last days. She is hoping to be hired elsewhere so that she can keep working. I do hope so! She's been in business over 20 years and I've gone to her for all of my framing! 

2) the latest kit from The Lady's Prim Club arrived in the mail this week! Check this out! 
I love this piece! So pretty! This club is hosted at Dyeing to Stitch

3) We have just had our first hit of early summer weather! Talk about getting high on sunshine! On Monday we had sun but also wind and it was chilly! It gradually warmed up during the week so this weekend we are in the 23C/73F weather zone - perfect! 

Here are some scenes from our garden last weekend...
 The above is shot from our back lane, complete with aged and rickety fence! Love all the bluebells. I like the little bit of 'wild' in the lane.
The photo above is our boy's food patch in its second season. When he returned from Germany, for some reason, he asked if he could have a little patch to grow vegetables. So we dug up this patch. The swiss chard is from last year! There is an artichoke that was planted last year but didn't produce anything. However the plant survived and maybe this year will be better. There are also 2 blueberry bushes. He has already planted seeds in the beds and you can see little carrot ferns coming up in the foreground. 
This is a stump of an old apple tree. We took down the tree a few years ago. For some reason this last year it's gotten these (fungi?) things growing on the side. Looks really cool, I'd thought! 

4) A Decision made based on honouring myself, instead of pleasing others.  Huh, you ask? Well, without going into great gory details it's about my work situation.  I have been working long hours, putting a lot of myself to accomplish a lot of good which was acknowledged with appreciation. However, it was not enough to remove the constant possibility of always being let go with one week's notice for one reason or another. I decided then not to renew my contract after May. 

Happiness is finally making up one's mind, knowing from where that decision has come from, and stepping into the unknown future without fear. Already I feel a bit lighter having made that decision.

5) My favourite little primula. I've had this pretty little plant for many, many years. Finally last year I divided it, keeping my fingers crossed that the division will take. This year, yes, I am rewarded with more flowers than ever!
Well, that's me for another post! I'm heading out to play in the garden soon. One of the  pleasures of being in the garden is to hear the many different birds with their songs. We have a nesting pair of chicadees again this year in our little bird house! It's always interesting to watch and listen to them as they go through their rituals.

Thank you for visiting my little corner. I hope you are enjoying some lovely weather as well. Have a wonderful week!