Sunday, 6 January 2013

January Giveaway

Good Sunday morning!

So, any Resolutions for the year? Did I hear massive groans? Wait, do not exit this blog! I think the same with Resolutions - too big, too scary, and we all feel guilty at failing, etc etc.  So, my thing this year is to get healthier by changing a bad habit or adopting new (positive) ones. 

First habit that I've started to change: Leave work @ work, don't take it home! By this, I mean mentally take it home so I'm always thinking about it. This is a very bad habit for me and one that was so ingrained that I didn't really think of it as a habit until someone pointed it out. She said that when she leaves work she completely closes that door and does not think about it at home. Hmmm, so I thought why not try it? 

So far, so good! Whenever a work thought pops in my head, which is still happening, I just go "cancel" and click it off. It's a habit that requires my attention to change it. Then I thought why not just focus on changing habits and also adopting new ones as they come up during the year? I decided not to make a list because then I'll just want to do them all at once and that won't help at all! 

What about you? Any habits you want to change? Do share if you feel like it. 

I didn't get too much stitching time since my last post but I hope to get in a couple of hours today. I can show you what I got framed though, just a little one. 

This is "Girl's Best Friend" by Birds of a Feather. I had purchased the pre-made frame last year and it was perfect for this piece!

Now comes the January Giveaway. There are two and each giveaway has 2 "prizes" inside. 

The first is Shepherd's Bush. It will contain the Snowman Kit, and the Angel Pie chart. One note about the Kit - it was passed along to me but without the linen. The size is small enough that I'm sure you have a piece in your stash to use. It does contain those cute scissors though!

The second giveaway contains 2 sampler charts

All of these items are un-used. I just thought I needed to lighten my stash and pass them on. I do hope that if you are throwing your name in the hat for the giveaway that you are intending to stitch, rather than sell, these items. 

If you would like to enter the giveaway, please let me know:
  1. Which giveaway (#1 or #2) that you want to enter for, or both if you'd like.
  2. Make sure I have a way to contact you via email - either it's on your Blogger profile or you leave me your email address in the comment section.
This will close at the end of day Saturday, January 19. 

Thank you for visiting and all your lovely comments. Till next time, stay warm & snug!


P.J. said...

Funny you mention health and work. My husband and I are resolving to leave work at a normal time. We carpool( sometimes not healthy...hahaha) and we are usually working 10 hour days. So we are going to live MORE. Otherwise what's the point. Nice finish with Girls Best Friend.

Marilyn said...

Happy new Year!
Cute finish.
I would love to enter giveaway #2 please. Thanks so much.

Laurie in Iowa said...

Congrats on your finish. I have that one finished as a cube and sitting on my bookshelf. It makes me smile every time I pass by that bookshelf.
I was never able to conquer the bad habit of bringing work home with me. I'm sending good thoughts your way that you'll be able to conquer that habit.
I love a chance to win your giveaway #2. I can't promise that if I win I'll get to stitch them this year... but one day I will.

Vickie said...

Girl's best friend is ADORABLE!

Sharon said...

Pretty finish and framing. I make no new years resolutions. I don't stick too them. I just take it one day at a time!LOL Would love to be entered in giveaway #2 please. Thanks for the chance!

MoonBeam said...

One of my goals fot the New Year is to try to resurrect my poor, neglected blogs. I just came on here to check out other blogs and yours was at the top of my follow list. And a giveaway, how nice. I would love to have my name entered for the first giveaway. The samplers are lovely, but I have plenty of my own big projects that are crying for my attention.

Thanks, and Happy Stitching in the New Year.


Devon said...

Oh what a nice giveaway I would love to be entered for #2 please..

Cath said...

Love your finish , and good luck with the habit changing.
Great giveaway , but please don't put my name in , as I wouldn't stitch them.

gypsyelves said...

As a new stitcher, I would love to win either of your giveaways! I have a birthday soon, and yesterday I found a shop here where I just moved to, and just had a ball in there. Thanks for posting, I love reading as much as I can about stitching.
Judy Elvey

Kat said...

I just love your finish! Oh, how I wish BOAF was still designing! I'd love to enter your drawing #2 please. Thanks so inch for the chance!

Catherine said...

Girl's Best Friemd is so cute! Great finish!
Lovely giveaways, but no need to count me in ~ I have so many on my list right now! far as they go, I am going to try and be a little healthier this year...I'm off to a good start ~ having the puppy helps, as he does need to be walked!

Lisa V said...

Love your cutie little framed piece.
OMG, I just have to put my name down for giveaway #2 please, what gorgeous samplers and I especially like the MND one, beautiful!

Ellen said...

Love your pretty finish! I would love to enter your giveaway #1, love SB's designs! Thank you for the chance.


Margaret said...

I love your framed finish!!! So cute! Good for you for managing to turn off work when you get home. I have never been able to do that when I work. Never. Nice giveaways! Can I throw my hat in for both? :D Thank you! I need to do a giveaway sometime too.

Penny said...

Girl's Best Friend is cute! I wish you luck in changing your habit of leaving work at work. Unfortunately, I was never able to do that. :) I would love to become more conscious of when I'm wasting time and learn to make each minute count.

Jen Bailey said...

I would love to be entered into giveaway #2! I love your finish of girls best friend, so fun!!

Theresa said...

LOVE your framded finish!!!! Sooo cute!!!!

As for my new year wish, to be fit and healthy!!!!! Hope I can keep up my exercise!!!!!

I would love to enter for giveaway #2~ Thank you so much for the opportunity!!!!

Deborah said...

Love the finish! So cute. I want to get healthier this year. More exercise. I do pretty well in the good weather but winter just slows me down so I will be using the tread mill daily. I would love to be entered in draw #1. Thanks for the chance.

Chris said...

Happy New Year Melissa! I like your work turn off idea. I need to do this.
Lovely giveaways. I know that they will find great new homes.
I have many projects waiting so I am not going to enter at this time.
I love the framed piece. I wish that they were still designing cross stitch.

Lynda Ruth said...

Hi, I just had my birthday on the 5th and would love one of your charts, you can enter me in both and I hope I win one of your lovely charts thanks Lynda Ruth I got my fingers crossed. bye for now happy new year

Solstitches said...

No resolutions as I never manage to keep them.
I'd like to spend less time on the PC but that's never going to happen as I love looking at blogs too much :)
BOAF do the cutest designs.
I'd be happy to enter either for either of these lovely giveaways.

Giovanna said...

Lovely framed piece! Thanks for offering this draw - I'll pass because I've been lucky on a couple of others lately :-)

Linda said...

I used to not only bring work home mentally, but bring the actual work home!! Arghhh! I don't miss those days - LOL!
Hmmm... what habits would I like to change - eating too much candy - but that isn't going to happy - ha! Please enter me for Giveaway #2 please!!

Linda in VA

The Inspired Stitcher said...

I love your finish! It reminds me of a brown version of Miss Shelby! I'd love to have my name thrown in the hat for Giveaway #2. I'll cross my fingers.

stitchinrose said...

Good luck with the habit changing, seems to take a long time to break a bad habit and no time at all to acquire one. Please enter me in the Shepher's bush giveaway. stitchinrose at gmail dot com

Wagapapa said...

I'm a new follower and would like to have a chance for #2. I have published it on my blog's right sidebar.
I'm also having a giveaway, feel free to join it if you like it.
Have a nice day, xoxo

Carol said...

Aw...isn't that a cute little piece! Great job on the stitching AND framing, Melissa!

I hope your goals to change your habits really work--it's hard not take work home with you!! I sometimes go over and over in my mind, conversations that I've had with difficult patrons and it drives me crazy!

zmb said...

Would love to enter both giveaways please.


Suzanne said...

Very cute design and a nice frame to go with it.

Please enter me into the draw for the second giveaway, thanks!

Clare said...

Happy New Year. Hope you find plenty of time to stitch. What lovely giveaways. please put me in for # 1. Have been put on a gym programe and hope to last the distance!

Kristen said...

Great finish!

I would love a chance at Giveaway #2. kbmls3 (at) yahoo (dot) com


Melody said...

Hello What a lovely giveaway. I would like to enter the sampler giveaway.

Thank you so much!

Brigitte said...

Such a lovely piece you stitched here. I love BOAF patterns and as far as I know there is a whole series with these animals. (At least I think they are from BOAF.)
No, I never make resolutions, it's useless with me as I never keep them lol. But trying to leave work at work is a good goal, I think.
Don't include me in your giveaway. Those patterns are wonderful but I bought way too much new stash last year, so I first have to stitch a little bit of it, lol.

Casa Pearl said...

Melissa, thanks for stopping by my blog. I really like your intention to leave work at work. It's been very stressful at my workplace and this has been very hard. I am going to make this a habit too.

I usually don't enter giveaways because I have so much stash of my own but I really love both items in giveaway #2 so please enter me for that.

I'm planning to have a giveaway of my own this week so be sure to stop by!

Cole said...

What a cute finish!

I would love to be entered for giveaway #1 please! I've actually never stitched a SB design before, but love, love, love those fobs! :) Thanks!

Karoline said...

Lovely finish & good luck with your goal of leaving work at work, I never used to be good at that one either :/

Please can I enter giveaway no. 2, thank you

lynda said...

What a cute finish!
I would love a chance at #2...those samplers are lovely.
Thanks for the chance!

Mii Stitch said...

Count me in for #2, please! I'm a new follower too, Mii x

VALIE said...

How nice that you paid me a visit today... Because I am now returning your call and enjoying your posts immensely !
Leave work behind... Yes, I need to and stitch instead of focusing on the wrong things.
Let's exchange views some time down the road !

jonette said...

My resolution is to become better friends with my bowflex, elliptical and walking shoes so I can at least get on speaking terms with the scales and mirror. Would love to be entered for #2. Enjoy your blog.

Giovi's Creations said...

Hi Melissa! Happy New Year! :)
I'll try to leave work in a second place. It's really a bad habit! and try to spend more time with my needle fabrics and threads.
I'd like to be entered for giveaway #1 ;)
Thanks! Giovi

karamino said...

Girl's best friend is cute! Thank you for the giveaway, i would love to win Giveaway # 1!