Tuesday, 29 May 2012

What day is it?

It's funny. When you are out of your usual routine, in my case not working as in out-of-work, you have to figure out some way to find out where you are in the week. I will ask myself in the morning (and repeat during the day) "what day is it?"

As you can see, my posting date has slid from Sunday to Tuesday! It's so easy. One day just rolls into the next. When the sun is shining I'm out in the garden. Now when it's raining I've started another big project - the Great Garage Clear Out and Tidy 2012! It's one of those things we've turned a blind eye (or two or four!) to for quite awhile but we got a good start at it yesterday.

In the meantime, stitching is sporadic. Here is my progress on Nellie's Garden Revisited, by Homespun Samplar. The border meets! I just have to finish the red flowers at the bottom and I can declare the border done! 

Here are some columbines still blooming in my garden.
The roses are starting to open. This is the pretty and fragrant Abraham Darby! Imagine the colours more intensely pink/peachy than the photo is showing. One of my favourites!

If you are still interested in being part of the "Collectables Blog Hop" on June 3, please leave a comment. You can read more about it on the May 23 post. Thanks to Annette for the catchy title! 

We found a heart at the bottom of the pizza box!  My DH said we had to take a photo of it! Ain't that cool?

Thanks for visiting. Look into the bottom of your pizza box (or whatever take out) and see what you find next time! Cheerio! Back to the outside I go!


Devon said...

Looking good on the sampler,,and your garden pictures are cool is that for the heart..Well I hope you have an awesome week,,

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Gorgeous flowers and I love your close up photo of the alphabet, the colours are very bonnie.

Margaret said...

Your WIP is so pretty! And so are your flowers. Love the heart at the bottom of the pizza box. :D

Laurie in Iowa said...

Love the photo of the pizza box! Your garden flowers are gorgeous. Stitching does seem to take a backseat when the weather is nice... your WIP is lovely.

Katrina said...

Nellie's Garden is so pretty!!!! I love how soft the colors are :-).

Linda said...

I love Nellie's Garden sampler - so pretty!

I too am not working - I retired last year... And every day - when I first wake up - I go...ok, it is (insert day here) Many times I think Friday is Saturday though!

Linda in VA

Mouse Droppings Fine Folk Art said...

I've been busy in the garden and emptying out moving stuff from the garage as well. just loving this nice weather were having...our roses have bloomed to and the smell is just divine. Hugs Susan

Anne said...

Melissa! Your Nellie's Garden is gorgeous! Yay on meeting borders! I'm so worried about Jane's meeting up!! Love the eyelet stitches and the colours are just splendid! Good luck on the Garage Clean out!! It'll feel so great when it's done! Your columbines are divine...yay that rhymes! Prettiest purple shades!! So cute there's a heart in the pizza box!!! I bet it was a good pizza!


Angie in Tahoe said...

Saw your older post for your Goode Huswif "Elizbeth Easton" sampler. Great job. I also like the fall colors. Have been hunting this "out of print" pattern for some time now. Would you want to share??

A stitching friend,

Stitchesbyme said...

love this chart, so beautiful

Veronica said...

Yays for the borders meeting. Your sampler is looking great!

Beautiful flowers you've got blooming in your garden.

Hearts are the coolest when it turns up in unexpected places :)


millefeuilles said...

I stumbled upon your blog with great joy: another stitch and flower lover! I have truly enjoyed discovering your creations and garden. Warm greetings from France.


Chris said...

I love the pizza box :) I hope that it tasted wonderful too.
Nellie looks great.
The columbine are so beautiful. such great colors.
Have a great week! it is already half over, lol.

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Don't you just feel like making a victory lap around the room when a border meets up?! I know I do! LOL! It's looking great!

BrendaS said...

Your sampler is gorgeous! Woo Hoo that the borders met up:))

Mindi said...

Beautiful flowers and stitching! I always breathe a sigh of relief when my borders match up.

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Your sampler is going to be stunning! We've already participated in the 2012 clean-up and move it out....and it is exhausting. GOOD LUCK!

milly said...


Just been looking at your lovely blog.

Your sampler is beautiful!

Your flower photos are so very pretty!
The heart in the pizza box is so romantic!
Happy stitching!

Giovanna said...

Beautiful stitching on the sampler - congrats on almost finishing the border.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow what a spectacular sampler you've started there. I recall the same feeling when I was unemployed for 3 months many, many, many years ago... that's when I re-discovered stitching!

Lois said...

I just love the colours in this one. Great pics from your garden and the pizza box!

Catherine said...

I love the softness of the colors in this piece! And your flowers are so pretty. I love those columbines!

Carol said...

Aww.. I'll bet your husband told them to put that heart at the bottom of the pizza box just for you, Melissa :)

Your hours in the garden are obviously paying off--those flowers are stunning. As is your progress on Nellie's Garden--so glad your border met. That is always a "breath-holding" moment!

Maybe you'll find some treasures in your great garage clean out? Sure hope so--good luck. Just think how happy you'll be when you're all finished up!

Lennu said...

Hi Melissa,

Such lovely photos again in your blog! I love, love, love the garden photos, as I am not good in the garden :) And it has been so cold as it's only beginning of June that we don't have many flowers blooming at our yard yet - two to be exact :)

Lovely WIP too! You stitch such beautiful things.

I began my summer holiday yesterday, so I will write you a letter soon :)

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

Absolument merveilleux ! bisous de FRANCE

valerie said...

Great progress on your sampler. I'm sure it was a relief that the border met! Good luck with your garage clearout. I need to do that with my closets. It's scary in there! lol How cool that there was a heart shape at the bottom of your pizza box. :)