Thursday, 24 May 2012

Friendship Exchange from Wendy Jo

Another post! Third in a week. It must be a record! I've received my Friendship Exchange piece from Wendy Jo so I just had to show you. It's so pretty and perfect!
Here's the back. The fabric is really pretty and a soft mossy green which, unfortunately, doesn't show up well in my photo.
 I love this piece - so cute! Thank you so much, Wendy Jo! 

While it was raining the last few days, our kitties were watching the activities outside from a high and dry spot!  The sun is peeking out now and the forecast is for sun this weekend so you know where I'll be hanging out!
While we were out and about in the neighbourhood today, we noticed this spectacular sight - a yellow laburnum tree with a wisteria vine growing through it, both blooming at the same time. W-o-W! Breath-taking!
I think one can get pretty zoned out lying under that, don't you? 

One last thing though I really don't want to tell you as I wanna win! lol. Check out this wonderful giveaway at Devon's blog!

Thanks for stopping by! Remember to think about showing off your "collections" as I've mentioned in my last post. Enjoy your weekend! 


Deb said...

Such a sweet exchange from Wendy. I really like it.

And that tree - how gorgeous is that to see the laburnum and wisteria intermingled like that. I think that it would be heavenly to lay under.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Wonderful exchange from Wendy!

That tree is spectacular! Laying on a vintage quilt, napping under that tree would inspire sweet dreams, I'm sure!!!

WoolenSails said...

Beautiful piece and love the finish, nicely done.
Kitties love to watch out the window. I just have to be careful when they windows are open, sometimes they get over zealous and jump through, lol.


Annette-California said...

Such a wonderful sweet exchange gift you received from Wendy. LOVE the photo of the INCREDIBLE tree - WOW! Thank goodness you gave us time to take photos of our collections because I didn't get any taken today. Looking forward to the Our Collectables Blog Hop:))) I'll be in touch with you.

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Gorgeous tree Melissa - two of my favourites because of the elegant way they hang.

Veronica said...

Oh, it certainly is pretty and perfect :) The backing fabric is lovely too. Cute kitties and yes, I can definitely imagine myself lying under that gorgeous tree!


pat said...

fantastic this exchange..your mini pillow is super !

Lois said...

Oh, isn't that lovely! Hope you get the promised sun this weekend. We're still enjoying blue skies and sunshine this week.

Giovanna said...

A very pretty exchange piece, well done to Wendy Jo!

Solstitches said...

What a beautiful gift from Wendy Jo.
That's such a cute picture of your kitties and oh the tree is really something.

Chris said...

What a wonderful exchange piece!
I love the cat pic.

Carol said...

Gosh, you're posting so much, I can't even keep up with you, Melissa :) Lovely exchange sent to Marie and received from Wendy Jo. And how cute are the kitties enjoying the rhododendron... Enjoy your days in the garden. I hope to get some hard labor out of my visiting (and strong) youngest son this weekend, too!!

Margaret said...

So pretty! I bet you were happy to receive it. Love the pic of the cats.

barbara said...

What a sweet exchange - but that tree with the flowers is amazing!!

moosecraft said...

Beautiful stitches from Wendy Jo! The purple and yellow blossoms amazing!

Anne said...

What a lovely exchange piece you received Melissa my dear!! LOVE that wisteria and laburnnum tree growing together!

Enjoying this lovely weather? I'm about to head off on a bike ride! Finally!!!!


Karoline said...

Both exchange pieces are gorgeous, congratulations to you both

WendyJo said...

You are most welcome Melissa. I enjoyed stitching it for you.

Gorgeous wisteria!

Catherine said...

Beautiful exchange piece! Hope your weekend was wonderful!