Tuesday, 29 May 2012

What day is it?

It's funny. When you are out of your usual routine, in my case not working as in out-of-work, you have to figure out some way to find out where you are in the week. I will ask myself in the morning (and repeat during the day) "what day is it?"

As you can see, my posting date has slid from Sunday to Tuesday! It's so easy. One day just rolls into the next. When the sun is shining I'm out in the garden. Now when it's raining I've started another big project - the Great Garage Clear Out and Tidy 2012! It's one of those things we've turned a blind eye (or two or four!) to for quite awhile but we got a good start at it yesterday.

In the meantime, stitching is sporadic. Here is my progress on Nellie's Garden Revisited, by Homespun Samplar. The border meets! I just have to finish the red flowers at the bottom and I can declare the border done! 

Here are some columbines still blooming in my garden.
The roses are starting to open. This is the pretty and fragrant Abraham Darby! Imagine the colours more intensely pink/peachy than the photo is showing. One of my favourites!

If you are still interested in being part of the "Collectables Blog Hop" on June 3, please leave a comment. You can read more about it on the May 23 post. Thanks to Annette for the catchy title! 

We found a heart at the bottom of the pizza box!  My DH said we had to take a photo of it! Ain't that cool?

Thanks for visiting. Look into the bottom of your pizza box (or whatever take out) and see what you find next time! Cheerio! Back to the outside I go!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Friendship Exchange from Wendy Jo

Another post! Third in a week. It must be a record! I've received my Friendship Exchange piece from Wendy Jo so I just had to show you. It's so pretty and perfect!
Here's the back. The fabric is really pretty and a soft mossy green which, unfortunately, doesn't show up well in my photo.
 I love this piece - so cute! Thank you so much, Wendy Jo! 

While it was raining the last few days, our kitties were watching the activities outside from a high and dry spot!  The sun is peeking out now and the forecast is for sun this weekend so you know where I'll be hanging out!
While we were out and about in the neighbourhood today, we noticed this spectacular sight - a yellow laburnum tree with a wisteria vine growing through it, both blooming at the same time. W-o-W! Breath-taking!
I think one can get pretty zoned out lying under that, don't you? 

One last thing though I really don't want to tell you as I wanna win! lol. Check out this wonderful giveaway at Devon's blog!

Thanks for stopping by! Remember to think about showing off your "collections" as I've mentioned in my last post. Enjoy your weekend! 

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Friendship Exchange for Marie

Surprise! It's me with a mid-week post! A week ago I finished and sent off an exchange piece and it arrived so quickly that I can now show you what I stitched for Marie

It is an adaptation of Prairie Schooler's Birds and Berries. I think it's from the Garden Verse booklet but don't hold me to it as I'm upstairs at the computer, and my charts are downstairs and all my stitching stash need another tidy-up! But I digress!

Here it is, stitched on 28 ct Vintage Lentil.
Here's the back. I heart that fabric!
I really love this piece and it was hard to let go of it! ;-)
Now, I want to ask you guys, do you feel like sharing your collections of "stuff" online? Just for fun. What I mean is, I have a humble collection of glass flower frogs now, pincushions, special needlework "accessories", some scissors (though not like some of you fantics out there!)...so I thought wouldn't it be fun to take some photos and show each other our collections? I have the "vintage" bug at the moment!

What say you? 

If you wanna play, email me and I can coordinate a time of posting so I can have a post where I will show my "collections" and list all the blogs who will do the same. 

I'm thinking to post the "collections on Sunday, June 3. That will give us 1.5 weeks to get it together. Give it a think and let me know! 

Thanks for stopping by! For those in the US, you got a L-o-n-g Weekend coming at ya! Keep Smiling!

Monday, 21 May 2012

What's that noise?


It's Raining! 

Our stretch of sunshine came to a standstill yesterday with the arrival first of a few little raindrops, then the faucet was opened and water poured from the sky! The plants needed a good watering anyway.

While the sun was shining I got very little stitching done. Actually, I had only garden in my brain. I didn't read novels, I read (aka Browsed the pretty pictures) gardening books. So when the rain begun, I got back to stitching yesterday. 

A little progress on Nellie's Garden Revisited:
Since last week I did the two rows of alphabets with Algerian stitch. Maybe with the rainy stretch I will be able to stitch more this week!

Meanwhile, before the rains came, our tree peonies finished their show and this beautiful white wisteria bloomed in our back garden! Oh, the fragrance of this is so lovely! The photos show the garden clean-up in progress. The small bed in the lower right hand corner has now been planted with a few veggies.  

This is a view from our deck looking down.
Now I am going to show you a couple of photos from a thrift find sometime ago. I really hope I haven't asked you this already. I don't think I have as I don't have an answer. What is this little thing? 

A view from top. 
A view from the side.
This little thing can be held in the palm of my hand. I asked at the thrift store but they didn't know. Maybe it's just a decorative thing but for what?  If you know, I would love to find out.

That's it for another post. Thanks again for your visits and taking time to leave me your comments. I really appreciate them! Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Happy Mother's Day...

...and a Happy Sunday to all! I hope you are enjoying a fine Sunday whether you are celebrating Mother's Day or not where you live!

I have been very busy, with the garden but not with stitching or anything else! It's fun to be outside in the fresh air and sunshine. Luckily I do have some stitching to share with you on this post so I shall start with that.

First up, a wonderful surprise came in the mail, from sweet Anne. I had shared some of my linen stash with Anne last year and this was a thank you gift. She included an extra treat of the lace trim. Thank you Anne! I love what you made for me. Beautiful work!
Here's my progress on Nellie's Garden Revisited. As you can tell I haven't been doing much stitching lately!
Next up are a trio of tree peonies in full bloom this week. The yellow is a Tibetan tree peony and it's the first time it's bloom in the eight years it's been planted!
This red peony is gigantic and has over two dozen blooms this year! It is very happy basking in a position where it gets lots of sunshine!
This pink peony is my favourite. It is so delicate and pretty! It is tucked away in a corner of the garden and doesn't get so much sun so there are only two blooms this year but on it's very spectacular!
We've noticed a pair of chickadees nesting close to the house. They take turns sitting on the wire outside this window where someone else is keeping a close eye on them!
Daisy asks "Oh Mom, can I have one of those to play with?" (No, dear.)
This week has just flown by and by doing this post I realized I have to finish an exchange piece and get it out by Tuesday! Yikes! Thank goodness it's stitched. I just have to do the finishing so that should not be a problem.

Thank you for your visits. It's always a treat to read your comments! Here's a vase of lewisia to say goodbye. The wonderful colour combination of these flowers just bowl me over!
Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

A Parade from the Garden

Hello, sunshine! It's here again and it's supposed to stay for awhile, so the blooms are all lining up like a parade to show off their pretty faces! Here we go (stitching will come last)-

From the top - fritillaria, primula, lewisia and succulents of some sort, purple azalea and then pink azalea.

In my last post, I had mentioned struggling with colours suggested in a design that I had started. Well, I gave up shortly after my post as I have no time nor patience at the moment to ponder changing colours on a design. So, I started a new piece. 

This is the start to Nellie's Garden Revisited, by Homespun Samplar. This is an oldie and I've had this in my stash for many years. I am glad to be able to finally dust off the cobwebs and stitch this beauty!

I have a ways to go before I get to stitch more flowers! Sometimes I don't mind stitching alphabets but now I just want to stitch flowers. Are you surprised?

We've had a lot of rain here and a lot of cold so anytime there's a stretch of sunshine I am beside myself with joy! I was outside yesterday and I will be again today. More clean-up, tidy up in the garden. The garden itself, the plants, are all looking great this year. I have some spectacular tree peonies ready to bloom so I am hoping they will bloom during the sunny periods and not get crushed by any rainy spells! I hope I can share some photos of them next time.

As always, thanks for stopping by! I love reading that you've been here. Take care. I hope you are enjoying some nice sunshine too! 

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

May starts off with winners and a new finish

Yesterday it poured and it continued into the early morning today. Then, voila, the sun came out! How long it will stick around is anyone's guess but it's a nice optimistic start to May!

First off, announcing winners of the 3 giveaways in April. 

#1 - "For My Friend" book by Blackbird Designs goes to Lynn of Kearnel's Korner!

#2 - "My Sampler House" kit by Not Forgotten Farms goes to Barbara of Mainely Stitching!

#3 - "Quaker Faith" kit by Little by Little goes to Lisa of The Inspired Stitcher!

Congratulations! I want to thank everyone for playing along. It was very interesting to read the answers to my questions!

Now I have a finish to show you! A slow unveiling. Can you guess what it is? 
Well, maybe that wasn't too telling. How about this photo? 
And this one? Getting warm now, I'd guess! 

This is Eveline Cunningham from the Loose Feathers Winter booklet by Blackbird Designs. I changed the wording to say  "May your days be Merry & Bright". I wanted a festive feel to it because of the reindeer and the lovely pomegrantes. You like? 

I have started a reproduction sampler but I am struggling a bit with the colours they picked - totally not like the photo of the original so I am playing the "adaptation" game!

I will close with a photo of looking up the skirts of that big cherry tree out on the street! All the blossoms are gone now so this is a nice remembrance.

Thank you again for your visits. It was fun to get the comments when I had the giveaway so I hope you will keep it up! ;-) 

Enjoy your week!