Friday, 20 April 2012

Quick Post & Giveaway #3

Up till last night we have had lots of rain this week. The sun is now shining! I'd better get outside for a sunshine fix so this will be a quick post.

First, I want to show a photo of my birthday exchange received from Marie. Thank you Marie for all the goodies! You can see more details at this FTT post.  
Next is a cross stitch kit I received from Yiota for review. You have probably seen some reviews on other blogs and I was lucky enough to receive one too. 

This one is "Flower Pot" by William Morris. 

Here is the kit in its entirety. 
The chart is large size and therefore easy to read. The floss, as you can see, are all well organized and marked. It comes with aida cloth and I suggested to Yiota that she may want to offer an option for linen as well in the future. I can see myself stitching this one one day!

The package arrived quickly from the UK as well. You may want to check out their other cross stitch kits. Thanks, Yiota!

Finally, here is the last giveaway in April - #3. 

If you would like a chance to win this, please:

  1. Leave a comment indicating that you would like to be included in Giveaway #3.
  2. Make sure I can contact you either through your blog profile, or leave me an email contact please.
  3. I've been wracking my brain about what question to ask you this time. OK, easy peasy since you are all stitchers - what is your favourite piece of stitching tool that makes your life easier? 
For me, it's a floor stand scroll frame. I got that after I had a broken collarbone on my stitching side. Even after it healed, stitching using a hoop gave me pains in my shoulder and the scroll frame makes my stitching so much easier! 

By the way, I loved the answers to the "volunteering" question last time. They were very thoughtful and thought provoking!  I will definitely let you know when I decide on what to do and when. 

Time to go, the sun waits for no one! Thank you for your visit and your wonderful comments! Have a lovely weekend! 


tjdesignsncrafts said...

Hi Melissa

Wonderful blog, just arrived here on a visit round blogland.

I'd like to be in with a chance of April giveaway #3 please.

The thing that makes my stitching life easier is one of the 'cords' that i got my daughter to make for some jewellery i hope to make in the near future. But i've pinched this particular one and attached it my scissors, i hang it round my neck so that i can keep track of them, otherwise i spend as much time trying to find where i put them after cutting the last thread off as i do stitching.

Teejay x

The Inspired Stitcher said...

I'd love a chance to be included in round #3. The thing I can't live without and have in all my WIP bags is a Star De-Tailor. I always find myself stitching right down to the nub and this little tool helps me bury that tiny tail easy peasy! I just love it!

Melody said...

Hi Melissa. I'd love to be entered in giveaway #3. What a lovely chart. I really like it.

The 'tool' I love is my ott floor light. It makes it so much easier to stitch in the evening with good light, it makes all the difference.

barbara said...

WOW I haven't seen that chart before. I have all my fingers and toes crossed that I'll win. Aren't you amazed that I can type this in that condition? ;)

Other than the obvious answer of 'a needle', my favorite/most necessary tool is probably my Q-Snap. Sometimes I stitch out of hand, but I much prefer the taut surface offered by a Q-Snap. :)

Giovanna said...

My favourite tool (other than needle and scissors, which are non-optional) would have to be my magnifier in the last few years. I happened to choose a simple but good one, and it makes a world of difference.

Shari said...

Loved the William Morris kit. Our home is Arts and Crafts style - so fitting...I may have to get that one!

I'd love to be entered in Giveaway #3. I don't have my own blog - but you can reach me at What a wonderful kit you are offering!

For me - my "can't do without" stitching tool is my mini Ott light. Like the prior commenter - I can't see those tiny holes anymore without really good light. I love my mini version because it can travel anywhere!

Happy Stitching!!


Bronzemom said...

I'd love to be entered into Giveaway #3!

My most useful tool right now is my Ott Lite -- a small table-top version that both illuminates and magnifies! I can't stitch without it.

I love this Quaker Faith design. It really strikes a chord with me right now.

Thank you for the opportunity!

bronzemom AT gmail DOT com

Margaret said...

I like the kit you chose from Ylota! And of course I'd love to be in your giveaway. :D My favorite stitching tool -- my Ott Lite or my reading (drug store) glasses. Can't survive without either one. lol!

Deb said...

Such a wonderful exchange from Marie. You have to love all those goodies. Ah, I see that Yiota got you too! I still have yet to start on mine, but I like the one you picked too. Anything by Wm. Morris is a winner in my book.

No need to enter me into the giveaway.

Maria Filomena said...

adoraria participar...
já estou participando.
O que eu gosto de usar para o bordado é uma pequena bandeja com todos os apetrechos do bordado...

abraços de Maria Filomena

carol fun said...

Great giveaways - such lovely charts. As for the "tool" I can't live without I'd have to say my Ott floor lamp. I'm at that age when there is never too much light - LOL!

Barbi said...

Oh Melissa! I love this giveaway package. So please include me in this one.
I know this is going to sound silly and maybe it's not considered a tool for others, but for me it's a pair of drugstore "reading" glasses! Oh my gosh they are FANTASTIC for stitching! I don't use them for reading just stitching and they're wonderful!

Carol said...

Pretty kit from Yiota, Melissa--I really love how nicely her threads are organized.

I could never live without my Ott light...just can't seem to stitch without that light coming over my right shoulder and just a regular floor lamp's light coming over my left shoulder.

Hope you have a great weekend--I'll be working at the library both days :(

Melissa said...

Happy Belated! Your b-day exchange looks great! :)

Can you please enter me into your giveaway. My Favourite tool has got to be my hoop. Life without it would be impossible for me as a stitcher... ONE DAY I'll have a floor stand like yourself... one day. hehe

Happy Stitching!

basketsnprims said...

I just found your blog and it's lovely, am a new follower. I would love to be entered in giveaway #3. My favorite tool is my needleminder, love it as I'm always losing them. Thanks so very much.

Terri said...

I would like to be included in giveaway #3. The one "tool" I couldn't live without are my prescription bi-focal readers! LOL They are a strength of 1x on the top and 2x on the bottom. I usually stitch on 36 or 40ct fabrics and they are a godsend!

Ellen said...

Beautiful kit chosen for review!

Love quaker, would love to be considered for Giveaway #3. Thank you for the chance!

My favorite tool is the pincushion. I love pincushions, in all shapes, sizes and colors!


Katrina said...

Gorgeous gifts and the William Morris kit is wonderful!!!! I love my dololly for pulling loose threads and I've love to included in giveaway number #3 :-).

Laurie in Iowa said...

Thanks... I'd love to be included in giveaway #3. My essential needlework tool is my DayLight Magnifier/Light floor model. I couldn't stitch without it.

Penny said...

What a wonderful birthday exchange! Pretty kit too! Hope you enjoyed the sun. :)

deshacrafts said...

I love your blog. I would love to be included in giveaway #3. My favorite stitching tool is my 3x magnifying glasses. Couldn't stitch without them.

Marsha said...

What a nice birthday gift. Happy belated Birthday!

I just got a hardwood hoop and love it. My q snaps are going away. I love my new hoop. Would love to win.

Annette-California said...

Happy Birthday Melissa! Hope you have a great month celebrating you birthday:)

samplerlover said...

Can I also be included in your give away. My favourite thing is my hands free hoops. I also suffered a broken bone - my wrist. I find that it eases the pain of holding a frame.

Love your William Morris piece. Great choice.


Lois said...

Nice choice of kit from Yiota and lovely birthday goodies from Marie!

I already have this chart in my stash (and thank you for the reminder that it is buried in there, I need to go pull it out and stitch it!) so I'll pass on this giveaway. Will tell you what I couldn't do without when I'm stitching though - my magnifying glass that used to clip on to the side of the chair but that snapped in two so now I use it in a most undignified way - held between my legs!!!!!

Solstitches said...

What lovely birthday exchange goodies you received.
I'd love to enter the draw please.
Difficult question as I don't use frames, hoops or special lighting for my stitching.
I do love Bohin #28 needles though.
Happy birthday!

Kay said...

The Yiota kit is so well organised, I love the way the floss comes already sorted onto bobbins. I would preefer to stitch on linen though, so a choice would be good.

I would love to be entered into your giveaway.

One of my favourite things to use is a magnetic pincushion, there is no danger of it falling off and getting lost. Also if I acidently put my needle elsewhere and can't find it just waving the magnet over the general space make sit appear as it jumps to the magnet.

Loraine said...

Hi Melissa,

Me again doing some major catch up! I really have to say that you are so super generous with the giveaways. They are all great!
The cross stitch kits look very nice. Thanks for doing the review. I'm glad you mentioned to her about adding the linen option. That is a great idea. I hate stitching on Aida.

Happy Bithday to you! You exchange looks wonderful!!!
I love this Little By Little design too. I've never seen it before, and I love Quaker stuff.

My favorite stitching tool?...Good scissors for sure. They have to be sharp, and they have to be easy to hold. I switch scissors out often. Right now my favorites are actually really inexpensive. They are from Kelmscott and they are little and short with big round handles. I really enjoy stitching with them.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Patty C. said...

Oh my gosh - this is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!
I really would live to win - my fingers are crossed!.

I love the little magnet needle holder i was recently given - very handy while stitching ;)

jonette said...

Please enter me in this giveaway. My Ott light is my most used stitching tool that makes stitching easier. It has made a world of difference. Happy Stitching!

Chris said...

What a beautiful exchange.
I love the William Morris desgin that you chose. These kits look lovely.

Please enter me in your generous giveaway.
I really like my project carrier for my project. It is one of the rolling fabric ones. I stitch in hand and really don't use anything else. Ooh the little cording tool is pretty great too. :)

Lynn said...

What a gorgeous exchange gift! Love the kit you chose from Yiota too.

Please enter my name into your latest giveaway. My latest stitching tool that I'm hooked on are my clip-on magnifiers. They clip right over my existing glasses and make it so much easier for me to stitch on higher count fabrics when I'm away from home. I don't know how I managed without them!

Denise said...

What a sweet give away.
Please include me your Giveaway #3.
My favorite stitching tool would have to be my Q-snap's I just love them.
Happy Stitching

Paula said...

Hi again Melissa!
I love Quaker designs, so I had to jump in on this one as well.
Now, if you had asked me 10 years ago which tool was my fav, I would have said my super sharp little scissors. Now that I am approaching 50 (yikes) and I am now wearing bifocals (yikes) my favorite tool is my magnifier (grrrr).
Enjoy your day!

Dani - tkdchick said...

What a fantastic and colourful parcel you received!!!

Anne said...

Beautiful birthday exchange Melissa!!! I'm still working on yours! When I have some time I will get it all done and sent to you :D

My favourite stitching tool would have to be my floor stand. It has really helped with my neck and back too!! Lovely giveaway you've arranged!!!

Kathy Ellen said...

Wishing you belated birthday wishes! What a wonderful Birthday exchange from Marie! I must say that I am very impressed with the beautiful and unique designs and kits, presented by Yiota. 'Flower Pot' is gorgeous!


Marie-P said...

Good suggestion to Yiota on offering linen for this design.

Count me in on your generous #3 give-away please. :D

My favorite stitching tool...well, I love gadgets and I especially love the Kreinik Custom Corder. Not used for stitching but for "finishing".

Can see it here:

Michele B. said...

Good morning,
Like you, my scroll bars and floor stand are my favorite tool because I have had Frozen Shoulder for the last 2 1/2 years.

I have always wanted to buy a Little By Little pattern. Thanks so much for allowing us to enter your give away!


Brigitte said...

Oh, those goodies from Marie are great. And lucky you that you could choose one of Yiota's kits. They have a great choice indeed. Have fun stitching it.

Catherine said...

Love the goodies you received! And the kit you chose to review ~ love the colors!
As for your question, I'd have to say my most useful tool right now are my readers, especially when I am trying to work on 40 count!

Beauty Bonnet said...

Hi Melissa, you have lovely stitching and that is a nice kit! I am a quiet "follower". I've been stitching for 20 years now (actually off and on) and now my favorite sewing tool is a magnifier! LOL i can't do without it, if i want to stitch at all! i would really love to win this Quaker. thank you!


Karoline said...

What a gorgeous exchange

I'm not sure that they're my 'favourite' tool but I couldn't stitch without my reading glasses

Patti said...

Dearest Melissa
I would love to be included in your giveaway #3 please. The one thing I simply could not live without is my Daylight lamp and magnifier.

By the way could you please tell me what your header is please? I'm pretty sure it a BBD but I don't know which one and I sure would like to stitch it too.
Thanks a lot
Lots of Love
Patti xxx

Bev C said...

Hello Melissa,

Good luck with your William Morris pattern.I would love to be included in your givaway. I would have to say my favourite stitching tool is my glasses though not actually a tool a very necessary one for me now. I do love collecting scissors and having a few hours to stitch is just heaven.
Happy days.