Saturday, 14 April 2012

Pink is the colour! and Giveaway #2

The city is dressed in pink as our cherry (and  plum) trees have started to bloom. Here is a tree in front of our house.  

Gorious, isn't it? It's a pale pink. I'm waiting for the vibrant pink ones to match the pink in this framed piece that I picked up today.  

The colours of the stitched piece is very fuschia pink. I had previously picked up this weird greeny-brown frame (pre-made) on the cheap wondering what I would ever use with it. Even my framer was surprised at how well the two pieces worked together. It's too bad the photo just doesn't do it justice. And this will be hard to let go, but it will be a present for a very good friend who has always admired my stitching but is not a stitcher herself. 

The next piece is also from a pre-made cheapie frame. It's from Carriage House Samplings but I forget its name at the moment. I just love how it suited the distressed frame. I am very happy with how both pieces turned out! 

Now, here comes Giveaway #2 which is for those who would like to a "Prim" stitch. I will probably include a piece of linen too!

If you are interested in this giveaway, please:

  1. Leave me a comment stating that you would like to be included in giveaway #2. 
  2. Make sure I have a way of contacting you by leaving me your email if this is not already in your blog's profile.
  3. Here's the make-you-work-for-it bit - please tell me (if this isn't too personal) what volunteer work you do, or would like to do one day. 
I am not currently involved with volunteering but have been thinking more about it. However, I have been wondering "what?" You know I love books and reading. I would love to help kids with literacy but don't know how I can help.  There, I've said it. Let's see when this will happen! 

I will draw a winner at the end of the month. Please go to the previous post to see Giveaway #1. 

Thank you for stopping by. It was fun to read your comments on my last post.  May you be kissed with sunshine every day this week!


Barbi said...

Oh my the blossoms are beautiful!!! And the "cheap" frames are perfect for those projects!

Melissa said...

How beautiful are those cherry blossoms! LOVE THEM :) And those frames are wonderful. So right about the first frame - complements the cross stitch perfectly! Hope I stumble along finds like those at some point.

Happy Stitching!

Margaret said...

Oh my gosh oh my gosh! I love both pieces! The frames are just perfect in every way too! Your friend is going to love her present for sure! And the giveaway -- I would love to be entered of course. :D I'm not good with volunteer work. I used to do the annual book fair at my kids' elementary school, and did one at the high school one year as well. Lots of work and I think it sort of exhausted my volunteering. lol! I do cooking for the high school musical productions when it's that time. And I've helped in the past with my DD's ballet. As for future volunteering -- I don't know. That's something I will have to think on. I would like to though. Thanks for the giveaway! And your work is inspiring as always for me. (Love the flowering tree!!)

barbara said...

Ooooh I'm all excited. :) I love Notforgotten Farms. And I love your two framed finishes!! When we lived in Washington state, when I was really young, we had plum and cherry trees. Gorgeous....

You already know I volunteer for United Way. I do a variety things, but my favorite part is talking with people about their goals and aspirations,and trying to help them find the right agencies to aid them in attaining their dreams. A lot of times, they just need to hear someone else say "Hey, great idea!" :) Before we moved here, I volunteered with the local food bank and animal shelter, which I also really loved doing. I'd be all at loose ends if I couldn't lend a hand in some way.

WoolenSails said...

I look for old or junkie frames in the sale aisle, they are perfect for stitcheries. Love the bird bath piece, nice design and I would love to be entered into the giveaway # 2.

I want to go to the nursing home and plan on making gifts like walker bags and lap quilts that I can give to residents and maybe do some crafting with them. I still need to get my health back, first.


Jen Bailey said...

Hi Melissa, what is the blackbird piece that you stitched for a friend? I love it an would like to add it to my stash!

I'd like to be included in giveaway #2 and I volunteer for our local humane society working with the cats there. Thanks! Jen

Laurie in Iowa said...

The tree is gorgeous. Love the frames you've chosen.

Patti said...

Lovely blooms! Lovely finishes! And lovely giveaway ;) I've admired this pattern for a while.

Right now most of my volunteer work is through my church and my sons' schools. But I have another dream that I have never shared... I love to read aloud and read the entire Harry Potter series aloud to my sons - someday I would love to read audio books for the blind. I think that they still do this through Lighthouse for the Blind. But this will have to wait until retirement... Thanks for asking such a fun question! And please stop by, I'm having a giveaway too.
Blessings, Patti

Ellen said...

Gorgeous cherries! Love your framed stitchings, perfect matches!

Would love to join giveaway #2, thank you for the chance!


Deborah said...

Both pieces are beautiful. I really love the BBD piece. The frames are lovely. Thanks for having another great giveaway.

Rowyn said...

Wow, what beautiful blossom photos Melissa. I've got spring-envy! :-)

I love both of your framed pieces. Those birds in the bird bath are particularly sweet.

Please throw my name in the hat for your giveaway. I did some volunteer work as secretary for my local animal rescue in 2010. I also fostered some kittens for them. If I wasn't working full time, I would like to get involved in something animal related again.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Rebecca said...

I just have to comment on your beautiful trees. I love cherry trees, had one as a kid but I only remember eating the cherries and not so much the blooms. My mother's home has two wonderful crabapple tree's in front that but on the most beautiful blanket of white blossom's, kind of like yours. I just love driving up and seeing them.
I would love to be entered in your giveaway #2. I like so many others adore Notforgotten farms patterns.
Now to the question of the moment...I don't volunteer right now but did when I was a new teen as a Candy striper in a hospital in K.C. It eventually lead me to my new path as a Nurse. Hospitals are a great place to volunteer, we use them at the information desks, and in the surgical waiting rooms to help assist family members. If you want to work with kids and literacy, perhaps a mentoring program. The local grade school here where I live has a mentoring program to work with kids. Maybe you could volunteer at your local library in the childrens section or do a reading program on Saturdays at the library. Good luck with your persuit, will be interested to hear where it takes you.

Annette-California said...

Gorgeous photo of all Pink blossoms on tree. Love the colors. And your frames totally compliment your beautiful samplers. I love all the colors you used. Great Job:)

Sylvia said...

The cherry blossoms are wonderful, Melissa.

Your framing is perfect for the two pieces. Isn't great when it all works out like that.

I won't enter your giveaway since I already won one from you a while back, and haven't stitched it yet.

Giovanna said...

Congrats on the lovely framed pieces, they're both stunning.

Chris said...

The cherry blossoms are so beautiful.
I love both of the framed pieces, they look great.
i have volunteered at the library in the past but would love to volunteer at one of the local historical museums someday.
Thanks for the chance for this sweet giveaway.

P.J. said...

I am anxiously awaiting our crab apples and my weeping cherry to come into bloom. My pink star magnolia has begun to bloom, pretty in pink! I always get excited when the frame matches so well, great job and keeping it frugal.

It is very generous of you to have TWO giveaways. I volunteer for the Maine Troop Greeters. We meet the troops at Bangor Int'l Airport when they are returning from overseas, mostly from the middle east conflicts and when they are on their way over. It is a very moving experience and greatly appreciated; it is not always easy.. We provide cell phones to use to call home, snacks and some toiletries for their convenience. As a veteran myself and several generations of veterans in my family, including my daughter actively serving, it is the least I can do to share our thanks for their service and provide them with a warm welcome home. United we stand. :-)

Deb said...

I love both your finishes and the frames!! How great is that to find two frames that fit pieces you have. I don't think that happens too often.

I'd love to be entered into your giveaway. That is such a cute design!

Volunteering can be very rewarding and I think your literacy idea is great. Perhaps the local library could point you in a direction where you could help. I used to volunteer all the time when my kids were small (PTA, School Auction Chairman), but I think that your idea is one that will have a remarkable impact on people.

Melody said...

Beautiful framed finishes! Congrats!!

Diana said...

Your framed pieces are lovely!
You should check the schools for volunteering. Many need people to listen to children read. It's very rewarding.
Please include me in giveaway #2.

Marsha said...

Beautiful blossoms. Ours are done for this year. They were very early. Love the framed beauties too.
Funny about the volunteer part, I was just thinking this morning that I need to volunteer for something. Maybe some kind of gardening help. I know our church has a quilting program - I can at least iron! I will read your commenters and see if I get an idea too. Thanks!

Ranae said...

Hi! Melissa,
I love your trees I wish I lived in a area that had something half as beautiful as the cherry trees.
I love how the frames set off your beautiful stitching. I try to pick up frames ar garage sales and second hand store, because you just never know when one might come in handy.
Please enter me in your give-away, I love prim
I did volunteer at a local food pantry and still do when you need me, not very often. You have me thinking I should give them a call and do it one day a week. You can call your library to find out how to help. It's so much fun to get involved when you love something like reading. I think helping the kids is a big deal anymore, just because parents are both working to make a living and kids don't get the attention they deserve.
Reading and math I think are the most important things, besides them knowing someone is taking time for them. Go for it!

Bronzemom said...

Lovely stitching and lucky friend!

I'd love to entered in Giveaway #2!

I volunteer Sub at a local school sometimes and also volunteer at the Coastal Scottish Heritage Society.

bronzemom AT gmail DOT com

Penny said...

I love your framed pieces - beautiful! Wow, that tree is spectacular! Spring may be my favorite time of year, when all of the trees and shrubs are blooming. :)

Laura said...

Your finishes are GORGEOUS!!! and the frames are just exquisite! Love the pink flowering trees! They are so joyful.

I love your giveway gift, but I am not going to enter because I have too many projects to stitch and I am imagining it going to someone who really wants to stitch it the second they receive it!!!!

I too would love to assist in literacy volunteer work, but have not looked into it. Would love to get some youngsters involved in stitching too.

deshacrafts said...

I love all your cross stitching. It has given me the itch to get started again. I would love to be part of giveaway #2. I make quilts for kids, through the Downey Quilts for Kids program.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

I need a tree like that in front of my house - it's so beautiful!
Love all your finishes, too. That second one is the one Kathy designed "exclusively" for our guild and then released it but I swear, the name escapes me. It looks darling! What a lovely gift for your friend, I know she'll treasure it.

I volunteered with Boy Scouts up until Matt made Eagle Scout and Ty made Life scout. Haven't done a whole lot of regular volunteering since then but have planted trees in Detroit, done some river clean ups and stuff like that.

No need to include me in this draw - I think I have that chart tucked away somewhere.

valerie said...

Those blossoms are beautiful! What a lovely tree to have in your yard. Great framing! I am sure your friend will love the gift. The second one is CHS Wash Day. I'll pass on giveaway #2...not too into prim. I used to volunteer working the secondhand book shop at the public library and nowadays I try to volunteer once in a while sorting out art supply packets for kids K-8 grade. You should do literacy volunteering. I am sure that it is rewarding helping people to help open up their world. :)

Linda said...

Love your finished pieces - and those frames are perfection!

Please DON'T enter me in this giveaway as I already have this chart.

But I did want to say - I volunteer at the library where I used to work. I retired last May - and then came back a few days later and started volunteering one day a week. I may do more as time goes on....

Linda in VA

Kay said...

I love your second stitched piece especially, it is such a simple design but so stunning at the same time.

I have previously been involved with lots of different kinds of volunteer work, including running a craft group at two different mother and toddler groups, teaching french in school for 7 year olds, and running the Rainbows for 5 years in our village (I think you call them girl scouts, though this was for the very young ones aged 5 to 7). Presently I am only teaching a class at church. One day I would like to get in involved somehow with teaching children to cook.

Theresa said...

Wow!!! That blooming tree is amazing!!!!!!!!! And your framed pieces are gorgeous!!!! You always have good an eye on picking out frames~

I've always wanted to volunteer in a library, too!!! I think teaching kids how to read or inspiring them to read is such an wonderful thing!!!

Please include me to this giveaway, and thank you for the opportunity!!!

Carol said...

I was out photographing the crab apple blossoms today, too, Melissa--isn't this the prettiest of springs! And your framed finishes are pretty darn beautiful themselves. I can't believe you got those frames pre-made--great job!!

I hope you can find some volunteer work to make the best use of your talents. Our library has an active volunteer program (we even have a paid volunteer coordinator who matches people to volunteer positions!). Also, the adult literacy groups are so helpful to people new to the U.S. or even adults who struggle with their reading. Even schools with all the cutbacks might be looking for volunteers to help individual kids who are struggling with reading or writing... Keep us posted on your search :)

doris said...

Those cherry blossoms are gorgeous, and your finished pieces are wonderful. You ought to give lessons on frame-shopping.

I'd love to enter your drawing. Since my real job is teaching kids to read, I'd like to branch out when I retire. My volunteer goal is to hold babies at the hospital. Holding a baby is having an armful of potential.

Veronica said...

Wow, the pink blossoms certainly are gorgeous! Love both frames. They certainly are perfect for the designs.


Lois said...

Two lovely framed pieces. Isn't it great when you've picked up a frame because you just might use it someday and then you discover a piece that is perfect for it!

Lovely pics of the apple blossom, it's in full bloom here too.

I'd love to be entered in giveaway #2. Many moons ago, when my children were in primary school, I helped one teacher with the reading programme, would listen to the children as they read. Loved it! Wonderful to see the children grow in confidence with their reading as the year passed. No volunteering these days but I like your idea of getting involved in a reading programme at the library.

PS Love your new blog look!!!

Paula said...

Holey Schmoley that tree is gorgeous.
I would love to be entered in your generous giveaway.
In the past I have vounteered at the elementary school, in my children's classrooms helping teachers with various odds and ends. Also have helped in my teaching sister's classroom
In the future, I would like to become active with JDRF. My 11yo daughter is TYPE I.
Have a great spring day!

stitcheranon said...

Wow..what a lovely giveaway. How can I resist?
I have taught English as a second language to asian children within the community. I have collected donations for a cancer charity and very recently I have started my own charity. Castlerea Cancer Care: we will provide holistic therapies, counseling,hats and bra fitting services for people who have had breast surgery and a drop in centre. You will love voluntary work: it helps me to think my life has been worth something even if it only makes a difference to one person.

Sherry said...

I would like to be included in give away #2. I enjoying volunteering at my daughter's school in her classroom, computer lab and at the library. I also collect food for the food bank and collect clothing for charities.

Lynn said...

Beautiful blossoms! My son just sent me a pic of the ce yet.
Both those frames work so well with your stitches. Lovely!
Please include me in your giveaway. Currently I volunteer at our church as an envelope secretary to record the givings. However I have a son with mental illness and have been thinking about doing something at the mental health hospital. They are looking for volunteers to help parents whose children have been recently diagnosed with an illness. Also they are looking for anyone with a craft to work with some of the inpatients. I figured I might be able to help out in either of those areas especially with the parents since I've been through that experience already.

Anne said...

Melissa! Your cherry blossom tree is huge!! The ones on my Nana's block are so much smaller, still pretty, but smaller. Her magnolias are in full bloom now and so gorgeous! You find amazing it from that store? I never seem to find good frames like that! Did you use the method I told you about? Both pieces are gorgeous!! As for volunteering, nothing in the works right now, but I do volunteer my time for school functions. Maybe I should hook you up with some literacy programs. You could also go and see if any of the primary classroom teachers in the schools near you need any help during literacy centers. I know k-3 teachers always need lots of help! Oh don't include me in the giveaway...I'm already spoiled by you :D



Joysze said...

Melissa, hubba hubba at the cherry blossoms. I could sit and stare at them alllllll day!! :D

Great framing job on the finishes. Love them both!

Brigitte said...

They look great, the trees in your street. We also have one of each in our garden and they are my first delight in spring as they start blooming before everything else in the garden. And that stitched piece in your header just compliments the great pictures.
I love these frames that you used for your new pieces. They look absolutely beautiful in them.
I was volunteering in our local library for 26 years and I loved it. And I know that over here most of the big libraries have volunteers for all kinds of work - reading to kids, crafting courses, shelving books etc etc.

Siobhán said...

Oh my gosh, I LOOOOVE your tree! I love this time of year when all the trees are in bloom. There are some cherry trees in town that are so big and therefore old--it just makes me wonder what history they have seen. We're revamping our front garden after losing a bunch of perennials in the last two harsh winters. DH got some bricks from a 100+ year old farmhouse that is being rehabbed and made some circles in the grass... I'm hoping for a crab apple or cherry tree for them but so far we just have crop circles. LOL

Love the stitching! The premade frame is perfect for the CHS piece!

Great new blog look, too. Don't tell me you've had it for a month because then I'll just feel like a total jerk, but it does look great.

No need to include me in the giveaway, but thanks!

Oh, and volunteering... I am embarrassed to say that I used to do a lot of it when the kids were little. With school, with the church, with Girl Scouts, etc. I've done a bit with the church here but nothing recently. Someone suggested that I help non-natives learn to speak English but honestly would have no clue how to do that. I can just see me acting out words like in charades. Oy.

Have a great weekend!

Karoline said...

Your framed pieces are lovely, congratulations & the cherry blossom is gorgeous.

You already know about my future volunteering plans, I'm also the treasurer for the local playgroup.

carol fun said...

That tree is gorgeous! And your finishes are wonderful - such beautiful stitching. As for volunteering- for years & years I helped out at an elementary school library and did lots of PTA work. Now that my boys are out of school and my family has gotten older, my "volunteering" consists of driving my brother 100 miles round trip a couple of times a month to his doctor's appts. and treatments. There is always something to do!

basketsnprims said...

Beautiful blossomes. Love them. I also love Lori's charts and would love to be entered in giveaway #1. Thanks so much, how very generous of you. Such a wonderful blog I've happened upon, Yay~

Teresa S. said...

Please include me in giveaway #2.

I volunteer primarily at my church-in the library and counting Sunday offerings. After 11 years doing both, I gave up the counting but am still enjoying the books!

I am also the advertising/publicity person for my local EGA chapter. Have given some thought to running for treasurer next year. We'll see :)

Loraine said...

Oh what wonderful finishes! You are so sweet to do one for a friend too.
I Love Notforgotten Farm. She is one of my favorite designers. Please throw my name in!


Loraine said...

Oh Melissa, sorry I didn't read your question. I like to volunteer with the youth. Currently I work with 8 girls, ages 14-15 with my church, and it's something I really enjoy. They keep you young. LOL.

Catherine said...

Love the pretty pinks and your framed pieces look lovely!