Sunday, 12 February 2012

Bucket Lists

The title of the post will become evident as you read through this post. 

Last week, a box arrived. A Sizable Box which my DH brought to me, waiter style, and said "Gee, it's big but is there anything inside? It's so light!"

Here's THE BOX:
Upon opening, a pretty package peeked out.
Indeed a very nice looking package with some rustling inside - "Let me out! Let me out!"
And this is what peeked out at her new home. 

Welcome to my home! This is "Blossom, Bunny and Butterflies" the creation of the talented Susan of Mouse Droppings. It might have been two years ago that I came across Susan's beautiful creations but it was only until now that I could bring one home!  

As you've probably noticed in the photos above, the top pincushion has cross stitched motifs, perfect for a stitcher like me. I had requested RED and French General fabrics and I got both. I just love it!  

I came to realize that owning one of Susan's creations was on my Bucket List, so to speak, or my Gotta-Have-It-One-Day list! The subject of a Bucket List recently came up when I went to visit this lovely blog.  Corey was having a giveaway and you had to list the top three on your Bucket List. I don't have a written list but I whipped out these three easy peasy as if they've been just sitting there, waiting to be asked to step out into the light. 
  1. Take a trip on the Orient Express.
  2. Visit New Zealand, especially the places where Lord of the Rings was filmed.
  3. Get involved with a Literacy Program for Kids. 
I didn't win the giveaway but it was fun to read all the comments here. What really tickled me was that my blog was mentioned in Corey's next post when she announced the winner. You see, the post was named "Dare to Live the Dream" and she included the photo "Sweet Dreams" from my last post.  My stitching ego was very gratified! 

So that was what got me thinking about Bucket Lists. In the back of my mind, in terms of needlework related things I want to own:
  1. One (at least) of Susan's creations. (yup!)
  2. antique needlework items (I bought 2 things online recently - will show them when they arrive!)
  3. Any one of these French scissors
OK. I'd better stop my dreaming for now and get on with all my things-to-do today list! That list is more closer to reality at the moment.

Tell me - What's on your Bucket List? I would love to know.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope, with this post, you will take a few minutes to Dream as well! Have a great week ahead!


Carol said...

Oh, oh, oh, is that ever precious, Melissa!! I think I'm in love :) How wonderful that you were able to cross something off your bucket list. And wow--those French scissors...a bit pricey for me, but I hope you get some one of these days.

At the top of my bucket list would be a trip around the world with stops to meet all my blogging friends in real life. Doesn't that sound like fun!

Joy said...

Oh, how I love those pin cushions! Lucky you...bucket list...don't give it too much thought, I just go after my dreams. But would love to spend a week on a beach with my grandgirls. And it would be so fun to have my on line friends join me here for a week of stitching! LOL

Cardygirl said...

Gorgeous pincushion...looks like it has found the right home! I would love to see the statues on Easter Island!

merumo said...

What a fabulous gift with in red!! I love it!! As for my bucket list, I have way too many to remember. lol If just limited to the needlework related things, 1. All the kits from "The Essamplaire", 2. Visit a needlework fair in France, 3. Spend some weekends at stitch/quilt retreat by mountain. Too demanding?

marly said...

That is the cutest darn creation! Wonderful - everything about it. I'm afraid to check the artist out, but I will.

Margaret said...

Oooh lucky lucky lucky! I want one of Susan's creations too! lol! Very much! I'd also love one of those ridiculously expensive pairs of scissors. Sigh. And yes, I want to go to New Zealand to see where LOTR was filmed. Like minds think alike!

Bucket list. Hmmm. Well, you've already mentioned some of mine. lol! Also just going to various retreats and visiting various LNSs like the Attic and Shepherd's Bush. Would love to go to the UK and Ireland. The UK specifically to do the Beatles thing. I have to take my DS along too. I could go on and on and on. lol!

Mouse Droppings Fine Folk Art said...

Well lookey there...thought I recognized that wee fuzzy! Hugs Susan

Theresa said...

Wow!!! This rabbit is too cute!!!!! You are one lucky girl~~~
As for my bucket list, I would like to have a pair of those antique scissors, too, and go to one of the retreats, and visit a French needle craft store!!!!

Penny said...

Your bunny is so sweet and I love the little pincushions too!
So far as my bucket list - a trip to Italy would be nice and maybe a visit to the Attic. :)

Mary said...

He is sooo beautiful - the colours are perfect - I love him.
I popped over to Susan's blog and was blown away by her wonderful creations - will go back again when I have hours to spare.
Enjoy your little bunny.
I am a great dreamer so my bucket list would be endless, however, I am with you on the orient express and I would love to be able to visit a needlework shop like Elegant Stitch or The Attic - that would be like heaven.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Oh, you lucky girl! That little pincushion is making the rounds on Pinterest! I love it as I do all of Susan's works. I don't know if I'd say owning one is on my bucket list but it sure is something I'd love to own! A trip to Paris and all the flea markets is on my bucket list as well as a few other destinations.

I am tickled for you!!

Siobhán said...

OH MY GOSH!! That little bunny is adorable!! How cute!

My bucket list. Hmmm. A cruise to Alaska. I want to go to Bergen, Norway & old town Stockholm. I'd love to go to Provence. I want to go to Bainbridge Island, to British Columbia, and to Banff. Needlework-wise, I'd love to go to The Attic and have a place to have my stash organized nicely. More realistically, I lull myself to sleep by dreaming of what my bedroom COULD look like, if I got the samplers stitched and quilts quilted that I want to do!

Just Me and My Shadow said...

Oh my goodness, your little rabbit is so cute!! I don't have a bucket list, just happy being in the now!!


Catherine said...

Your bunny is just wonderful! I think you have many of us drooling with this post! I don't really have a bucket list ~ but would love to travel and meet my blogging friends in person!

Giovanna said...

Cute bunny, good for you! The main thing on my bucket list would be a journey into space, but I doubt that will ever happen, lol.

Anne said...

Melissa! That bunny is too cute for words! I love the picture of her peeking out from the wrapping!! Hmm, bucket lists...traveling to NZ, especially the LOTR places, is on my to do list. Here's the order:
1. Travel to Ireland, to Swanlibar, where my Nana grew up
2. Travel to Russia, particularly Belarus, where my Russian family came from
3. Travel to NZ to see the glorious scenery!!

A stitching list would be too long for me! But I definitely would love any one of those scissors too!

I took a peek at her blog and that's wonderful she mentioned you!! You have such wonderful creations!!

Hugs and Happy Valentine's Day!

Kellie said...

That bunny is absolutely adorable!!

RuthB said...

Oh that's adorable! Thanks for sharing your lovely bunny with us --- now I have to go contemplate my Bucket List :)

Natasha said...

That bunny is super cute :) What a lovely package to recieve.

First on my bucket list
1) Learn to drive stick shift!
2) Go visit Ireland, the birthplace of my ancestors
2)run in a 5K
Thanks for sharing your Bunny with us and getting me to think about my bucket list :)

Suzanne said...

What a super cute pincushion!

Your post has got me thinking about what should be on my bucket list.

Berit said...

I had a look at that artist's page, and I think her bunnies are the best of her works! I actually saw some of her work on pinterest recently (maybe even your adorable one!) You said you requested red and FG; was your bunny a custom order?

Maybe....I should put owning one on my bucket list! But I don't yet have one, really. I am doing perhaps an "80%" in terms of keeping up with some goals I set at New Year, and am pretty happy about that. I would call them Everyday Bucket List Goals--Sort of, "Someday, I will live my life like this." Only, I decided to make this year the time to start living a few of them.

Also, I am working to change the way I think about money management in a really positive way, and am so happy about that. Oh, also Spring Cleaning (Decluttering) is going on somewhat, so that has been fun.

OOh--I am getting really close to starting A Very Fine Sampler. I planned to buy half the threads at the LNS recently, but they only had one in stock! (and you know I only brought along a note with those colors needed for the area I wanted to start in. :)

I THINK I have the piece of Linen I want to use (Barn Owl as charted) but though it is labeled as 36 ct. it is actually more like 40-42! So, I am just not sure. It turns out that I have only stitched one piece (Jenny Bean Christmas) on true 36; I have about 6 things on stuff that was labeled as such but is really 40+ (and this from more than one dying house)! Not that I mind for those, but for AVFS, it will make quite a difference--both in finished size and look of individual stitches. Must decide what I want for it.

Fun times here! And looks like the same for you if this blog is any indication. :D