Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sunday post filled with stitching!

Good Sunday morning to you all! We had a blustery day yesterday which seem to have brought us some sunshine this morning. The weather has been wacky and will continue to do so but on this fine morning we will enjoy what we have!

I have a few things to show you! First, my Red Exchange. 

I received this beautifully stitched piece from Hazel - stitched over one! Exquisite! For someone who is "over-one" challenged, this was a real treat! 
Here is what I stitched for Nancy.  It's a design from Tante Zolder. I stitched it using AVAS 3025 on a piece of HDF linen. I used HDF's Earth Stars 5211 for the initial and 3 little hearts on the back. While I didn't want the red to be detracted by other colours, having that grey that fades into the fabric was something I imagined would have an "embossed" effect (I used 2 strands of the grey to get that effect). 

It's been quite awhile since I have made a pinkeep. My fingers felt all thumbs but it was fun to get creative again with the finishing.

Next, ahhh, a very pretty piece - Woodland Berries. It is from the Loose Feather "Summer" leaflet by Blackbird Designs. I thoroughly enjoyed stitching this one. I used all the recommended silks on a piece of linen I had hanging around - 36ct "Celtic" by Sugar & Spice.  
I made a small change in the upper right hand corner. In the original Alma's initials and date were done in green and filled the area. Instead I chose to do one initial with a different script, and using the same floss as the border so the initial fades into the linen. I'd wanted a bit of breathing space in that corner of the design. 
Now I am in search of the next project, very likely another Blackbird Designs. I'm going to stitch smaller projects for the next while, I think.

I am always inspired by what you stitchers bring home from yard sales and such. I never run across anything remotely interesting like stuff that Terri finds related to stitching, but one day I found this stool at a charity shop. The lid flips up to allow for some storage. It's not remotely antique but I bought it for the cats. You see, they like "perching".
Even though the next photo is without flash, it is such a lovely one of Mr Julius and somehow just captures the right mood,  I had to share it!
Well, we've come to the end of another post. Thank you so much for visiting. I am looking forward to seeing the new releases from the Nashville Market in the next few days. Of course I will get the book from Blackbird Designs, that I have no doubt! 

What new releases have caught your eye?

For you lucky folks in the States who can see the goodies in person, have fun!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Bucket Lists

The title of the post will become evident as you read through this post. 

Last week, a box arrived. A Sizable Box which my DH brought to me, waiter style, and said "Gee, it's big but is there anything inside? It's so light!"

Here's THE BOX:
Upon opening, a pretty package peeked out.
Indeed a very nice looking package with some rustling inside - "Let me out! Let me out!"
And this is what peeked out at her new home. 

Welcome to my home! This is "Blossom, Bunny and Butterflies" the creation of the talented Susan of Mouse Droppings. It might have been two years ago that I came across Susan's beautiful creations but it was only until now that I could bring one home!  

As you've probably noticed in the photos above, the top pincushion has cross stitched motifs, perfect for a stitcher like me. I had requested RED and French General fabrics and I got both. I just love it!  

I came to realize that owning one of Susan's creations was on my Bucket List, so to speak, or my Gotta-Have-It-One-Day list! The subject of a Bucket List recently came up when I went to visit this lovely blog.  Corey was having a giveaway and you had to list the top three on your Bucket List. I don't have a written list but I whipped out these three easy peasy as if they've been just sitting there, waiting to be asked to step out into the light. 
  1. Take a trip on the Orient Express.
  2. Visit New Zealand, especially the places where Lord of the Rings was filmed.
  3. Get involved with a Literacy Program for Kids. 
I didn't win the giveaway but it was fun to read all the comments here. What really tickled me was that my blog was mentioned in Corey's next post when she announced the winner. You see, the post was named "Dare to Live the Dream" and she included the photo "Sweet Dreams" from my last post.  My stitching ego was very gratified! 

So that was what got me thinking about Bucket Lists. In the back of my mind, in terms of needlework related things I want to own:
  1. One (at least) of Susan's creations. (yup!)
  2. antique needlework items (I bought 2 things online recently - will show them when they arrive!)
  3. Any one of these French scissors
OK. I'd better stop my dreaming for now and get on with all my things-to-do today list! That list is more closer to reality at the moment.

Tell me - What's on your Bucket List? I would love to know.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope, with this post, you will take a few minutes to Dream as well! Have a great week ahead!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sweet Dreams are made of these

Finally - my first finish of 2012! I feel like the one-arm-stitcher! I modified the design to use my own words "Sweet Dreams" and of course to accommodate the mistakes as mentioned in my last post! The design is "Margaret Harris" by Blackbird Designs. I loved stitching this even if I had to fudge a lot!  I hope to finish it off as a little pillow by my bedside.

What's next, you ask? I have an exchange to stitch so I can't tell you!

Yesterday when we went out grocery shopping, we found this huge pot of orchids (Cymbidium) on sale for $10 (from $40)! We have never grown this variety before but it was full of blooms so even if it doesn't rebloom, we can enjoy these for awhile.

I have been enjoying a couple of good reads. 

The first is The Invisible Ones by Stef Penney. It is a mystery of a disappearance. However, center to this story is that the characters are Gypsies so it was interesting to read about their lifestyle past and present. I liked how the author intersperse the story telling between the private investigator, and a young adolescent Gypsy boy. 

The second is #3 in the Jackson Brodie series by Kate Atkinson, called When will there be good news? The more I read Kate Atkinson, the more I love her writing. Initially her style  took me awhile to "get it"  but once I did, I just love her! I can't wait for the next story in the series. In the meantime, there are other books of hers (non-series) that I haven't read yet so I will be hunting those down!

Julius says "I can't see them so they can't see me!" 
Daisy says "Boys are so silly."

 The weather is just fantastic at the moment. We have had snow then heavy rains, but since last Thursday, the sun has come to visit and seems to be staying for awhile! How lucky are we?

Thank you, by the way, for letting me know about where to find tutorials. Vonna wins hands down! With the first person who mentioned Vonna, I thought "Duh, but of course!" So thanks for letting me know, and also thanks to Vonna for all her wonderful tutorials.

 I have been really busy with work and haven't been keeping up with reading blogs as much as I'd like. But what's even more disconcerting is that some of the blogs that I usually read and leave comments, well, their owners have changed their comment setting so I can't leave comments any longer. Not the owner's fault - something to do with Blogger. I know some of you have mentioned the same issue. Oh well.

Thank you for stopping by. Have a great week ahead.