Sunday, 18 September 2011

A Big Red House

I've been patiently stitching houses for Mary Gibson.

Here's a Red House
and a Blue House on the left
 and here's how she is looking since last week

I am really enjoying stitching Mary Gibson now that I am happy with the colours I've chosen so far. There will likely be more new colours introduced as I move 'up' the sampler. BTW, if I was to order a linen to stitch Mary, I would be inclined to get Vintage Light Examplar from Lakeside Linens. When I look at the antique Mary Gibson that's the linen I see but I used WDW Straw only because I had it in my stash, so I also have to adjust colours to fit.

Thank you for your enthusiastic comments in my last post! I loved reading each one of them! Now, to answer some questions left in the comments last week:

  • Following along the lines of "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus" - Yes, Katrina, I will share my silk "conversion" when I'm finished stitching this piece. As I am stitching only from what I have in the stash, the conversion will not be 1:1 but you can see what silks I did use.
  • "Do you always start stitching from the bottom left?" Funny how habits form. I used to always start from the top left, then I started seeing how some people would start stitching from the bottom up so I thought I would try it. Somehow it just stuck!
  • I left the best for last - "What's a BAP?" - Well, the B stands for Big, the P stands for Project, and the A ? What do you think? I used to ask the same question until I figured it out. It's a Big Ass Project, or if you are more p.c. (politically correct) you could say it's a Big Awesome Project. OK? :-) 
The weather here has suddenly turned Fall-ish which means lots and lots of rain! So loud it woke me up the other night only because I was so un-used to that sound! We have had such a great August which lingered into early September. It's hard to see the sunshine go!

Lastly, here's Ann Taylor framed. I absolutely adore this sampler. Even though the picture does not do it justice, it's hanging on our living room wall which is a mild mustard yellow. The picture just seems to blend right into the wall, like it bloomed there - amazing. This piece was an absolute joy to stitch.
Well, my dearies, here ends another post. I hope you are well and enjoying a nice start to Autumn. Thank you for visiting. Have a great week!

Monday, 5 September 2011

My first B-A-P!

Finally, my first BAP. It's 293 x 304 and fits my largest scroll frame with a couple of inches to spare. (whisper - Joy, it has 12 pages!) Here's a peek at my new start. 
It's the Mary Gibson's 1824 Sampler from the Haselmere Museum.  I decided to stitch it on WDW "Straw" 35 ct linen. I happen to have a lovely piece hanging around and decided to use it. It's much more gold than what shows up in the above photos. I am also using silk from my stash and this trial-and error approach has caused a lot of frogging  when I am trying out colours to use! A bit frustrating and time consuming but I am happy now how things are looking.

As you can see, it's gonna to take me quite awhile to finish this one! Although I am usually a one project kinda gal, I may be taking breaks from it to do smaller pieces. We shall see how my patience holds up! 

Next up, I asked KarenV to finish one of my small pieces for me. The next two are her photos. She did a wonderful job and I just love it! Thanks Karen!

More framing! Actually, this next one is a re-use of an old frame. I had something stitched in aida, and when I saw that this Prairie Schooler piece fitted so well, I got my framer to do the switcheroo for me. Recycle and Reuse!
It's the last day of the Labour Day long weekend here. The weather is gorgeous and it has the beginnings of that lovely Fall nip in the air though still warm during the day. The kiddies, little & big, will be starting the school year tomorrow. Usually we see some traffic chaos the first two weeks of the month until people settle into a routine. Drive safely and enjoy the week!

Thank you for your visits and your comments!