Sunday, 3 July 2011

Look who's in my Garden!

Well, I thought I would try to go with the gardening theme that's running through my life right now and stitch something Garden-y.  Look who popped in!
I really like this funky tree!
 Here's my progress on the Garden of Eden, by The Goode Huswife.
I am using the recommended DMC floss on 35 ct WDW "Linen" linen.  I am also adding a few WDW floss here and there just to brighten up the whole picture. The original floss palette is very much beige, yellow, and browns with a splash of a brownish red. 

Now I will show you more photos from my real life garden. The first one is the David Austin rose called Abraham Darby.
 This is Purple Tiger (Jackson & Perkins) rose we purchased this year - so striking!
 This is the rose Double Delight, in the full bloom stage. When the bud first comes out, it's cream with edges of deep pink, then it opens and fades to this ruffled glory!
We have an old metal trellis in the backyard and there are all sorts of things growing over it. Some things survive from one year to the next, some not. We found this pretty pink clematis which we have never seen before! How lucky are we! 
 There are masses of honeysuckle over this trellis too. The honeysuckle is called Mandarin Lights.
Now here is a photo I am quite fond of. DH took it and I love how Julius is looking out into the back garden. There is a mesh screen over the window that's why it's so muted looking. 
Lastly, summertime always makes me want to find some good summery reads. This is my favourite one this year. (And yes, that's a little dried rose from my garden.)
Thank you for your visits! I haven't been very good with visiting and commenting. My head and my heart are all over the place right now! 

By the way, I have a question that may seem silly but I thought I would ask. It's been many, many years since we've traveled overseas. We would like to go visit Europe (especially Germany) in the fall, any advice on "how to plan your trip"?  The concept of a brick-and-mortar travel agent seems so extinct now! 

Thank you again. Have a wonderful week ahead. To my US friends, Happy Fourth!


Joy said...

I like your "Garden'y" stitching, but wow...your garden is wonderful! I wish I could take a stroll. The Purple Tiger rose is a must have and what a wonderful clematis!
Enjoy your reading, stitching and weekend!

Catherine said...

Love your Garden of Eden!!! And, oh my!! Your roses are stunning, as is the view from your window!!

Margaret said...

That Garden of Eden is spectacular! I have to go dig in my stash and see if I have that one. lol! Your garden is beautiful! Now I'm off to check out that book you recommend.

Nancy said...

Lovely Garden stitching! Your garden looks so pretty! That clematis is gorgeous!

Laurie in Iowa said...

Garden of Eden and your garden looks fabulous.

mainely stitching said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty! And a new book ... :)

Jackie said...

The Garden of Eden you're stitching and the one in your back yard are both beautiful!

Gabi said...

Love your Garden of Eden, and also your color changes. Great stitching.
Beautiful flowers. Love that clematis

Anonymous said...

Garden of Eden looks great, but as soon as I saw your magnificent roses, they took center stage. Purple Tiger and Double Delight are so beautiful! You have an amazing flower garden. As for your question, my cousin always goes to Europe with tour groups, but I think Rick Steves' site would be a good source for info.

The Scarlett House said...

Hi Melissa, wonderful photos as always. Your yard looks so inviting. It was 118 here yesterday. I'd love to escape to your house. Love the sweet A&E.
When I went to the UK, we went with the tour group, Globus. They were awesome, did all the hard stuff, and all we had to do was enjoy ourselves.

Chris said...

Hi Melissa,
Your stitching is looking great and your garden is so lovely.

Giovanna said...

Your Garden of Eden is awesome, great going!

Carol said...

Lovely progress on your latest stitching garden, Melissa, and your real-life garden looks amazing as well. How I wish I had a green thumb--I actually blame it on our poor soil more than anything, but this year things look pretty bare outside my window :)

We used a travel agent for our trip to Europe in May. Couldn't have done it without her as we were novice travelers... Most of it was done online and with all the hotels having websites, it was very easy to pick them from the list she sent. I'd be happy to answer any specific questions you have regarding our trip (even though we just went to Munich in Germany)... just email me :)

Anne said...

Love the Adam and Eve sampler! Looks great so far! Your roses are stunning and my favourite is the Purple Tiger and that clematis is an unusual variety. I have never seen that one before. It looks amazing though as does your entire garden! Julius has got a great spot to see it from!

valerie said...

Beautiful garden! Love the roses and the clemantis! How exciting to be planning an overseas trip. I'm no help though but I hope it turns out well!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Beautiful roses, my absolute favourites. I wonder what is going through that little head as he looks out of the window!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Your Garden of Eden is wonderful, Melissa. I started it and wasn't crazy about the colors but yours looks so wonderful. I'll have to go dig mine back out and have a look/comparison. I always, always love what you do!

Your flowers are just amazing. Truly stunning!

Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa,
Oooh you already started Garden of Eden,It looks so wonderful. I really should hurry up, and start this one to. Not much coming out of my hands lately.

I am suppriced every time how manny roses and other flowers you have in your garden. You do have "green" fingers"
Talk to you soon,:-)))
Nicole (Belgium)

BrendaS said...

Garden of Eden looks so pretty!

Your flowers in your garden are gorgeous and your cat looks so cute in the picture peering out:)))

KarenV said...

What a lovely post! I have that book on my "to read" list, glad to hear that it's a good one.

Your garden is beautiful, such lovely roses and climbing plants. I love your WIP too - great colour choices. I don't think I'm familiar with the original, but I really like how yours looks so far :)

Siobhan said...

I love that pic of Julius--he looks like he is keeping watch over his universe. I am impressed that you know the names of all of the flowers, too. I plant stuff and then forget what the names are, etc. All the pics are wonderful!

LOVE your new WIP! I have that as one of my Crazy starts. I think.

I'm anxious to read that book! I've heard good things about it.

Karoline said...

Garden of Eden is looking lovely, great progress.

Your flowers are all gorgeous and that book is on my to read list having read lots of glowing reviews on various blogs.

Ranae said...

Garen of Eden is looking super gorgeous
A very pretty real life garden you have

Heidi said...

Beautiful roses! I just saw an interview with the author of this book on the book club for WHSmith. I have it in my book basket.

If you need any questions answered, please do not hesitate to email me since I live in Europe and will help with anything I can.

Hugs from Holland ~