Friday, 27 May 2011

Ann Taylor 1785

Ann Taylor 1785, by Heartstring Samplery, is finished! Here she is in all her prettiness!

I love her! Ann Taylor is stitched using the recommended DMC floss on 36 ct PTP Doubloon linen.   The first photo shows the colours best. I have thoroughly enjoyed stitching on her.  I want to stitch another of Beth's designs - 1763 Band Sampler.  If anyone has this chart and want to trade with my Ann Taylor, please email me.

I finished Ann a couple of days ago but have been faffing about what to stitch next.  I might just have to close my eyes and grab something out of the basket!

In the meantime, since my last post, I have been out in the garden whenever I can. You see, we had a bit of sun and dry weather for a few days and I had to get out there and do much needed clean-up. Otherwise, the weather here is pretty much wet, wet and more wet, like it is right now. I can hear the rain outside.

I love these primroses. After they finish flowering I want to finally divide them.
We had such a long cold and  wet winter. We've lost a few plants, but some seemed to have thrived. Here is one of our tree peonies. There were about 11 blooms this year! Spectacular!
Some of you have asked about our boy and how he's doing. He's been over in Germany for about a month now. There was the initial settling in (for him and for us!) that took a couple of weeks I think. Now he's doing fine and looks to be quite happy. Thank goodness for Skype! 

I am enjoying my time off work just to sort myself out, so to speak. I can say this now but I couldn't see it before. Sometimes it just takes time to unwind, untangle from the every day noise and be in a different place - time to think and see things with a different set of eyes perhaps. 

Thank you for taking your time to visit me and to leave a comment. I really do appreciate hearing from you. Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

This is what Today looks like!

Weather-wise, this is pretty much our Spring! This is a page from my calendar. I groaned when I turned the calendar over on May 1 as this picture is a fairly accurate depiction of our Spring weather!
Every time we venture out to get going on the garden, rain soon visits! Oh well.  It gives more time to indoor pursuits such as stitching! 

A new start - Ann Taylor by Heartstring Samplery. This is an oldie but goodie. I'm destined to stitch a lot of Beth's designs I think! 

I am stitching with the recommended DMC floss on 36 count PTP Doubloon linen.  I am stitching this with 1 strand over 2. 

The Doubloon linen is a new colour and it is absolutely perfect for this piece. At first I had a piece of ready prepared linen that was the right size, but it was a pale grey. I decided to check around my stash and I'm so glad I did because this colour combination is just wonderful. The photos don't do it justice! 

Now I have to show you more wonderful stitching from my friend Nicole in Belgium. You will recognize Frances Eden of course! I love sharing her work with you!

I have been catching my breath the last week or so. I lost my work due to budget cutbacks about the same time my boy left home.  It's not actually a bad thing in the short term for me to have a break, just hoping it won't be a long one! 

Thank you so much for visiting and thank you once again for your kind words and support!  They mean a great deal to me! I will leave you these lovely red and white tulips with my thanks!

Until next time...Happy Stitching!