Sunday, 13 February 2011

Shut Up and Stitch!

...says Tweedle Dee to Tweedle Dum.  That's been my little mantra every time those inner stress monsters get too noisy with worries.  Thank you, by the way, for all the lovely comments of support in my last post. They mean a lot to me! 

OK, onto stitchy stuff - Elizabeth Easton, by the Goode Huswife. Here's how the chart looks:

Here is where I left it mid-November last year:
And here is where she is this morning:

Woo-hooo, I've made a lot of progress and the majority of the grunt work is done. By that I mean, the "filling in". As much as it's easy, it can also be mind-numbingly boring. Sometimes it feels like you'll never get there! Such is it also a metaphor for life - sometimes it feels like we'll never get to where we want to go, but if you have a goal in mind (the finished picture of the chart), then keeping going is a bit easier. 

I am really looking forward to doing the vine and the flowers, and of course, that big bird in the middle! But I have to confess, yellows and browns are not my colours! That was also part of what was not a happy stitch for me. I am more a pinks-reds-greens girl! 

So, Nashville Market is almost upon us. What are you craving this year?

For me, I do {heart} Ann Grant by Shakespeare's Peddler, and the new BBD book (of course!) and maybe one or two reproduction samplers from Cardan Antiques and Needleworks. The latter are new to me but I am quite liking the A&E piece!

Oops, almost forgot, this post isn't all about ME!  The winner of the Marlene's Sampler is - 

Nancy from Lovely In Chocolate, who said:

Marlene's Sampler is gorgeous! You really did a beautiful job of stitching your sampler. I would love a chance to win this pattern, so please enter my name.

I'm sorry you're feeling a little sad about your son going to Germany. All of our daughters are close by, and sometimes it is still hard to let go completely. I always try to remember the saying "the best gift you can give to your children is wings". On a positive note this will be such a wonderful experience for him

Thank you kindly, Nancy. Please email me your snail mail address and I'll get this to you next week. I'm sure you will enjoying stitching her as much as I did.

Well, that's it for me this week! Thank you for visiting and taking the time to write to me! Have a wonderful week and a Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow!


Michele said...

Congrats on your progress! Definitely Ann Grant!! Nd The Flood!!

Le blog de marylin said...

Oh absolument merveilleux !
amitiés de france

Anonymous said...

That looks gorgeous Melissa! I'm not a big repro fan, but I quite like this one and the colours are definitely me :)

Anonymous said...

Me again - I forgot to say - sadly, nothing I've seen so far in Nashville previews is grabbing me at all :( For the first time ever, there is nothing that is shouting "buy me" or even "add me to your wishlist", not even the BBD book. Maybe that will change once all the releases are out - I hope it isn't signalling a lessening of my stitching interest, anyway.

Jan said...

OH Melissa, I just read your previous post, must have missed it! So sorry, I know that his going will break your heart in two, been there and know the feeling. But what Nancy said is dead on right, we have to let them have our wings. Just so you know in addition to that, home will always be where mom is...he knows this and you can take that to heart!

What lovely progress, I love this sampler, gorgeous!!

mainely stitching said...

How wonderful for Nancy! :D Congratulations!!

I love your progress on this lovely GH sampler - wow, I love the design! :D

I've seen some things from Nashville that are interesting, but I haven't preordered or anything.

WoolenSails said...

I like some fill, but on some pieces, it is way too much and it does get tedious. I enjoy the break though, it keeps my brain rested from trying to count all the other sections;)


Blu said...

Congrats to Nancy!

What a lot of progress on EE!

Michelle said...

Great progress! Congratulations to Nancy.

Evik said...

Hi Melissa,
I wass not here a long time. I have a little time still. Currently we (Annie and me) are sick :(
I miss your stitching and samplers.
Marlene's Sampler is gorgeous!

Beautiful day, big greetings from us!

Pointed Stitcher said...

Amazing progress.

Irene said...

Great progress !

Catherine said...

Congrats to Nancy!
Wonderful progress!

Mary said...

You've made great progress in just a week and it's looking great.
I haven't picked up a needle for 3 weeks, so I will have to find a new mantra. Instead of saying "when I finish this job, I'm going to sit and stitch" I may have to say "leave the work and stitch now!"

Margaret said...

Your Elizabeth Easton is amazing! You always pick the best samplers to stitch! I know I want Ann Grant, and the BBD book, Two Horses from Primitive Needle, -- those are the musts. There are others I know I'll want eventually like the Flood from Plum Street. :D

Laurie in Iowa said...

Elizabeth E. looks fabulous. I hope you'll stick with her even though the colors aren't your favorites. It's such a wonderful sampler.
Ann Grant and the BBD book are looking like the front runners for me, so far. I know I'm getting much more picky with my Market selections for the past two Markets. There is so much I already own that I want to stitch. It's almost becoming a burden to add more charts to the stash.

Ranae said...

Wow! That is what I call progress
Marlene's Sampler is a beauty

Chris said...

Melissa, your progress is great, you are going to have this finished in no time.
I am anxoiusly looking forward to seeing the Nashville releases.
I always have to have the new Prarie Schoolers but will be anxious to see what other samplers will be available.
Have a great week!

Joy said...

I love Elizabeth...she will be finished in no time! I haven't even thought about Market...going through all I have and finding some wonderful projects right here in my own "store".

Happy Stitching, Happy Week!

Lois said...

You've made good progress! Glad the filling in is behind you. I'm trying to avoid temptation and not looking too closely at the Market releases just yet. Having said that, the new BBD book is a 'must buy' so it will definitely be making its way here. Happy Valentine's Day! Hope it's a good one!

Nancy said...

You have made wonderful progress on your sampler! Aren't you glad the tedious part of it is over! This will be beautiful when you finish.

I really haven't paid much attention to what will be released at market, but when everything is released I'm sure I'll have a list of designs to go in my stash pile! I read about the new BBD booklet on Alma's blog, and it sounds wonderful.

I am so excited about winning Marlene's Sampler! Thanks so much for offering this, and I look forward to making it one of my projects this year.

Siobhan said...

Congratulations to Nancy!

Melissa, your Elizabeth is GORGEOUS. I love it. It reminds me of (I think I say this everytime you post about EE) Sheepish's Mary Tillinghast and it makes me want to run up and get my kitted project and start it. You've made such great progress. Isn't it amazing how much stitching helps to calm the nerves? I always say to myself, "Is there anything i can do about whatever is stressing me out?" and then do it. If not, I stitch and figure I'll leave it up to the Big Guy Upstairs. Hang in there!

Siobhan said...

Oh, and ahem, have to add this. Must haves from Market--the BBD book (but of course), Ann Grant, the Philadelphia & A&E chart from Carmen, and Primitive Needle's Two Horses. I'm debating about The Flood. I know that I want it but don't know if I'm going to wait till I am ready to stitch it to buy it. What a concept for me--patience.

Terry said...

Your EE looks great!

You're title for this post made me laugh as it's the name of my blog. lol

Hope you have a wonderful week.

Kristen said...

Your Elizabeth Easton looks great!

Btw, it was your beautiful finish that inspired me to hunt down a copy of A Very Fine Sampler. I hope mine comes out as nice as yours!

valerie said...

Your Elizabeth Easton is looking great!

Congrats to Nancy!

I'm kind of happy I am not too in love with much for Market. The BBD book is a must for me and everything else, I can leave...for now. Once I start seeing things stitched up...that might change! lol :)

Katrina said...

Love Elizabeth! Gorgeous sampler.

Somehow I missed your last post, love your finish. Hopefully the 8 months will go quickly and what a wonderful opportunity for you son. Big hugs!

Linda said...

I love your Elisabeth Easton sampler! I almost cried when I saw it was no longer available. Sigh....

I'm looking forward to "Two Horses" by Primitive Needle. I want to do it for my best friend who has a horse (so does her daugher, who is my niece). So I have a feeling I could be stitching it twice - LOL!

And now that I've seen that chart by Shakespears Peddler, I am wanting it too! You enabler you!!

Linda in VA

Michelle said...

Lovely progress. And yes, that fill in seems neverending while you're doing it. I definitely need The Flood, Ann Grant, the BBD book, and I'm sure a few more things from Market!

Suzanne said...

This is such a lovely design and you have made such great progress.

I have already been naughty and pre-ordered my Nashville stash. I have ordered the new BBD book and the With My Needle Limited Edition of Miss Trenner's Needlework Academy. I could have kept on ordering, but by the time I included fibres I had to draw the line. Gives me something to order later on in the year anyway.

Jane said...

What great progress, Melissa ~ looking lovely!:)

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Oh, Melissa! I'm sorry I missed your last post - I can imagine how much you're going to miss your son. I wish him safe a safe journey and you a peaceful heart.

Your Elizabeth is gorgeous!

Truth be told - I haven't followed much about the Nashville market. I did see Theresa's sampler and loved that one but other than that.... not sure. If you get it and stitch it, I'll want to do it too so I'll just wait and see what you do! ;-)

The Scarlett House said...

Hi Melissa, I'm so glad that you didn't give up on EE. I sometimes have a hard time stitching with colors that don't appeal to me, which are (don't laugh) pinks and other pastels. If I had my way, every sampler would be covered in RED, lol.

Deb said...

Wow! You got a lot done on your sampler!! I really like it - it reminds me of Elizabeth Sheffield in a smaller version. Now I wish I had gone with your sampler.

Nashville - well I've got my eye on Anne Grant too (in fact pre-ordered everything - my gift for finishing Ann Medd), and that's about it. I think. I'm waiting to see what else may surface.

Deb said...

Okay, I think my other comment got lost. I love your piece and am so glad that you pulled it out again. It reminds me a lot of Elizabeth Sheffield in a smaller version. Wish I had started this one instead of Elizabeth.

And market - I must have Anne Grant. I pre-ordered everything as a reward for getting Ann Medd done. Other than, I have to wait and see what else comes out. I've got my eye on a few things that aren't from Market that have caught my eye. You know that once things start appearing on blogs we're all going to want it.

Karoline said...

Elizabeth is looking gorgeous, great progress