Sunday, 25 July 2010

Summertime Summertime Sum-Sum-Summertime!

Cue the Summertime music, the heat is here! 

If you're a cat like Daisy then lounging by an open window is the thing! She likes to stick her back feet out the window to catch the cool air!

Today I was in the garden and got a lovely bunch of white hydrangea. These are so pretty and lacey they remind me of a bride's dress. Then I had these pretty scabiosas in bloom. Aren't they perfect together? Although this bundle is large, I can just see a smaller version for a bridal bouquet!

I planted these lilies as bulbs in the spring. They are so unusual! I hope they come back next year.  Sorry can't recall their names at the moment!

I have made some progress on Mary's Best Handworke! Eh voila... three little sheepies!

And a shepherd  and sheep dog, watched over by ... a cupid? It's supposed to be an angel, right? Give it a bow and a heart and a cupid is in the making! 

The bigger picture...

OK. Not the nicest photos are they? This piece does look brighter and sharper in real life and I really like the reds in this piece.  Now I have a good chance of finishing this before summer is over! It's been a struggle I tell ya. I haven't been stitching a lot but besides working, I have got myself back into some reading. 

A new book that I  really like is Major Pettigrew's Last Stand, by Helen Simonson.  If you like an English village type of story you will like this. But it's not 'light and fluffy'. There is some wonderful writing, and the Major is such a wonderful creation.

A detective series I have come to love is Maisie Dobbs by Jacqueline Winspear. I have read it in paper form and also listened to audio versions that have been wonderful.  The setting is post WWI England, in the 1930's.  The books have such a lovely quiet, calm atmosphere and Maisie is such an intelligent character. 

I want to thank you for all who visited my blog last time and left comments.  I am grateful for your kind words and encouragement. Otherwise I think it would be very easy for me to stop stitching and blogging for awhile.  A thousand thanks!

And I want to thank those who are visiting this post now. Even if you don't leave a comment, please send some good vibes my way, OK? I can use any positive thoughts these days! 

I leave you with some alstromerias from my garden. I hope you are enjoying your summer or keeping cozy in winter! 


Saturday, 3 July 2010

Friends are Angels in disguise

By now, you know my life has taken a left turn somewhere and it does not seem to include much stitching or blogging. It happens to all of us at one time or another so my philosophy is always "go with the flow"... or at least pretend I'm doing that! 

On Wednesday when I got home from work, tired and in need of sustenance, a mirage appeared on our hallway table. It was a package that had arrived in the mail. From the distance of just getting in the front door, I racked my brains to see if I had ordered something and had forgotten about it. Nope. Then as I approached, I found a familiar handwriting in the return address - Terri

Oh, my! My first thought was "I hope it's her (now famous) strawberries!" YES!!!  Look what that sweet girl sent me! 

Not only did I get the  strawberries, and the pincushion, she also included a beautiful new-to-me magazine! You're so sweet, Terri! Thank you so much.   Your handwork is just beautiful.  The gift just lifted my spirits.  I had passed on a chart, Be Kind and Be True, when I was finished with it never expecting something in return. And that's what I mean by 'Friends are Angels in disguise'.  If you haven't visited Terri's blog, please do. It's a wonderful place to visit and reflects her generous and fun personality!

I have also received some emails from stitching friends wondering how I am doing. Thank you for that!  I'm fine just busy with other things at the moment. I have been stitching a little bit here and there.  Here's some progress on Mary's Best Handwork.

I do love all the reds in it.  As you can see, it's been taking me awhile. After I get the pasture done, it will be faster I think. Stitching all that grass in the evenings just lull me to sleep! 

I've also been watching the FIFA World Cup games when I can! I love 'football' as most of the world calls it.  It is, indeed, a Beautiful Game!  I've loved watching Germany and the Netherlands. I think they will be the final two duking it out!  I watched the Germany vs Argentina game this morning and the Germans were awesome to watch - poetry in motion!

I will sign off with a bunch of white lilies in bloom. I had planted them in the spring for the first time and they are stupendously gorgeous! But I cannot remember the name of the bulb at the moment!  

I hope you are having a good summer. Here it's not so good but it's not the worst that we've had weather-wise.  To my American friends, enjoy a Happy Fourth of July!  

Thank you for coming by and I love the comments and emails! Take care!