Sunday, 14 November 2010

Stitching and Reading

Let's see how brief I can make this post. My neck and back have been really complaining so I'm going to have to put a pause on the stitching and start back on some exercises to fix the problem! (Does that happen to you?)

The new start - Elizabeth Easton by The Goode Huswife. 

I am using the recommended DMC floss on 36 ct PTP "Legacy" linen. I love the linen which is just lightly mottled.

A wonderful quilt design on sale here.  I borrowed the photo from Bloom's site so you can see it. I did a bit of quilting many, many years ago and while I no long quilt I still admire the many quilts I see on the blogs. 
 I just love the colours Roz used on this quilt. 

Now, for reading.
Into the Blue, by Robert Goddard. I had heard about this book a long time ago. I found the audio version at the library and really enjoyed this mystery - all the winding backwards to get to the truth, and at the end, the philosophical question that is posed upon the reader. 

Room, by Emma Donaghue.  This was was recently nominated for the Man Booker prize. It didn't win but what a story!  Once upon a time, a 19 year old girl was abducted and kept as a prisoner for 7 years - I'm sure you will recall similar headlines in the last year or so. This story, however, is told entirely from the voice of a 5 year old boy named Jack, who was born during this 'captivity'. It begins on the morning he turns 5. 

I could write lots about the book. If you click on the link you can read more reviews on Amazon. I'm just amazed at the talent and insight of the writer. It's like a photographer can aim his lense at something and show entirely new views you hadn't imagined. I like stories that make me think as well as feel, long after the last page is read. 

I apologize for a very curt post. I'm in some discomfort and sitting at the computer doesn't help either! I will leave you with a photo of some of my roses, dried. I think they are equally beautiful, all their essence condensed before the petals completely separate. 

Thank you, as always, for your visits and your lovely comments. I hope I will return next time in better form! Take care and have a good week!

Friday, 5 November 2010

Post and Boast

Let's catch up and boast to my heart's content! ;-)

Boast 1 - Survived a hectic work schedule the last 3 weeks and our project completed successfully last weekend! Hooray! Now I feel like I've just finished a marathon - tired but happy. 

Boast 2 - Isabella Johnstone is finished! Here we go with lots of photos! 

 Isabelle Johnstone 1854
stitched with recommended Belle Soie silks 
on 35 ct WDW Parchment linen

This is a very pretty sampler and will be one of my favourites, I'm sure! I really love the reds in this one.

Oh, before I forget, I pondered the question as to whether only male 'cows' have horns. Thanks to Terri who cleared up the "mystery" for me:

In answer to your question....the sex has nothing to do as to whether or not a 'cow' has horns. It's the breed.

Boast 3 - Meet the new guy in my life - Sam, my Snowman Postman! 

Isn't he a handsome fella? He is the creation of Cathy or the wonderful Cheswick Company.  Cathy made this  one for me, but you can buy the pattern or kit to make one up yourself! I wasn't very confident that I would be able to do a good job, and since I was working hard I figured I deserved a custom order!  (warning - spending $alert$ - the site has many wonderful things!)
Here Sam has already brought me a lovely chart from my friend Nancy (no blog). She also sent me all the threads needed so all I need to do is find the right linen! Thank you Nancy! I love this design! It just says "Home Sweet Home" to me!

Boast 4 - Roses in November!

Our Fall has been fairly mild so a lot of my roses are still blooming. The bowl of pink roses are arranged using a flower frog nextled in a bowl. You can use them for flowers as well as for storing scissors!!!  ;-)

Boast 5 - the cute kitties. One minute wide awake. The next, snoozeville. 

Cats know how to Chill, don't they?

Well, that's it for this Post and Boast! Maybe another time it will be Post and Roast. Then there's the possiblity of Post and Toast. What other rhymes can I make with Post? Post the Most? - No, definitely not! 

Oh, one last Boast #6 - the fact that you visit and leave me such wonderful comments, often with a little cyber hug to lessen the load of my sometime heavy work schedule! That's so nice of you! Thank you!

I have a 3 day weekend so I will catch up on my blog reading and emails too. So sorry I've been very quiet there too. Mostly, this will be a quiet weekend to get a nap or two in and putter inside - doesn't that sound like just the thing on a blowsy, rainy day? 

Thank you again for visiting! Have a lovely weekend!