Sunday, 12 September 2010

You Talkin' to Me?!!

I don't know why but this face grabbed me from the moment I first saw this design. 

She reminds me of the look my cat Daisy sometimes has -  the "I am not listening to you" look!  The design has lots of lovely colours, like this tulip.

Altogether I am astonished that I finished this piece in a week!

by Plum Street Sampler
on 36 count Vintage Tarnished Silver using CC floss (all recommended)

This was such a fun stitch. What helped was listening to this audio book - Bloodroot, by Amy Greene.   While the story was depressing, it was engaging and the book was read / performed by a wonderful cast. Having an absorbing story really helps my stitching. After finishing this book, I  tried listening to three others which all got tossed into "another day" pile before I settled on The Unbearable Lightness of Scones, by Alexander McCall Smith. I am currently listening to The Wild Things, by Dave Eggers.

In my last post I showed photos of a group of unframed samplers but I neglected to name each piece, so I am here to remedy the situation. 

 From top to bottom:
  1. Love of Myn, by the very talented Barbara of Mainely Stitching
  2. A Very Fine Sampler, by Birds of a Feather
  3. Mary's Best Handworke, by With Thy Needle and Thread
  4. Be Kind & Be True, by With Thy Needle and Thread
  5. Birds of a Feather, by Blackbird Designs
  6. Salina Dunwoody, by Sheepish Designs
  7. Hannah Lovina Joslin, from HoneySuckle Manor booklet, by Blackbird Designs
  8. My Needle's Work, by Little House Needleworks
  9. Winter, from Prairie Seasons (I'm just guessing as I can't find the chart!) by Prairie Schooler
I don't know when I will get these babies framed since I'm not working much. Instead, as you can tell, I am on a stitching binge. (Happy Happy Joy Joy!) 
It's been raining incessantly, or so it seems, since the middle of the night. It's a very good excuse to stitch some more! 

Thank you for visiting me. I especially appreciate the comments on my last post. It's fun to hear how each of you thinks of September. Some laments the loss of summer weather, some loves September as the 'real' start of the year,, some looks forward to Spring!  I loved hearing it all! 

Now...what shall I stitch next? Come back next week and find out!

Have a wonderful week ahead! Happy Stitching!


Patti said...

Oh my goodness I just love it all. You are such a wonderful stitcher. I love looking at what you have stitched. You are so inspirational.
Lots of Love
Patti xxx

Myra said...

Olga is fabulous. I think I may have seen a sneak peek of a partner coming soon for her. All of your samplers are so pretty displayed together.

Barbi said...

Love this piece!! I am soooo enjoying your stitching binge! Keep going girl! You can always do finishing when you've lost the mojo!

Anonymous said...

Olga is fabulous Melissa! I really want to stitch her myself, I love the expression on her face.

Margaret said...

I love your Olga! She's another one I need to stitch -- you have good taste in samplers! As evidenced by that picture of samplers. I so agree about the listening to audiobooks helping your stitching. I'm really hoping Mia lets me stitch and listen -- tomorrow will be my first day of real back to school, and a bit of alone time!

WoolenSails said...

I love the cat piece and that look. I get that a lot from my cats too, they are smart alecs;) I need to frame mine still, so guess I should decide what to do with them.


Deborah said...

I love Olga! Did you know that she has a freind named Boris. He'll be coming out soon.

MyLifesAStitch said...


I have her all kitted up ready to go.

Now all I have to do is put down my camera, finish my laundry, close PhotoShop Elements, catch up on commenting... and then I can start her. :)

Have a great week!

Joanie said...

Beautiful! Love Olga! She's got attitude.

Love all your samplers. I miss my stitching time.

Ann in Scotland. said...

I love Olga, she is in my "to do" basket. Have you seen Boris - he's to be released soon.

Theresa said...

Olga is fabulous!!!!! I love this design the moment I saw it as well~~ So fun and whimsical~~

Your unframed pieces are gorgeous!!!! Can't to see what you will be working on next!!!!

Catherine said...

Olga and all of your other pieces are lovely! You pick great designs to stitch up!

I see that Ann in Scotland already spilled the beans that Boris is coming to keep Olga company!

Chris said...

Olga is fabulous! I think I might need to add her to my wish list.
Have a great week.


mainely stitching said...

Oh my gosh, Melissa, I just LOVE that cat! :D It's the best! It's the essence of cat. :D

Wonderful samplers, and thanks for the kind mention. I think I really must purchase that Honeysuckle Manor booklet ... gorgeous design!!

valerie said...

Congrats on your finish! Olga looks great! She does have that sense of catitude, doesn't she?! lol

Love all your finishes esp. the header. Ginormous flowers, tiny houses. It's in my to do pile!

Carol said...

Thank you for naming all of your pieces for us, Melissa. I love them all, but still think your Birds of a Feather is my favorite...loved your color choices.

It's so nice to see that you've gotten the stitching bug again :)

Lesleyanne said...

Congrats on your finish. Olga is gorgeous. I think I have this one to do. Love all your samplers together. Can't wait to see what you stitch next.

Paisley said...

Love your Olga!

Anonymous said...

I love Olga! I saw her partner at PSS this morning. So cute!

September means to me that the year is coming to an end. It seems like a sort of last push into a calmer part of the year. Oct, Nov and Dec for me are lovely. Maybe it's the weather and the rhythm of things, but September means quieter days are coming.

Nicole said...

I love Olga!! I have her kitted up and can't wait to stitch it! It's so cute! Congrats on the finish Melissa!!

Katrina said...

Love Olga but I can't wait for Boris since I have puppies :-). Gorgeous stack of samplers too.

Blu said...

Olga looks great. So snooty and the "I'm bored. You can leave now" attitude is hilarious.
Any plans to stitch Boris?

Siobhan said...

Congrats on the finish!! Paulette captured a 'whaddya want??!' feline expression perfectly, don't you think?! :) I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed Bloodroot. My mother didn't care for it but I still want to read it since I'd read good reviews.

Kajsa said...

Great finish! That's a wonderful Halloween design.

Lois said...

Congrats on a wonderful finish! Love the colours in this one and those needles were flying. Good to see the stitching mojo is back in full force.

Jane said...

Fast stitching, Melissa! This one's so cute and I love the colours.

Karoline said...

Olga is gorgeous, congratulations

Nancy said...

Olga looks just wonderful! This piece grabbed me the moment I saw it too, and now we have her companion Boris to look forward to! I love the group shot of your samplers. Beautiful work!

Lennu said...

I love Olga! She's such a cat. It's true that the look she has on her face is really something.

Your samplers are so beautiful. The colour tones are so soft and wonderful.

Suzanne said...

Lovely finish with Olga, she's great. Thanks for sharing the names of all those beautiful pieces.

Cari-in-VA said...

Love, love Olga - what a great piece and a quick finish! What fun to see all of your finished pieces all laid out ready for framing.