Saturday, 12 June 2010

Winner of Giveaway

Quick post to announce winner of last week's giveaway...Drum Roll please!

Claudia from K-G Knitter!   Here's the funny story she shared:

I hope that you get the levity that you need today! My story is personally VERY funny, but I don't think it's my mother's favorite.

I was a difficult child in the mornings, and one thing I always forgot to do was brush my teeth. So, my mother instituted a rule that I had to brush my teeth BEFORE breakfast (something I never forgot). Well, I don't know if you've ever tried to drink orange juice after brushing your teeth, but it's super gross. ;) One morning I told my mother that the oj was off. It was not one of our better mornings to begin with. My mother kept telling me that I was just being picky, and it always tasted weird after brushing my teeth. She finally got fed up, and said "This is how you drink orange juice!" She picked up my glass and downed half of it in one gulp. Immediately her eyes got completely rounds, and she streaked towards the bathroom. I can still remember the huge grin on my face as she ran by.

Hope that your smile after all these comments is as big as mine was!


Thank you to everyone who left a comment and shared your funny stories and even pictures.  I really needed some good laughs!  Here is a funny picture that Margaret shared with me.

We have sunshine this morning and it might stay for the entire weekend! A miracle indeed so I will be playing in the garden!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I am planning another giveaway soon!  Take care!

Sunday, 6 June 2010

A Long, Long Time Ago... a galaxy far, far away, I used to stitch a lot. And blogged quite a bit.  Now, I seemed to have landed somewhere else where these two things don't exist! 

Yes, my friends, work continues to be busy but I have done a little bit of stitching. I can understand now, when I read on your blogs, the advice of just sitting down in the evening and even just putting in 10 stitches.  It seemed so trite at the time, but now I think that's the only way I will ever make any progress.  

After my last post I put aside Salina Dunwoody and started Mary's Best Handwork by With thy Needle and Thread, a lovely easy and calming piece, just what the stitch doctor ordered. (Sorry photo is not the best, it's a dull day.)

At the rate that I'm going, it will be Christmas before this is done! ;-) 

The weekends here have been mostly wet! Yesterday we had a sunny day and I abandoned everything, including work, to go out and play in the garden. Hence I was able to bring in some blooms before the rain began again. Yes it's raining today!

Last year, we took down an old apple tree which then opened up a part of the garden that was in shade most of the summer.  This year plants like the pink peony above are flourishing with blooms! 

Thank you for all your kind comments about 'not working too hard' and remembering to breathe! How true!  At the moment, I am just thankful I have work again and will not complain. I know at least 3 people I've worked with who are still looking for work after 6 months off - not a nice place to be.  So I keep telling myself "be thankful".

Speaking of being thankful, I thought a nice karma thing to do is to do a Giveaway! Haven't done one for awhile so here are the charts up for grabs. 

 Pithies 3 by Workbasket
Covered Bridge Sampler by Brightneedle
New Amsterdam 1624 sampler by The Sampler Girl

Here are the rules:
  1. Leave a comment on this post only. Make sure I can contact you by leaving me an email address, or if it's in your Blogger profile, that'll do.
  2. OK, here's the part I'll make you do a little work - Tell me something FUNNY. I need a little levity!  It could be a silly knock knock joke, it could be something funny that happened to you, a link to something funny - just keep it PG13 or thereabouts!
  3. Deadline is end of day Friday June 11 and I will post the winner next weekend. 
Yeesh, I can hear the rain on the skylights!

I hope you are enjoying nicer weather! Have a wonderful week ahead!