Monday, 5 April 2010

Who's got the blues?

I don't know how to start this blog post so I'll jump right in...I've had the Blues all last week. If you guessed it had something to do with returning to work, you'd be mostly correct. The other part is that Old Man Winter noticed he had forgotten our part of the world so decided to come for a visit - temperatures dropped, storms raged, rain poured down. Occasionally, just as a joke, the sun came out for a bit just to toy with our sanity!

I was so thankful for the 4-day weekend! I haven't had the blues like this for awhile so I gave myself an "attitude adjustment" talking to. Hope it helps. Only time will tell. The weather forecast says rain, rain, and yeah, more rain!

I have to apologize that I haven't been visiting your blogs much this past week. I just had to drop out and be quiet. And I did a bit of stitching which is always a good thing.  I managed to finish the alphabets on this beauty:

A Very Fine Sampler
by Birds of a Feather 
used all the recommended fibers

I was very happy to complete this on Good Friday. I have wanted to stitch this for many years and I'm so glad I've finally managed it! 

I was able to start on Hannah Lovina Joslin which is the design on the front of the Honeysuckle Manor book by Blackbird Designs.  It is just a lovely stitch, very calming! 
I am using the recommended floss on 35 count WDW Parchment linen, with 1 strand over 2. The colours are a lot lovelier than what you see here! 

Thank you for your comments in my last post. I realized now that flower frogs usually do come with a top and a  bottom, but often you get just the top part like I did.  The queen of flower frogs have to be Deb! She keeps finding them and it's great that she shows them on her blog.

Sorry for the blahs. Hope it's not catching! What do you DO when (if) you get this way? 

Thank you for stopping by. Hope you had a great weekend, and wishing you a great week ahead!


Loraine said...

Congrats on your beautiful finish! This is a wonderful piece, very unusual. I can't wait to see it framed.
I also love your new start. I love this sampler as well.
So sorry you have the blahs. I can relate. The weather is cold and yucky. It's so not fair to return to the 30's after having a taste of the 60's!
Hope you get sunshine really soon.

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

I know exactly what you mean about the blues/blahs, Melissa. I get them too occasionally and like you, just need to turn inward for a while. Getting a good burst of sunshine usually helps me but sometimes, I just have to get thru it. I also tend to sleep a lot! I hope you're feeling less blue soon! I love your BOAF finish and your new start looks great. You have brought much sunshine into my life so I hope the sunshine returns to yours soon.

Rowyn said...

Sorry to hear you've had the blues. Winter and work can certainly have that affect. I hope things get better for you soon.

Congrats on your beautiful finish, and your gorgeous new start!

Cari-in-VA said...

I go for a jog or a long walk - fresh air and sunshine do me a world of good.

Congratulations on a wonderful finish!

We have gone from winter to summer - it's supposed to be 90 tomorrow - how crazy is that!

I hope your 4-day weekend gave you a rest and that you are feeling better.

Have a good week, Melissa.

Margaret said...

I love your finish! So beautiful! Sorry you have the blues. Rain doesn't help at all -- we had tons of it last week. Luckily it's nice this week. I hope you're feeling less blue soon. Maybe some stash therapy is in order? Always good for cheering up. :D

BeckySC said...

First and foremost..sending you some ((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))) to chase away those blues :) :) :)
Oh MY!!! Your finish is just gorgeous my friend!! WOW!!!!!

WoolenSails said...

There is nothing worse than constant bad weather. We are getting some beautiful weather, but I know it is a tease and it will get cold again, lol.

Your sampler is beautiful. I know I miss and mess up my holes, can't see a thing;)


Jan said...

Melissa, I truly had forgotten what an extra lovely sampler this is, when stitched! Wow, you need to be most proud of that finish. Oh and I also love your new start!

I am so sorry that you have the blahs, I have been away so long from blogland this winter, it is really hard to get back into the swing of things, but I am definitely trying.

As for what I do, when I have the blahs, I do pretty much what you did. Although I know the right thing is to stitch, that will clear most anything up, right?:) Also know you are not alone, we all have those days, those weeks, when things are not alright with our worlds. May be a good time to count our blessings too, but not always easy to do, during the blahs. I really think I am blabbing now, goodness!

Keep your chin up and know you are loved!

Irene said...

Have you noticed how white the mountain tops are ? I can't wait for it to get warmer, at least the wind has stopped. Great stitching !

valerie said...

Beautiful finish Melissa! Love it!

Sorry to hear you have a case of the blues. I can relate...I feel the same way but mine is more circumstance than weather. I usually revert into myself, read a ton, watch all the movies I wanted to that I didn't and try to see the "happy" in the little things. Hope you start feeling better soon.

Great start on Hannah. I almost picked this up this weekend but I bought Joyeux Noel instead...finally! =)

Lois said...

Sorry to hear the blues have hit. I think this can be a strange time of year, we're all so anxious to leave winter behind and sometimes he has other ideas (says me, looking out the window and seeing the rain pouring down and the wind blowing!)and it just becomes depressing.

What a wonderful finish to report though. I have this one in my stash and I really should get stitching on it. A lovely new start too. Stitching and doing what you feel like doing when you feel like doing it will hopefully help.

Theresa said...

Beautiful finish!!!!!! I love this!!!

Sorry to hear that you are in the blues..... I've been quite busy with work lately as well, and sometimes gets really cranky. I sooooo want to finish this project so I can take a little break!!!

Hope you will come out of the blues soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you have/had the blues Melissa. I can totally relate, as I had them just lately too and I do exactly the same thing, withdraw into myself for a while until I feel better. The weather definitely affects my mood, so I'm not surprised that the rainy weather has contributed to your blues recently. Hope those blues get chased away by some sunshine soon!

Love your finish, it's a beautiful piece and it turned out just gorgeous! :)

Just read up the comments - I second Margaret's suggestion for stash therapy ;)

Carol said...

Wish I could send some of our sunshine your way, Melissa. It would definitely help chase the blues away...

I love your latest finished sampler (I always love your samplers!!!)...Your stitching is beautiful :)

What do I do when I get the blues? Well, for me exercise works wonders...I'm always amazed at how great I feel after a run/walk on my treadmill! Hang in there...

Jane said...

Melissa, isn't it amazing how the weather can affect our mood so much? I do hope that sunshine peeks through and brightens your day sometime. I'll try to pass on some of the beautiful weather we've been having, though I'm dreading the prospect of Winter being not too far away where I am.

I hope you're settling in with your new job and you definitely need to check out that other prospect. Let them know of your interest again.

Amazing stitching on your sampler! I love it!!! It definitely has an old look to it. For such a big piece you've completed it in a short time. I bet you'll look forward to when you can hang it on the wall?

I need to send you an email, and I'll try to do that during the week. Take care, my friend.

Katrina said...

Ummm, I shop, LOL, stash or clothes, or I completely hibernate :-(. Hope the mood has lifted. The rain doesn't help does it?

Love the Fine Sampler, I actually ordered the chart after seeing yours. Very pretty.

dixiesamplar said...

Dear me, you are not alone! I think we all go through the blues/blahs from time to time...I know I do! Sometimes we need to do some inner reflection; sometimes we need to get out and do something to take our minds in a new direction or kick-start those endorphins. I love to go for a walk with my family and dogs, or I go for a realxing bike ride...always makes me feel great. The weather really does play havoc with our senses, doesn't it?! I sure hope that you listened to that stern talking to you gave yourself!

Your BOAF finish is too die for! BEAUTIFUL! And the new piece is going to be gorgeous too!


Glenna said...

I love the BOAF design. I very much have had the sinkies lately and have been impossible to live with, according to the guy who would know. I've been very sad lately; work has been unpleasant, my job search for something better/nicer has been fruitless so far (stupid economy), I'm still plugging on a degree I'm not sure I really want, struggling to lose weight, and the world in general just seems not very nice right now. It helps to read blogs, and take pictures and most of all stitch. And even clean, although best of all sometimes is just to sleep. I'm hoping I'll snap out of it soon, it's beginning to get old. So know you're not alone. Sunshine helps, of course, so may you have some soon!

Catherine said...

The sunshine here recently helped chase away my blues/blahs. Although today and tomorrow are unseasonably warm!

Your finish is simply stunning! I love it!

Ranae said...

Beautiful BOAF finish, Congrats!!!
Here's a big ol' (((((Hug)))) to chase those blues
Take Care!!

mainely stitching said...

Oh gosh, Melissa, I hear ya on work/weather related blues! I hope you're feeling better and will enjoy a GREEN spring. :)

Love your finish!!!

Deb said...

I hear you on the Blahs Melissa. I don't know if its that time of the year or what, but I've been going through it big time - don't feel like doing anything at all. What do I do when I get this way - I go out looking for flower frogs! LOL Actually, I get in my car and drive and see what I come across. Just getting out of the house sometimes works wonders!

I love, love your Sampler. It's a wonderful finish!! And I like your new start too! That one is up on my list for one of these days - maybe after I get over the blahs!!

Blu said...

I hear you on the weather blahs! Winnipeg has been yoyoing from short sleeve weather to winter jacket weather over the last week.

Your finish is gorgeous! I just realized that it looks like an old faded parchment or old wall painting! Gorgeous!

MyLifesAStitch said...

Wonderful wonderful finish on the BOAF piece, Melissa! Just beautiful!

I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling bluesy... I hope you're feeling better this week? I can get this way, too (every freaking month, in fact!)... like you, I turn inward and I go into temproary hibernation mode - only what MUST get done gets done. Leah gets to watch TV, I lay around in sweats as much as possible, don't really talk to people (other than necessary grunts, clicks, and whistles), and just generally have a good mope. Mine generally goes away on it's own... one thing I have noticed is that lack of sunshine (not necessarily being out in it - just knowing it's on the other side of the wall helps!) has a serious effect on me. Last year the month of May was rainless for only 2 or 3 days of the month. By the end of it, I had come to two conclusions. 1) I should not be allowed around other people, or animals w/o a minimum of 4 out of 7 days sunny. 2) I will NEVER live in Washington State.... for my own good, but really, more for the safety of others. :)

Anyway, bla-bibitty-bla.

Praying that the only blues in your life this week are skies and thread!!

Karoline said...

Congratulations on finishing A Very fine sampler, it's gorgeous. Your new start is lovely

staci said...

You just amaze me how you churn out the sampler finishes! It's really gorgeous!

Hope you are feeling better. It's always rough to get more winter weather when it really should be sunshine and flowers and birdies :)

Berit said...

Yeah, it's pretty hard to pull out of those blues when the weather's like that. I managed to make it through the winter and then right at the end *bam*! I think stitching a really small small is a great pick-me-up. I also drink mint tea, and bathe with bath salts (bubbles can be dangerous in that they can contribute to UTI's). Also reading, and I'm sorry to admit, sleep. :( I've been sleeping the morning away more often than not this last week! :P

This finish is AMAZING! Man, it really makes me want to find the chart and buy it. I love BoaF linen, and now you'll have me loving their charts, too!

Brigitte said...

Oh, what a wonderful sampler this is. Congratualtions on a stunning finish.
I'm sorry that you haven't been feeling well lately. I rarely get the blues but a walk in nature always makes me feel good. Just not in the winter. What always brings back a cheerful mood is digging through my stash, lol. I hope that your cheerful mood will get back very soon.

Wendy said...

I love your sampler finish, Melissa - its gorgeous! From reading the responses, I guess we all get the 'blues' from time to time. Weather is a huge factor but I find when it gets me down, I force myself out into it and enjoy a brisk walk even in the rain. Sort of a 'spiritual' shower for me I guess. Feel better soon!!

The Scarlett House said...

Oh Melissa, so sorry to hear that the blues have got you down. I get that way now and then, more often now that BO is in the Whitehouse! You do have to retreat and regroup yourself. Glad to see you were able to finish the BOAF sampler though. It is a beauty!
P.S. I was so glad (and surprised) to see that you had bought that set from me. I never know what I'm going to paint when I sit down, and that one I like. It looks like a sampler, sort of. Anyway, I hope you like it, too.
When's the b-day?

Danielle said...

Sorry about your weather--Spring really should be here and it is amazing how the weather can bring you down! However, your BOAF finish is gorgeous!! I love the flwoers--it looks so delicate. And when I've got the blahs I like to find a good comfort read to lose myself in or a movie that I know will be pure escapism! Hope things are getting better, and warmer!

Suzanne said...

I know how you feel, I felt like that a few weeks ago and couldn't even bring myself to do anything around the house. I hope that you are feeling better now.

Congratulations on your finish, it's really beautiful. I love the new start.

Anonymous said...
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Siobhan said...

Congratulations on a beautiful finish!! It looks so pretty. I really need to stitch it. I love the new start, too. I'm anxious to start it but won't till I finish Sarah Woodham... at least, that's the idea for now.

Sorry to hear about the blues. :P I hate it when that happens. Sometimes it helps to go on radio silence, or maybe just read or stitch something new. Anything to have a bit of a change to shake things up. Hang in there, gf!

Carin said...

Please look at my blog. You received an award!!!!


Snip said...

What a stunning finish! Congratulations!

Kellie said...

Hi Melissa,
Sorry to hear that you have the blues. I get that way sometimes myself. I have found, though, that since I have been taking vitamin D3, I don't get them as much. It's the "sunshine" vitamin-the vitamin that we normally get from sunshine that helps with mood and metabolism. A food formulator friend of ours recommended 5000 IUs per day, and I have found it to be very helpful.

Other than my vitamin regimen, I try to do things I bring me joy--talking to a friend, talking a walk, stitching, reading a new book, watching a movie that I really want to see...

I love your Very Fine Sampler finish. It is very fine indeed. Absolutely beautiful. And so is your new start. Isn't that Honeysuckle Manor book fabulous? I think I want to stitch every single thing in it eventually.

Hope you are feeling better soon.