Friday, 19 March 2010

On the eve of Spring

In a few hours from now, it will be Spring! Will you sigh with relief that Winter is gone (or should be)? I'm ready for Spring and Spring Fever has hit, with some plant purchases already. I will show photos later. 

First, some flowers blooming on my linen: 

The bigger picture
progress on A Very Fine Sampler by Birds of a Feather
There's a lot of stitching in this baby; lots of counting and colour changes. In other words, I had to really pay attention! ;-)  However, the design is forgiving so if you miscounted, which I have done more than once, you can sometimes adapt instead of frog!  The colours of this are really beautiful and much brighter than what you can see in the photos. I just love this one and would highly recommend it! In case you are wondering, the chart is still in print.

Now, I can show you some much awaited for stash! The first one arrived on Monday, then I worried until the second one arrived today, 4 days later.

Just love'em!  When Honeysuckle Manor landed here I did consider starting the samplers but then I knew if I did not continue with AVFS I might run into not finishing it for a long time. 

You see, I'm pretty much a one project at time gal.  I have 3 UFO's.  In the last few weeks I tried resuming 2 of the 3 but I gave up quickly. There were good reasons I had put them aside in the first place and they did not get better with time. So, I learned that it's best for me if I finish something...unless I really disliked it, then it's a moot point! 

However, I will get a few projects kitted up from these designs. I will be going back to work in another week's time! Yes, thank you for all your well wishes and positive thoughts! I will be back working with the same client but different project. I will find out more details when I start. In the meantime, I will enjoy the rest of my free days! 

Spring Fever has hit our house. The good part is seeing all the pretty flowers of course, but it's also like greeting old friends after a long time apart. The bad part is the inevitable seasonal allergies. Oh well. So, we bought 3 shrubs that were relatively 'small' as we don't have a lot of free space to plant stuff. 

Camellia - Betty Ridley
* supposed to be more compact in growth. This will be my first camellia ever!

Rhododendron - Starry Night
* actually more intense purple in colour

Magnolia - Pink Star
* oh my - this is actually fragrant, as opposed to the white ones which don't appear to be. I've always wanted a star magnolia and my husband actually bought one for me today, a lovely early birthday present! 
Summer Snowflake

That last plant is a type of snowdrop I think? It's very pretty. The flowers usually hang down but today I noticed one of them opened face up so I had to take a photo! So sweet. It's like she's preening for the camera! 

As I write, it's almost 6 p.m. but of course nice and bright outside. Thanks for the comments in the last post. It was interesting to hear from my stitching friends in England to reassure me that there is still plenty of beautiful English countryside - thank you that's very comforting to know as I will visit again one day! And also, for us non-Brits how many of us do love all things 'English'! 

Thank you for stopping by! Have a lovely weekend, Spring or Fall!


Barbi said...

Gorgeous stitching! And great stash! I always stress about my orders too. LOL

Loraine said...

Oh Wow! So much to comment on. I love the sampler. It is worth all of your counting effort! So nice. Also love your stash! Woohoo, some really wonderful things there. I have spring fever as well. The flowers are beautiful! I can't wait for flowers.
Take Care!

Catherine said...

Where to start! I am drooling over the new stash - great choices! Your stitching is beautiful!!! And those flowers!! Flowers are popping up here - I just saw a sign at the Amish farm that the pansies are ready - might have to stop this weekend and get some!

Theresa said...

You had made so much progress on your sampler!!!!! I can tell you have to pay a lot of attention when stitching this!!!! wow!!!
I am actually drooling over your stash right now!!!! They are awesome!!!!! And all your new plants are beautiful!!!! It really feels like spring have arrived at your backyard~

Margaret said...

OMG! Your BOAF sampler is just gorgeous!!!! I'm going to have to dig mine out sometime and stitch it -- I just love yours! Glad your stash from Nashville finally arrived too. Yay! I'm like you -- pretty much a one at a timer. It's so hard for me to pick up something that I've abandoned. Which is not good! lol! Congrats on the job! Oh, and all those lovely garden purchases! I do wish I had a green thumb. Well, at least I can enjoy yours!

valerie said...

Wow, another post filled with loads of wonderful stuff. I love how your AVFS is coming along but then you knew I would! It's looking great!

Great stash!I'm drooling over the BBD book and Jenny Bean.

Congrats on the new gig and I'm looking forward to a summer of pretty flowers viewable via your blog.

Happy weekend!

Jane said...

You've always got so much to write about in your posts, Melissa. It's really interesting reading.

Of course your sampler is coming along magnificently! You're getting through it really quickly. I love the words too, they have a lovely aged look to them. I love it when you can leave miscounts in a design without having to frog.

Only one more week of freedom! I hope your new job project will go well and it's not too much of a shock to the system going back to work. Enjoy the last bit of your time off.

What terrific stash you've acquired! Don't blame you for wanting to start on Honeysuckle Manor. Finish BOAF first then you're right to go!

Lovely plants you've bought. I like the pink magnolia. How pretty and with a perfume too! Enjoy your Spring weather. I've bought some plants lately too, in time to plant before the Winter sets in. Will tell more in my next email.

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

What a great, newsy post, Melissa! I love your BOaF chart - I just started one tonight - you'll have to check back later to see what it is. There is just something about BOaF charts that I just love. I feel like a creepy stalker 'cause lately, everything you do, I want to do also. I'm just a big old copycat!

Your flowers are gorgeous - love the Pink Star Magnolia. It's gorgeous and I LOVE anything that gives a beautiful fragrance.

Enjoy your last week of "freedom"! I always find the first week back after a bit of time off quite exhausting. Take it easy!

You got some awesome stash! Love all the BBD things, of course and all your other goodies are just fantastic.

Thank you dear heart for your sweet generosity.

Kim said...

Oooh! Loving the BOAF!!!! And the flower pics....beautimus! Great stash haul too!!

mainely stitching said...

I love this WIP! And your stash ... drool worthy!

Stef said...

Your flower pictures are beautiful - I'm so glad that spring has sprung!!! Fantastic stash pics, love the Goode Huswife! And your sampler is making me want to add that to my "have to do" list, it's gorgeous!

April Mechelle said...

Great work on BOAF !! Wonderful stash. I like the same charts and books !! Beautiful Flower. I had spring fever today too!

Nancy said...

Your sampler is looking gorgeous!

Enjoy your new stash! You have some wonderful patterns.

Thanks for sharing the flower photos. It was sunny and 72 where I am today. Happy Spring!

Irene said...

Lovely pictures of your flowers. I'm finding it a bit cold, but the sun being out and longer days sure are nice. I'm still waiting for a couple of orders to come, they always seem to take so long.

Jennifer said...

hey Melissa,

Check out my blog. I nominated your blog for an award!!!

Feathers in the Nest

Andrea said...

Your sampler is coming along gorgeously! Such a wonderful design and of course, your stitching is perfect, as always!
Love your new stash! I'm going to get that one from With Thy Needle, just love the colors in it.
Happy Spring! We're supposed to get another cold front with rain and snow, etc. tomorrow. So it won't feel like spring here, but with it being Texas, we'll have plenty of heat soon enough, lol!

The flowers in this post are so pretty!


Anonymous said...

Love your progress on the BOAF sampler Melissa, it's turning out beautifully! Gosh, we do have such similar tastes in stash don't we - can't wait to see your new starts ;)

Your flowers are so pretty and delicate, I'm sure your garden is going to look wonderful this year :) Happy Spring!

Siobhan said...

Wow, Melissa, you've made great progress on your BOAF sampler! YGG, it looks great.

I'm so glad to hear that your stash arrived! It's hard to be good and not jump onto something else, isn't it!?

I love the flowers. We have nice weather during the day but still frosty at night so I haven't bought any plants yet. I'm anxious to get the landscaping cleaned up a bit, though.

YEAY on the job!! Woohoo!

Nicki said...

Your sampler is looking great and I just love that stash! I'm still waiting for my Honeysuckle Manor book - it's taking ages LOL! Love those flowers too - especially that magnolia. I always thought all magnolias were trees - must look that up as we have a tiny garden but if it's small.... :)

Deb said...

You know, I had to go order that chart don't you? You are such an enabler. And now that I've seen your WIP I'm really glad that I did because I love it!!!

Great stash acquisitions - I love all of them - it's almost like you and I went shopping together!

Love those spring flower picture. Ours are just starting to come up. It got so warm for awhile, but now we're in for a little more cold weather - UCK! I just want spring to really start!!

Hope you really enjoy your last week of freedom! Going back is just no fun!!

Amy said...

Your blog is as beautiful as ever. I love the flowers in your cross stitch piece as well as the flower pics.

I hope your gardens blooms with the most beautiful flowers this year

God Bless

Carol said...

Amazing flower pictures, Melissa! I can't believe they are blooming already. We don't have so much as a single daffodil peaking through the cold soil!

Love the BOAF! Can't wait to see it finished. I am generally a one project at a time stitcher, too, but have been trying to juggle a small, medium, and large project each month this year. So far, so good!

staci said...

Your Fine Sampler certainly is fine!!! You've received some wonderful new stash...I will enjoy watching your progress on all of it :)

Such pretty spring flowers! No such thing around here...we just got almost a foot of snow yesterday!

Anonymous said...

I just saw a model of AVFS at the cross stitch store I visited in Ohio. It was lovely, but I never realized how very big it is, even on a smaller count of linen. Your progress is amazing, and I love seeing this "bloom" in the springtime! Keep going!!

WoolenSails said...

I love the colors in that one. Is that regular floss or a specialty floss? Nice stash, that should keep you stitching for awhile. I want to stitch, but I have to finish my design. Maybe I will make something small to keep my hands busy later.


Nicole said...

Beautiful progress Melissa! I love this sampler! Great stash haul too! :)

Lois said...

Loving your progress on the BOAF! So good to see that your Market stash finally reached it's destination and very nice Market stash it is too!!! Like you, I can only pretty much work on one project at a time, I just know that if I started lots of things nothing would get finished.

Spring days here too and so nice to see. Some lovely plants which will give beautiful colours!

Enjoy Spring!

Kim said...

I love the BOF project, looks so pretty!! Your stash looks good too. You get so many things done. I
sure enjoy looking at all your hand work!
Best Wishes~

Dani - tkdchick said...

Your WIP is looking great and very inspiring for spring!

Ranae said...

Love, Love how the WIP is coming along.
You have great taste in stash, love it too.
Happy Spring!

Suzanne said...

Your WIP is progressing very well. I love your stash, I also ordered the Goode Huswife book and cannot wait until it arrives.

How I miss the spring flowers. We are already in autumn and the leaves are just starting to yellow and the garden is giving it's last hurrah before it dies back for winter. However, it is my favourite time of the year.

Evik said...

Melissa, beautiful progress!

Your stash ... I have no words ... gorgeous !!!

You bought a beautiful flower. I look forward to their blooming to show on your blog ;)

Spring day is here too. Finally! Spring is here... a blooming starts in our garden (snowdrops, crocuses, Summer Snowflake). And tulips are beginning to rise. It's wonderful :D

Happy Spring!

Cari-in-VA said...

Melissa your WIP is just beautiful - you have made fast work of this one.

Thanks so much for sharing a bit of your garden with all of us. Your camelia is just beautiful and the pink magnolia is stunning. We have a 100+ yr old magnolia on the side of our house and it blooms the white blossoms, you are correct, they really do not smell. My husband hates the tree as it sheds year round and if I ever go before him he swears that he is going to cut it down.

Great stash haul, too!

So glad to have a chance to catchup with you and see what's going on in your little corner of the world.

Enjoy your week.

Theresa said...

It's award season!!!
I'd like to give you an award, if you'd like to visit my blog and collect it~~

MyLifesAStitch said...

BOAF is coming along beautifully! I've always loved it and seeing your progress is making me love it (and want it, sigh) even more! YGG!

Also love your floral acquisitions... that seems to be atrend among us stitchers, don't you think? Loving the stitching and the gardens that is... I guess we can put it down to a love of beautiful things!

Awesome stash enhancement as well... I see we chose some of the same items. :)

And last but not least... YGG on the job!!!! Wahoo!! I've been thinking about you and wondering how it was going. Yay! So so so happy for you!

Oh I just had a thought (dangerous, verrry dangerous!!)... wouldn't it be fabulous to have a stitchy/ toury retreat to England with a bunch of bloggin' stitchers? A girl can dream, right? ;)

Patti said...

Gorgeous stitching and if you go to my blog in a little bit you will see I have given you an award.

Lots of Love
Patti xxx

Anonymous said...

I have two copies of this chart... and yet don't find the courage to start it, precisely because of what you describe : many colours, lots of counting, and so on...