Thursday, 4 March 2010

March Forth and Conquer ...

I've always liked the date of March 4 because it sounds like 'march forth' which to me says 'Go forth and Conquer' whatever it is you've been meaning to do.  For me, it's time to get back to work, but let's talk about some fun stuff to start and I have lots of things to show you! 

Since I last left you, here are the new bits of Be Kind and Be True that you haven't seen.

Here's Wilma and Fred once again. 


Here is my attempt at an artsy shot! And, yes, those are my new Dovo scissors!
And here is the whole shebang, finished!
Be Kind and Be True
by With Thy Needle and Thread
SAL with Jane
February - March 2010 
I am still pondering whether to tea-dye the finished piece. I quite like it the way it is but I shall think about it.  I finished before Jane only because she's been out and about having more fun than me! ;-)  Thank you Jane for a wonderful SAL. We'll have to do it again!
Annemarie and I did a private exchange. She has received it and absolutely adores it (ok, I made that last bit up).

The design is a freebie and can be found here. It's stitched on Reindeer linen (LL) using some NPI silks that I had around. I modified the design to hold the "A" at the bottom of the heart. I stuffed the pillow with a bit of lavender in addition to the usual 'stuffing'. I just love this clever design and I'm sure I will stitch it again. Thanks to KarenV who first posted about this freebie a few weeks ago.

I also sent Pelle a pair of red Winter Olympics 2010 mitts.  Annemarie, I hope you'll show a photo of Pelle with them on. I bought a bit bigger than I thought would fit Pelle right now so that he may be able to wear it for a few years. 

Now, onto some stash of a different variety. 
Sheep in a meadow 

Horus the Cat Burglar

Remember when I said I wanted to get some creations from all the talented people on Etsy? Well, here are a couple of them! I love felted wool!

My stash from the Superbowl Sale at the Silver Needle arrived today. Or I should say the first of two. Like what happened to Jane, it's unfortunate that they didn't combine the packages as the second one is just 2 or 3 charts and would've fitted in.

This stash was just a few tools. Pictured above is a small Namaste container to hold your scissors, etc., a cheapie pair of small scissors for travel use, and a telescopic magnet thing for when you drop a needle or something and you can extend it to help you reach those hard-to-get-at places.

As to my Blackbird Stash, well, I phoned the ONS yesterday and they hadn't even gotten around to my order even though I placed it before the Market. The shops get very busy I understand that. At least I phoned so now maybe in 2 weeks I will be happy dancing! 

Now I need a little of your well wishes. As my regular readers probably remember, I finished my contract just before Christmas and was hoping to be back at work in March. So if you can, send some magic vibes my way for a 'great new job working with wonderful people' - that would be so great! 

Thank you for all your positive comments on the last post including all the nice things you had to say about the Winter Olympics here. We are all in withdrawal, BUT, we will carry on with the paralympics starting March 12. Not sure how much media coverage there will be but I hope they will catch some of the good vibes still hanging around here! 

So glad you could come by today! After this long post, I will need to work on what to stitch next. The weekend is almost here!


BeckySC said...

Melissa, I LOVE BK&BT :) Just beautiful :) Congratulations!
Your freebie looks awesome too :)
Great work my friend!

Siobhan said...

Woohoo!! Congratulations on the finish! It's fantastic. I love the exchange piece that you did for Annemarie. Very nice, and great finishing, too!

Love the Etsy purchases, especially the little sheepie guy. Great new stash, too! I can't believe your Market stuff hasn't been sent out yet... hopefully the phone call will have spurred it on. I do understand how busy the shops are but I know how disappointing it is to wait for a long time, too.

Fingers & toes crossed for a great new contract for you!

valerie said...

Wow, that was fast!! BK&BT looks great, as does the giftie for AnneMarie! I love your etsy sheepie too! I try to stay away from etsy...I always find stuff I multiples! lol I hope you find a grand new contract soon. Good luck!

Gillie said...

Looks gorgeous, I haven't tea dyed yet so will stay out of discussion! Thank you for the freebie link, I had left a question for Annemarie this morning about it, but hadn't connected the dots to you....! I prefer your colours to the original, I think!

Margaret said...

Oh I love it!!!!! It's gorgeous! I don't think you should tea dye it -- it looks great the way it is IMO! I need to stitch this, no two ways about it! I love your new etsy finds too! That sheep! Argh! I'm in love! lol! I will definitely send you good thoughts for finding a great job with great people to work with. Hope something comes soon! And I hope your BBD stuff comes soon too! I'm still waiting on some things from other ONS's too. Sigh..... OH -- and those Dovo's! I have those too! lol!

Theresa said...

Your Be Kind and Be True is beautiful!!!!!! Congratulations on this finish!!!!! The exchange piece is lovely as well~~~~ Thanks foe sharing the link!!!

I love the cute finds you got on Etsy!!! I have to go check them out~~

Ranae said...

Happy Dance!!!
oh! I mean March Forth!!
Congrats! love it!
What a sweet freebie for Ammemarie
Awesome Etsy purchases.
Hope your other stash comes soon.
Mine from JJ's Superbowl is not here yet, but they sure list on ebay alot since then, lol
Have a great weekend!

Tanya said...

Oh drat ~ I knew I needed that sampler pattern! Off to order it ... I just adore it. Cute couple in a lopsided way - they rock ... so does your stitching, always.


JOLENE said...

Gorgeous!!! Congrats on a beautiful finish, it's magnificent. I love your new wool sheep, and he's a wonderful addition that is perfect for spring. Thumbs are crossed for you on obtaining a great new job!!! It's tough out there, as of March 1st my employer cut our hours back to 32/wk. What do ya do??? Stitch and not spend money. Good thing I have a lot of stash....

Cari-in-VA said...

Melissa, congratulations on a wonderful finish - I just love this piece. And I love your little felted guys, they are adorable!

Praying that you'll find the dream job that you are looking for. Job hunting can be such a roller coaster sometimes but worth it in the end when you get find what you are looking for.

I also love your little pillow - i am sure Annemarie loved it.

Hope all your packages arrive very soon.

So, tell us what's next on your stitching list?

Have a great weekend!

WoolenSails said...

Your new piece is just wonderful, will it be going on your design wall? I hope you get good news and a job opens up soon.


Loraine said...

Oh Melissa! A beautiful finish. I love this design.
Wonderful felted wool! I love felted wool too. I've attempted one project. It's sitting half unfinished in the closet, but someday...(LOL)!
Love all of your other stitchy stash.
Thanks for your comments on my blog. LOL, I'm glad I got a lot of stitching stuff. Once in a while I need some quilts, which are a little quicker to finish!
Take Care! I know what you mean about Olympic withdrawals! It is such a magnificent event. Too bad it has to be over.

Andrea said...

Ok, so you know you're pure evil for posting this gorgeous finish, don't you?? ;-) Dang it, I was doing so well on my stash diet until you and Jane started stitching this. It's wonderful, so I forgive you! Can't wait to see how you finish it, what's the plan, framing?

Your gift to Annemarie is just lovely! Thanks for the link to the freebie, I shall print it off (hopefully the printer will cooperate!) I hope she posts a pic of sweet Pelle in those mittens!

Girl, I'm praying your lead works out and if not, keep the faith. Something wonderful is going to come along at just the right moment.

Love those Etsy purchases, I'm going to check out those sellers. The sheep is adorable!

Irene said...

Great finish and I just love the Cat Burglar !

Snip said...

Congratulations on a wonderful finish! I think tea-dying it is a lovely and bold idea.

Lois said...

Oh, I love BK&BT!! Congrats on a very quick finish!! This is so nice.

Lovely exchange piece that you sent to Annemarie. Such a sweet design. As for your Etsy purchases - very cute!!!! And I'm seeing scissors and I'm still trying not to go there!!!

I will be keeping fingers, toes and everything else crossed that you'll find the perfect job soon.

As for the Market stash - how frustrating - hoping that it will be there soon!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous finish Melissa! You stitched it up really fast. Love the exchange you did for Annemarie too, but I'm pouting because you stitched it up before I did LOL ;) I must get back to mine soon!

Those Etsy needle felt creations are wonderful, I love the cat especially. Will have to check them out for more. Good luck on the job front, I hope something good comes through soon!

FayeRaye said...

Oh my! What a great finish!~ And, so fast~~~~ I love the little heart freebie but could not decide how to get to it once I clicked on her site..... Could you give me some advise of where to find this cute filagree heart~~~ I love how you made it up in red! Thanks, Faye

Nicole said...

Great finish Melissa!! It turned out so pretty! :) Your little lavender pillow to Annemarie is so pretty too. I hope you get your market stash soon! I hate it when that happens!!

Katrina said...

Congrats on the finish, very pretty.

Love the little felted pieces and the presents too.

Evik said...

Melissa, great finish! Congrats! :)
Your pilow is perfect. I am sure that Annemarie was pleased.

I'm curious about your next project ;)

I keep my fingers crossed for a great new contract for you!

Have a very nice weekend!

mainely stitching said...

Thanks for the link on that great exchange you made for An! I saw it on her blog and fell in love. :D Your stitching and finishing are absolutely perfect! :D

Sending lots of good vibes for that perfect job with great people!!

Jane said...

Fantastic Melissa!!!! You've done well to get this done in under two weeks. I knew you would complete yours first so don't worry. I'll still continue with mine and hopefully not too long to go on it. Thanks for being my stitching buddy on this project, it was so fun.

Wonderful exchange too. You've finished it off lovely. Glad you were able to find that dried lavender to fill it. You'll have to remember that shop next time.

Cute sheepie pincushion, that's definitely my fave. Here's to another collecting obsession!

** Li ** said...


Seu trabalho ficou lindo! Muito fofo!
Aqui no Brasil acompanhamos pela 1ª vez os jogos de inverno, adorei! eu e minha familia gostamos muito de assistir a tantos esportes diferentes, tudo novidade pois aqui não tem neve. Torcemos pelo Canadá e ficamos felizes com as vitórias.

Tenha um otimo fim de semana!


Vonna said...

It is darling! I just love this one ;)
Gorgeous! Another to add to your wall!
Good luck with the contract so that you don't have to worry any longer.

Barb said...

Love the felted wool pieces! They could be an addiction for me if I started collecting those.

Your sampler is lovely. Congrats on another fine finish.

Cathy B said...

Woweee -- what a great sampler finish. I love it! I also love the exchange piece you stitched for Annemarie.

Hope your other stash enhancing purchases arrive soon!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Beautiful finish ~ great artsy shot, too! Love your little felt critters, and that heart is just the sweetest! Oh, and good vibes coming your way...

MyLifesAStitch said...

BK&BT turned out wonderfully!! Just love it!

Great Etsy finds, too! My daughter is sitting her and asked if I could buy them for her, lol!!

I will definitely be sending some "job love" your way!! I hope you find somethign very very soon!

Natasha said...

WooHooo I really have enjoyed watching your progress on this piece along with Jane. It looks FANTASTIC!

That little freebie you stitched also looks mighty pretty :) Great job!

Take Care
P.S you won the BBD Autumn Song chart over at my blog :0)

Karoline said...

Congratulations on finishing Be Kind and True, it's gorgeous. Your pincushion for Annemarie is lovely and the felted wool pieces are too cute.

I shall keep everything crossed that a new contract comes through soon

Brigitte said...

Oh wow, it's already finished. Major congratulations! It's such a beautiful piece. And the little pillow you made for Annemarie is so darling.
I'm looking forward to seeing the Paralympics start. There's a young skier who lives in a neighbouring town and was once my student and she is participating. I keep my fingers crossed for her.
And I keep my fingers crossed for you for finding the perfect job.

Carol said...

What a wonderful finish, Melissa! Just love it :)

And the Etsy purchases are just darling--I'll have to check out the site. That little sheep is such a cutie :)

Kellie said...

Congrats on your finish, Melissa! Looks great! Love Fred and Wilma. :) I kept thinking of them as a farmer Adam and Eve, but no snake. LOL! Your new Dovos are beautiful. I love the way Dovos cut. There is nothing quite like them. The freebie you stitched for Annemarie is also very pretty. Thanks for link. Nice stash!!

Anonymous said...

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Terri(TerriBoog) said...

I have NO IDEA how I missed your post.

I absolutely love your BK&BT finish. Maybe Andrea, Loraine and I and anyone else that wants to can do it as well. Congratulations - it's beautiful! Wonderful exchange piece that you made for Annemarie. I know she loved it - the pattern is wonderful.

Crazy about your Etsy buys - they're both fab but I LOVE the little sheep, although the cat burglar is pretty darn cute, too!

Fun stash - how are you liking your scissor case? I've seen them but haven't bought one. Sorry you haven't gotten your Market stuff yet. I just started on the Honeysuckle Manor sampler tonight.

Good luck on your new contract - great people deserve great things so I'm sure something awesome is headed your way!

Suzanne said...

Be Kind and Be True is such a beautiful finish. Congratulations!
I love the pillow you stitched for Annemarie, it's very cute and must smell wonderful filled with lavender.

I love the felt pincushions, they are very cute.

Kim said...

Your sampler is so sweet!! I adore the sheep pin cushion too!!!

Wishing you the job of your dreams!