Sunday, 21 February 2010

SALing along with Miss Jane

Good morning! It's a fine Sunday morning in Olympic-land. People in this city are living in some kind of weird happy bubble, whether locals or visitors because the weather is so fine! (No, I'm not rubbing it in.)

For me, I try to avoid the crowds. My Olympic event yesterday was going to Michael's as they had a "20% off entire purchase" sale so I made a list of DMC floss for 10 projects and headed out.  I got most of what I'd wanted which was a pleasant suprise. Then I sat in front of the TV and sorted! 

Worthy of a Gold Medal, eh? ;-)

On the stitching front, I started a SAL with Jane on Be Kind and Be True, by With Thy Needle and Thread.  Now, I'm fortunate that Jane is my partner as she is great with displaying her photos, artfully arranging them on her blog.  The reasoning in my mind is I can always tell you "Mine looks just like Jane's! Go and look at her blog!" On the other hand, I know that my photos will pale by comparison to hers! ;-)

We are both starting from the bottom of the design. I am a bit more ahead of Jane's because she didn't stitch yesterday, but we are going to try and keep pace with each other. 

I am stitching on a piece of 35 count HDF linen (no name). It is a bit more in the yellow-brown tones that the WDW Linen that Jane is using.   This is a lovely stitch and I am really enjoying it.

Still quiet on the Nashville Market front, don't you think? I really want to get my hands on the Blackbird Design book! 

I will leave you with some sunshine in a tulip to brighten your day and mine!

Thank you once again for stopping by. Your wonderful comments last time left me with big smiles! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


Irene said...

I missed the sale at Michael's, I'm sure there will be another one soon. Great start on Be Kind. I'm sure enjoying this weather.

Gillie said...

Looks like a lovely SAL - my photographs look like pictures of dishrags in comparison with Miss Jane's! Well done on the thread front, I need to sign up, I don't seem to get coupons from Michaels since we moved. Love the tulips but enough about cherry blossom, please, from a place where we are not showing one peep of spring, lol!

wyanne said...

Tulips are my favorite! New supplies are always a gold metal!

Hazel said...

Wonderful start. I think your photos look fab. I like this design. :-( I like all the designs!

Anonymous said...

I don't think you're looking in the right place for Nashville updates - try ABC Stitch Therapy: - they've been updating all weekend, including some of the new BBD!

Lovely progress on your SAL, it's going to be a really pretty piece when it's done :)

Margaret said...

Oh nice! I love With Thy Needle and Thread designs, especially this one! I'm looking forward to seeing more. :D I was going to say the same thing about ABC Stitch -- they're updating even as we speak. I'm in trouble, I can tell! lol!

Siobhan said...

Woot! Why do I never think of ABC Stitch Therapy? I'm breathing a sigh of relief that not much beyond CHS, BBD & PN catches my eye. PHEW.

GREAT new start on your SAL piece! I love it. Good for you on the new fiber stash haul, too!

Cathy B said...

A gold medal indeed! Great job on the DMC purchase.

I think the Blackbird designs book is a must have too. I'm looking forward to visiting my (not so) LNS next weekend!

Lesleyanne said...

Love the new threads. Looking forward to seeing your progress on your SAL. Lovely tulips. Mine are nowhere to be seen yet but we are still having snow so I am not surprised.

Catherine said...

Great new start! It will be fun to see the progress you and Jane make.

Great new threads!

MyLifesAStitch said...

Love the new start!! And that tulip IS a ray of sunshine! :)

Good for you re: your trip to Michaels and your DMC haul... the best thing about DMC? I never feel even the tiniest bit guilty regarding what purchasing mass quantities of it does to my bank account, lol!!

Andrea said...

GF, your pictures are just wonderful! Jane's are lovely too of course, but I don't think you give yourself enough credit!
You're making great progress on Be Kind, Be True. I truly love that little sampler!

Nice thread haul from Michael's! I never seem to use my coupons before they expire...just got a bunch of thread there a week or so ago and THEN they mailed me the coupon. Guess I could've gone back, oh well.

Lovely tulip! I am so ready for spring!


Carol said...

Thanks for brightening my day with that luscious tulip, Melissa. And even hearing about nice weather give me hope that spring will soon be here!

Pretty new start and don't you just love staring at new floss?!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Your pictures are very pretty and I just love BK&BT - it's such a pretty sampler. We'll love watching and cheering you on!

Love all your new floss and the bunches of colors look gorgeous - that looks like a LOT of projects, gf!

Have a great week, Melissa!

Deb said...

Wow, I missed the Michael's sale - darned it. I think your progress is great and your pictures are wonderful as well. That is such a pretty sampler and I'm going to enjoy watching both yours and Jane's progress!

Ranae said...

Pretty new floss!!
Love the design for the SAL, it looks wonderful so far.
I already did my damage with the pre-order, I am trying to stay away with anything that shouts market, lol
I don't think I am familiar with Jane, so I will mosey on over there.
Take Care!!

Jane said...

Well done on those threads, Melissa! Always nice to start to get things kitted.

Loving your progress on our SAL. I'm ready to get back into it today - feeling much better.

Karen, thanks for the link. Don't always think of ABC and they've got such a comprehensive list! I'm off to have a good l@@k!!!

FayeRaye said...

Michaels sales are hard to beat!~~~ You totally got a gold medal!~eh?

Nicole said...

Beautiful threads Melissa!! Looks like you have a lot of pretty projects in your future. It looks like one of those piles is for Goode Huswife's With My Needle. I could spot those threads anywhere. If I'm wrong - Oops, I don't know what I'm talking about! LOL! Great start on Be Kind & Be True. I'll be looking forward to watching you and Jane stitch this.

Danielle said...

It must be kind of exciting to be in the city where the Olympics are taking place--lots of foreign visitors, though I bet Vancouver is pretty cosmopolitan anyway! Yay for DMC sales. Actually grabbing all those flosses does take a certain amount of technique and precision! :) I'm a little afraid to see what's new at Market--I'm trying not to accumulate too much new stash! And looking forward to seeing more of your sampler--so far it looks quite nice!

WoolenSails said...

I get the coupons online to use at the stores, so will have to see what I have this week. We have an ac moores too and last week it was 4 for a dollar, so got some from them.


Lois said...

Nice progress on Be Kind and Be True! Looks like you're very well organised for upcoming projects. Now I'm looking forward to seeing what ones you're going to be doing!

Brigitte said...

You were doing great at Michael's. I think I would have bought all their DMC in store, lol.
Greta new start. It's such a great project and I'm looking forward to seeing more.
Enjoy your lovely weather!

Kellie said...

Nice DMC stash! I love when Michael's has the 20% off coupons just for that reason. :)
Nice start BK&BT. That is such a fun stitch. I will enjoy watching your and Jane's progress on this.

Suzanne said...

Great DMC stash haul. I love your new project.