Friday, 26 February 2010

The Happy Couple

Since my last post, I haven't been feeling great - maybe it's to do with the weather. I haven't done as much stitching as I would've liked, but here's my progress on the SAL with Jane. I need to add some flowers quick as it's looking quite dull! 

Here, at least, is the happy couple! I feel like the branches are pointing at each of them, here's Wilma, and here's Fred.

I had to swap out a couple of colours as they were too light for my linen.  As much as the photo makes the linen look dark, it's actually a light cream colour.  I had to darken the colours used on the guy's shirt and for the apron and pantaloons.  I think the pantaloons are a hoot! 

This has been a great week for presents from other stitchers. I won a giveaway on Eva's blog. She was giving away the beautiful pink crocheted fob, but she included lots of other goodies in with the package. It is also the first biscornu I've ever received! Her work is beautiful. Thank you so much, Eva, for your generosity! 

Speaking of giveaways, Terri has a great one for her one year  blogoversary! It's always a pleasure to visit Terri's blog and you will usually leave there with tears of laughter! (That was meant as a compliment!)

Lastly, as we head towards the end of the Winter Olympics, let me share with you a piece of creative Olympic 'art'.  Someone in the neighbourhood decorated this traffic circle with a figure skater.  Isn't that great?

I am anxiously waiting for my new Blackbird Designs goodies from Market but I have not even heard a peep from the ONS so I'm not sure what's happening.  I threatened Margaret that if she finishes stitching anything from the book before I even receive mine, she will be in big trouble! :-)

Thank you for stopping by and thank you for your concerns re my dental saga! I'll let you know when it has a happy ending! Have a wonderful weekend!


Catherine said...

The happy couple is lookin' great! I'm really liking this one!

What great gifts you received! Do I see chocolate in that picture - yum!!

Love the traffic circle! It will probably look very empty around town once all the Olympic things are gone - kind of like taking down all the Christmas decorations - the house always looks so bare!

Isn't it so hard waiting for all the market things! I was going to try and go at the end of this week to my LNS, but we got hit with more snow and drifts! UGH!

Have a stitchy weekend!

Carol said...

Be Kind and Be True is looking great, Melissa. I like the colors you've substituted and, of course, I love the saying on it...

Will you be missing all of the Olympic revelry? It has been so enjoyable watching everything on television--your city did a great job :)

JOLENE said...

Fred and Wilma are looking good!! Hope you get feeling better real soon, I have been sick also (over 3 weeks now. You received some wonderful gifts and that crocheted fob is way adorable!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

BK&BT is so going on my list! It looks great, Melissa and you two are just zooming along on it. Congrats on the great win! That skater in the circle is amazing 0 wonder how they did that? Love the olympic rings, too!
I just ordered the three new BBD books (1 book, 2 leaflets, I guess) plus the fabric and threads to do the Honeysuckle Manor sampler. I can't wait to get my hands on that one!

mainely stitching said...

What a wonderful WIP! And a great win there from Eva! :D I hope your weekend is happy & healthy!

BeckySC said...

OOOH, I am loving your WIP :) It's looking just lovely :) I have it in my stash too :) Looking forward to seeing more of it :)
Have a lovely weekend Melissa :)

Cari-in-VA said...

I am so sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well - I hope those goodies cheered you up some.

You and Jane are making great progress - they're a stocky couple aren't they, gol.

Ha, Margaret probably finished stitching the whole book by now - you know how fast her needles are :-)

Take care of yourself, get lots of rest and Vitamin C. (I owe you an email)

wyanne said...

I think the Happy Couple is coming along just great! I so admire your patience and skill to do that type of art. I love the figure skater! Thanks for posting it!

WoolenSails said...

I love how your piece is coming out, beautiful shades. I am using a light cloth, this time, seems easier to see the holes. I hope you feel better soon.


April Mechelle said...

Wilma & Fred are looking great !!!
I love the Olympic Circle . LOL
Hope you feel better soon.

Andrea said...

Sorry you haven't felt well Melissa :-( Hope you're on the upswing now. You're making great progress with BK/BT, I just love this design so much! Funny how you named the couple Fred & Wilma, lol!

Hope your new stash arrives soon!
I've been good, or bad, depending on how you look at it, and haven't ordered anything. Yet. ;-)

be well!

Hazel said...

Your wip is looking great! Lovely giveaway you won as well. xx

Anonymous said...

Fred and Wilma are looking great! ;) I hope you're feeling better soon Melissa - have a good weekend!

Siobhan said...

Wilma and Fred look great! Fred looks like quite the dapper guy in those pantaloons. ;) I hope you're feeling better!

I love that pic of the Olympic skater! How neat! It must be really fun to see the different Olympic things throughout your area--I mean, just the 'ode to the Olympic spirit' type thing. Very cool, thanks for sharing.

I'm anxiously awaiting stash, too. I can't wait to get my hands on those BBDs!

T. Whitesell said...

Your piece is coming along nicely. Hope that you get to feeling better, it is amazing how much the weather can change the way we feel too.

Lois said...

Sorry to hear you've been feeling under the weather. Wilma and Fred?!?! Now I will never look at this piece again and not think 'oh, there's Wilma and Fred'!!!! Congrats on winning such a nice giveway, feel better soon and try not to stalk your postman!

Margaret said...

Melissa, I hope you get to feeling better soon. Such a bummer! I loooove your WIP!!!! What do you think -- can I stretch a point and make them an Adam and Eve? lol! Your color choices are great! I do hope you get your BBD stuff soon. I bet D is swamped!

Deb said...

Your piece is looking wonderful!!! I think that I'm definitely going to have to add this one to my list. Wish I thought about that this morning as I hit my LNS to pick up the latest goodies from Market!!! Hope that you're feeling better too!!

Karoline said...

Fred and Wilma look lovely, great progress

Kellie said...

I hope you are feeling better, Melissa.

BK&BT is looking great! I am enjoying watching your and Jane's progress on this one. It is such a fun design.

I love the figure skater. That is really neat!

Can't wait to see your market stash. So far, I have only ordered the new CHS Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow, but I am eyeing that new BBD book. Thinking about picking it up this week. :)

Lana said...

Love your progress! =)It's looking great!

Glenna said...

I like Fred's pantaloons--maybe he has thunder thighs?

Evik said...

I am glad that the package arrived OK and that you like :)

Your progress on SAL is great!!!

The Scarlett House said...

Golly Melissa, I hope you're feeling better as I write this. I thought of you every time I watched any of the Olympics. Vancouver did a wonderful job.
One more thing, don't be surprised if Margaret has everything from the BB book stitched before you get yours. Isn't she something?
I picked up mine on Saturday, You won't be dissapointed.

Lennu said...

Your WIP is such a beauty, what a happy couple indeed! You've received a lovely giveaway from Eva, that's a beautiful Atalie biscornu and the heart is great too.

Oh I love the photo from your traffic circle, it's really a piece of art! I can't believe the grass is so green, we get more snow every day, it has been constantly snowing for couple of days :)

Suzanne said...

I hope that you are feeling better now. Your stitching is looking lovely.

During the olympics here, the roundabout in town was decorated with a topiary rower. It is still there and makes for such a lovely site.

I can't wait to be able to order the new BBD pieces. They are all so beautiful.