Sunday, 10 January 2010

What? Snow?

Hello, dear friends! I just love reading your comments and some of the comments on the last post just made me howl with laughter! Some people are SO sensitive about the weather!

Joanie - Spring bulbs!! SPRING BULBS!!! Listen Missy, you just come right down to Upstate NY, the frigid capital of the entire Northeast!! RIGHT THIS MINUTE! You need a good dose of sub-zero temps and a ton of snow. LOL!!!!

KarenV - Wait...just back up a second. You live in Canada, right? Where it snows, a lot, generally, right? And I live in the middle of the UK, where we get a light dusting of snow every 10 years or so, yeah? So how come I'm sitting looking out at 3 inches of the stuff and my poor garden birds are wondering what the heck is going on and you have spring bulbs?!!!! LOL ;)

Hence this picture...hark, is that snow I see?
Yes, that's a heck of a lot of snow ... last winter! We had a wild winter last year, totally out of character for this area of the country. It was a frozen world for weeks on end and that appears to be what's happening in many areas this winter. (Hey, at least I'm not torturing you with pictures of the little spring bulbs sprouting greens!)

There were other comments too responding to my query about the French General fabrics - thank you!

As you know I have some free time from work right now, which has meant going through that long wish-list of things we all want to get done! To that end, I haven't been stitching so much. Here's a bit more progress on My Bethrothed Sampler. At least the rider has a head and the horse has a behind (I'm sure there's a funny joke in there somewhere...)
Not a great photo. It's been dark days full of rain here. I've been experimenting with the colours to finish off the tips of the flowers on the border. The design calls for 2 stitches of Dried Thyme tipped with one stitch of Deep Sea. If you click on the photo and look on the left border, you'll see that I am experimenting with putting in either 3 stitches of Pumpkin Patch, or 3 stitches of Deep Sea. Not sure what I'll do till the end I think. The intention was to bring a bit more colour to the flowers. What do you think?

In the process of tidying up I found a couple of old things:

The framed piece is by Cricket Collection. I don't even have the chart any longer. It was probably stitched sometime in the early 1990's as I used aida and hadn't discovered linen yet! I am pondering whether this is 'me' anymore and whether to re-use the frame for other things and do something else with the stitching like making it into a pillow. In the photo the aida doesn't look too bad but IRL it's a cream which is pretty bright compared to other linens of my framed pieces so it almost stands out like a beacon!

This next one is from a Leisure Arts leaflet called Old Samplers II. It was stitched on aida. It's not 'finished' as in framed or making it into a pillow. I am not going to do anything with it. Does anyone want it? I'll give it to the first person who tells me they want this and I'll send it as-is.

OK, we've come to the end of the post. Thanks for hanging in there with me. For that, you have early notice that there will be giveaways coming up soon as a result of my tidying up efforts, so watch this space!

Have a wonderful week and I hope the weather behaves better soon for my friends in the snowy deep-freeze! Happy Stitching!


Anonymous said...

LOLOL! OK, I'll let you off ;) It's starting to thaw here a bit now, which is a relief!

Glad to hear that you've got some much-needed time off work and that you're able to get stuff done. I think the framed piece you're wondering about is cute and would look good as a pillow. Dare you "distress" it a bit with coffee/tea to antique it? Although maybe that wouldn't quite work with the style of it. Either way, I would say reuse the frame for something more your current taste :)

Andrea said...

Hey girl! All of that snow, you and Karen can have it! Here in Texas, we just FREAK if we get any at all, lol!

Your Betrothed is coming along nicely, I loke the pop of color that the Pumpkin Patch gives the border :-)

Aw, your old stuff, very cute! I like Karen's idea of distressing. There are several of us {ahem} with some older pieces like that laying (or hanging) around. I have an old one back in the stitching closet I just can't stand to part with, although it is out of the frame. It's an Amish marriage sampler done on peach aida with the most horrendous mid to late
80's colors of threads you have ever seen! But it's got our marriage date, names, etc. on it so I just can't throw it out.
However, I have tossed lots of other 80's and 90's things that had, what was the deal with us and geese back then? LOL! My whole freakin' kitchen was overrun with them!

Well, anyway. Enjoy your time off from work. Maybe you'll get the "stitch-ass" as Siobhan says, lol!


Andrea said...

sorry for the typos, my fingers are so cold they're not workin' right ;-)

Catherine said...

Thanks for making me laugh about the cold and snow. We have had a lot of it here and I'm ready for spring, but I fear it is a long way off yet!

I can so relate to having pieces that "aren't me" anymore. Would you be able to take the individual squares and make them into little ornaments?

I like the ship sampler - it would go great in my boys' bathroom!

Stay warm and stitchy!

Dona said...

Melissa, your "My Betrothed" looks great! I love this design and started it but stopped because I miscounted and my horse literally ran into the tree!I love Deep Sea, but the pumpkin color is pretty, too.

Irene said...

I would make a pillow and re-use the frame. People are going to be coming for the Olympics and asking where the snow is :) Hopefully it won't rain too much.

Cari said...

Karen and Catherine both have great ideas of how to salvage your CEC piece - I look forward to seeing what you decide to do.

My Betrothed is coming along wonderfully - glad to see you gave the man a head - he was kinda creepy in the last post :-) I think either color will work in the border.

You sound like you are doing well and enjoying your time off. Do you have another project on the horizon?

Have a great week.

Margaret said...

Melissa, we haven't had much snow yet either. It keeps just missing us and south of us gets hammered. I just hope it stays that way! lol!

I love your Bethrothed Sampler! Whatever you're doing with the colors, it looks great! And your old pieces. It's always hard to make that decision, isn't it? I hate getting rid of things, so you're braver than I am!

Lisa said...

I'll swap anyone experiencing snow and cold right now for our disgusting summer weather which I HATE!!!
Unfortunately the big temps aren't over yet as usually our hottest comes in Feb. Aarrgghh!!!

Chrissie said...

Oh dear, now I feel bad too for complaining about our hot weather here in Australia. Isn't it funny how our tastes in stitching change as time goes on. What we used to like years ago sometimes no longer appeals and other things stitched long ago are still loved just as much.


Deb said...

I can't believe that you're getting all that snow there. We're the ones that are suppose to get all that white stuff and we've barely gotten any. Love how your Betrothed sampler is progressing and I really had a blast from the past with that Cricket Collection piece. I did that one too many years ago and ended up giving it to someone. Now I wish that I still had it!

Nicole said...

Beautiful progress on Betrothed Melissa. I really love this design (did I say that yet?). :) I'm enjoying watching your progress on it! Your old samplers are very sweet too. Hope you get some sun soon!! :)

Suzanne said...

And I complain about the hot weather, lol!

Your stitching of The Betrothed Sampler looks lovely.

Welcome to the Friends Through Threads exchange.

Theresa said...

Snow? What snow?? It sure feels like spring to me here in southern California!!!! (Which is kind of weird, I have to say...)

It so nice to have some time away from work~~~~ Your WIP is coming along nicely!!!

Lois said...

We've woken to rain here in my part of the UK this morning and a lot of the snow and ice has already gone - yeah!! Love your progress on My Betrothed. I'm such a coward when it comes to making decisions on colour changes so I'm absolutely no help to you in deciding what to go with! What you've done looks fine. Isn't it interesting to look back on our older projects. I have quite a few on aida in my 'before linen days' although I don't have them hanging on my walls anymore. Hope you get some sunnier days soon!

Jane said...

I have a feeling we've gone through this before with your finds of years gone by. It may not be you now but it was you back then and you should keep it as is, to remember those days.

You know what the weather's like in my neck of the woods so we won't go there!

Betrothed's looking lovely, Melissa.

Evik said...

Hi Melissa,
here (Czech Republic) is the snow calamity. Snowing here all week. I live in the lowlands, but now it's here like in the mountains :)
Your progress on My Bethrothed Sampler is great! :)

Have a very nice day

Siobhan said...

I love your progress on My Betrothed! I like what you're doing with the flowers.

The older pieces... I have a few of those, too. I have them up in the attic because I just can't manage to throw them out or pop them out of the frames but I also don't want them displayed. My husband keeps trying to put up Mirabilia's Lady of the Flag, and I do love it, but I need the wall space. It stays in the closet instead. I like the idea that Karen had for it. I'm looking forward to hearing what you decide to do, if anything!

Ranae said...

I love the progress on the BOAF.
Are you putting your name in the tree?
I have many myself done and still to finish on aida, lol
Give me your snow I will take it

Karoline said...

Great progress on 'My Betrothed' it's looking lovely