Monday, 18 January 2010

One thing leads to another - a pleasant detour

On Saturday afternoon, I was getting ready to choose and prep linens for various projects. Out came the trusty sewing machine (I have to set it up each time) as I like to zig-zag the edges of the linen. After that, I looked around to see if there were anything else requiring my sewing machine since I had it out already.

Here, I will back track a few days. As you know I've told you I've been organizing my 'stuff' and in the process I weeded out 2/3 of my quilting fabrics and donated them, finally after hoarding it all these years, to the local quilt guild. They made and donated 500 quilts last year so they were happy to get this donation, and I was happy I gained some storage space.

In the process I 'found' some fabrics and an old unfinished lap size quilt. On Saturday then I decided to try my hand at stitching a new cushion cover, as you see below. Start small, right?
I just loved this fabric, all caramel and pinks and creams! From there I made another one in a square shape in the same fabric, then another two in rich pinks, and another two for my DH's man-chairs. Now, this happened over the course of Saturday and then Sunday.

By Sunday afternoon I had made 6 cushion covers and felt pretty bonded to my sewing machine! I felt more confident and eyed my unfinished quilt with guilt and hope. The quilt was already sandwiched with batting and partially quilted 'in the ditch'. What it needed was really to finish the binding. To make a long story short, I decided to do a "quick and dirty" finishing job with my machine. My quilting teacher would've tsked at the finishing!

Here is the quilt with a couple of new cushion covers made.
I was just relieved that I finally got it finished and can stop feeling guilty! You wouldn't believe how good that'd felt! Now I can put my quilting guilt and days behind me!

...and happily go back to cross stitching. THAT was the detour courtesy of my sewing machine!

I received a couple of new charts today from Country Stitches.

The charts themselves are huge which is a good thing for my poor eyesight. However, I was surprised at the size of each design! Jane and I will do a SAL on "Be Kind and Be True", which on 32 count, will be finished at about 10 x 12 inches in size. That's way bigger than I'd imagined from the photo. This would be fabulous to do over one I think though that's not something I will attempt.

I'm so enjoying my time off (can you tell?)! I've been going for walks more often and am feeling so much better. I want to share a photo with you on our walk today. This is in a nearby park. Two days ago, this was a pond and people had little motorized boats out on the water. Unfortunately the pond has shrunk now to a puddle.

Thank you all you scissor-obsessed stitchers out there! I certainly enjoyed all your comments. They were so funny and I could feel your obsession all the way here in my neck of the woods. If you see me with a photo of a flower frog with scissors, you know I will be beyond hope! ;-)

Have a wonderful week!


Margaret said...

Wow! That's so cool that you made all those pillows -- and fantastic that you got your quilt all bound! Yay! I love that pillow btw -- pretty fabric! And the quilt is really pretty too! As for your new charts -- I have one, and I want to order the other, the Valentine one. It's so cute that one! I just love it! Thanks for reminding me. I think. lol!

Laurie in Iowa said...

YGG, the pillows and quilt look wonderful. New stitching stash too...happy days!

Cari said...

You've been a busy girl, Melissa! I love your pink & brown pillow - lovely fabric and finish. The chair is great too and what is that beautiful, ornate piece behind the chair?

Oh, your quilt is lovely - I just love the colors and how nice for you to have a finished piece (no more guilt!). So were the two hot pink pillows for your husband's manchairs? (LOL)

WOW those charts are huge and colorful. They are two great pieces and I look forward to watching your progress on both.

Well, back to my homework. Enjoy your week.

Nancy said...

Your cushions and your quilt are so pretty! Enjoy your new patterns!

valerie said...

Lovely pillow the colorway. Seems like you've been busy at the sewing machine!

Thanks for showing your new stash. I like that Love and Be Loved one. I haven't seen it before. One to add to the wishlist.

My back is feeling much better...thank goodness. Just in time for the!

Enjoy your time off and do fun things!

Theresa said...

Nice pillow cases!!!!! I need to set up my sewing machine everytime I use it, too, so I totally understand how you feel about searching for projects once it was out.
Those new projects look so interesting!!! I can't imagine it being so big either just by looking at the photos!!! Have fun with them~~

Irene said...

Great pillows and quilt ! Those patterns are huge, better for the eyes. Hasn't our weather been crazy, hope the rain has stopped for awhile.

JOLENE said...

Love the creamy neopolitan palette on your pillow and the cottage colors in your quilt they are both so pleasing to the eye. Good for you on donating alot of your stash.....I am too attached to mine. Is that bad???? My hubby thinks so!!!!

nima said...

cushions are my all time favorites....your cushion finish looks awesome

Andrea said...

Ohmygosh! You're a sewing FIEND!! I'm so impressed! Wish I could sew like that :-) Everything is gorgeous Melissa!
And that IS a huge chart, my goodness! I think the finish on cover picture is probably done over one, maybe that's why you thought it was smaller? Anyway, I do love those designs, they're on my "to be purchased someday" list!
Glad you're enjoying your time off, yippee!!


Annemarie said...

What is it with my stitchy friends and their sewing machines lately? You are all so talented with that thing! I took mine out of the box once, made one teeny weeny pillowkins and put it away again. And lok at you! You did an amazing job. The fabric for that pillow in the top picture is indeed lovely!

Also, your new charts are fabulous and (because I'm a little late in commenting) congratulationson your first 2010 Happy Dance! It's gorgeous.

Hey... when is Chinese New Year exactly?

Anonymous said...

Your pillows all look lovely Melissa and your quilt is so pretty! Love the pinks and greens :)

Those charts look like fun - I stitched a couple of her designs last year and really enjoyed them!

Jane said...

Those charts are big, but don't you love how they're in colour? Great for the eyes. Easy to know which thread colour you're stitching on for an area too.

Congratulations on finishing that quilt! It is beautiful and something to cherish for many years.

I'm off now to place an order with Country Stitches!

Lois said...

I wish I could get bonded to my sewing machine! It and I do not get along at all!!! I love your quilt and pillows. You certainly had a productive weekend - well done! Love the new stash and looking forward to following your progress!

Siobhan said...

YGG on the quilt and the cushions!! I am contemplating getting back into quilting, but DH thinks that means actually finishing some of the quilt tops that are in the attic. Yeah, umm, not what I'd planned. ;)

YGG on the new stash! I love the With Thy Needle & Thread charts but haven't stitched any yet.

I like your walking area--very picturesque!

I will e you soon! ;)

Vonna said...

LOVE the quilt and your cushion on the chair is gorgeous :)
Nothing is more calming and healthful than a daily walk :)

staci said...

Wow! Gorgeous pillows and quilt...and all in one day! I am so envious of your sewing prowess...I really must learn to use one of those things!

Catherine said...

What a productive day! I love all the colors!

Deb said...

Great finish on the quilt and the pillows! I'm getting ready to start up with the rotary cutter myself (that is if I could stay off the computer and reading everyone's blogs)!

Love the new projects from Country Stitches. I especially love the one that you're stitching with Jane. Very A&E looking - my favorite!

Kellie said...

Hi Melissa,
I bet it won't be long until you will be posting pictures of your flower frog. LOL!! Once you start scissor collecting it is hard to stop.

Your sewing is fabulous!! Congrats on that quilt finish and all those pillows. Doesn't it feel wonderful to mark something off the "to do" list? I love that feeling. And it looks really lovely.

I am waiting on that same chart! (Be Kind, Be True). I saw it on a blog and absolutely loved it. I am hoping it comes in the mail this week. Isn't it a beautiful design? I have really started liking (and collecting!) With Thy Needle and Thread charts. They are gorgeous. You and I have similar tastes in a lot of designs/designers.

Enjoy your time off and have a wonderful rest of the week!

Suzanne said...

I love the pillows you made, what a busy day! Your quilt looks great as well.

Those new charts look great, maybe another to add to the wishlist, lol.

Your mention of walking reminds me that I really need to get out and walk some more. I'm just not motivated with all this heat and humidity.

Nicole said...

Melissa, the quilt and pillows turned out beautiful!! I really need to finish my little table topper one of these days! I love those new charts too. I especially like Love & Be Loved, that would be a great design to stitch for Valentine's Day. :)

Hazel said...

I'm going to watching your sal with Jane. I love the fabric she has chosen for it. Those cushions are fab! x