Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Here we go! A new decade begins...

The rain actually 'paused' today so I thought it would be safe to come out and play. I went for a nice walk today and I can see bulbs starting to show sprout! However, winter is still a babe yet and we've been fooled before with mild weather, then a cold snap in February and even in March!

We celebrated the ending of one year and the beginning of a new decade with friends. I bought 2 bouquet of flowers, almost identical. One for my friend, one for me!
I love he colours of these flowers - lime green, sunset orange, and snowy whites.

After the holidays I slowly got back to stitching. Here's my progress on My Betrothed Sampler. I love the girl with the bird!

Getting back into a new routine took longer than I'd expected. I've been busy re-organizing stuff which means things get messier before they get tidier! Which also means it's harder to find things at the moment! (Oh, and that also applies to my little grey cells too!)

In the process of buying boxes at IKEA for storing floss, etc. I found this -
A new rug! Originally when we saw it we'd bought it for the dining room. When we got it home DH said "I think that's too much reds and pinks - you take it for your room". "My room" is where I stitch and store my 'crafty' stuff. I just love this rug as it makes the room even cozier!

*sigh* I really wish I had more clever things to say but this is about it! I do have a question though - I have seen some lovely red/cream types of fabrics from the French General. Do you know a good place to buy this fabric online? I am thinking just fat quarters for making little pincushions and such.

Thank you for all the lovely comments from my last post. I couldn't have done all that stitching without you guys - the encouragement and cheering are wonderful of course, and I also like getting all the inspirations from your blogs too! So, here's to another great stitching year all around!


Tammy said...

Great eye candy on your post (and the one before!). Don't know anything about that particular fabby, but the rug is gorgeous. Great progress on your stitching. What a cute project!

Laurie in Iowa said...

The flowers are so pretty. My Betrothed looks great and that new rug is lovely too.

I think this is the fabric you're looking for:

Diana said...

I look forward to following your progress on My Betrothed. Looks great so far!
Country Sampler in Spring Green carries that material. You can order it online. They have an online shopping cart. I don't know if they have pictures of it, but I saw it in their store and liked it,too.

Nancy said...

Such a fun sampler! I love the people designs in the Birds Of A Feather samplers. Pretty rug too!

Margaret said...

Love your My Bethrothed Sampler! Beautiful! And how great that that rug ended up in your stitching room. :D I was going to make the same suggestion as Laurie -- Fat Quarter Shop. They're quick and good. Country Sampler is a neat store too.

valerie said...

Pretty flowers!! Love how your MB is coming along...the lady is very cute and jubilant holding her bird! :)

I am going through cleaning too...why do thinks have to look like a tornado hit before it starts to look better. This re-organizing stuff is for the birds!

Irene said...

The sampler is coming along nicely, love the carpet !

Andrea said...

What pretty flowers and rug too! Love the colors!
The little lady holding the bird is just too cute on that sampler, and the whole thing is lookin' good!
I hear ya on the mess thing with cleaning/organizing. I redid two pantries and the spice cabinet today and it took me forever. At one point I just stood in front of it all scratching my chin trying to figure out how to put it all back! It's totally worth it in the end though, so stick with it :-)

Theresa said...

I love your WIP!!!!! Your projects are always so interesting~~~

The rug is lovely~~ Too much red?! There's no such thing as too much red, and pink!!!! ;-)
I bet it looks great in your room~~~

I love those new French General fabrics, too. My friend and I went to a fabric shop and she got a whole bunch of them. I think that the Fat Quarter Shop online carries them, you can go check it out and see if that is what you need.

Rowyn said...

I love how your Betrothed sampler is looking. The fabric and the threads are both gorgeous.

Signs of spring already? Wow. Our summer hasn't even started yet. We get the occasional gorgeous, hot day and then it's back to grey and cooler again.

Your new rug is lovely, a perfect addition to a craft room!

Lois said...

Loving your progress on My Betrothed. The flowers are beautiful, such nice colours and the rug is so pretty. No signs of Spring here yet but we're in the middle of a really cold snap of weather so everything is staying hidden.

kvstitching said...

Wait...just back up a second. You live in Canada, right? Where it snows, a lot, generally, right? And I live in the middle of the UK, where we get a light dusting of snow every 10 years or so, yeah? So how come I'm sitting looking out at 3 inches of the stuff and my poor garden birds are wondering what the heck is going on and you have spring bulbs?!!!! LOL ;)

I love the way your Betrothed sampler is looking, the colours are wonderful! And I do like your rug too - I think it would look just great in my stitching room ;)


Nicole said...

I love this sampler Melissa! I've had in my to-stitch pile for quite a while now! It's looking great! I love your rug from IKEA - it's so pretty. I went over the holidays and found some great deals. Feather throw pillows for $4.99! I bought two for me and two for my mom. I really could have gone crazy. I'm so addicted to their Swedish Meatballs. I could eat my weight in them! LOL! :)

Cari said...

Good Morning Melissa!

Your rug is just beautiful, I love the colors and I bet it looks wonderful in 'your' room. It's amazing what a difference a rug can make.

Kim (Threadheads Unite) sells the French General fabrics - her blogsite is http://threadheadsunite.blogspot.com/ I bet she'll have what you are looking for.

Love your new WIP - I've not seen this piece and look forward to watching your progress on it.

It sounds like you are enjoying your time off - I'm so happy for you.

Have a great week.

Deb said...

Beautiful flowers, and i just love your rug. I may have to take a trip to Ikea! It has my favorite colors in it.

And great start on your project! And that French General fabric is wonderful. I ordered the fat quarter pack. I think the places people suggested above will have those fabrics.

Janean said...

so many projects; so little time --- already --- lol. sweet blog! how do you stitch on fine linen? i think i'd go blind or something. i'm off to ikea because yesterday i bought another multi-drawer parts bin for my thread and supplies @ JoAnns and i want to see if ikea is better $.

Joanie said...

Spring bulbs!! SPRING BULBS!!! Listen Missy, you just come right down to Upstate NY, the frigid capital of the entire Northeast!! RIGHT THIS MINUTE! You need a good dose of sub-zero temps and a ton of snow. LOL!!!!

Love your stitching...jealous of your rug.

(Spring bulbs...she mutters...SHEESH!)

Loraine said...

What a wonderful piece! Wow, I love your last post. Your samplers are amazing! You have done some great things the past year. Thanks for your comments, my sweet blog friend!

Patti said...

I love your posts and you do say lots and lots of very clever things. I love your new rug and your stitching is great.
Patti xxx

Suzanne said...

Mmm, our weather is going to remind us that we have while left for summer. It's going to be very hot next week.

You are making great progress with you sampler. I love the rug!

Ranae said...

Love how the sampler is coming along.
I think I might know why I threw it in the UFO box. I messed up on the blue bottom border, I took it for granted that the extra X was on the right side but did'nt notice it on the left side Arghh!!
I didn't realize it until I was done with the first line wording. I think I have it straighten out with one less count, lol
I have to update it maybe tomorrow
The flowers are gorgeous.

Cathy B said...

Looking forward to another year of visiting your blog!

Brigitte said...

Great progress on your Betrothed sampler. The lady with the bird on her hand is just too cute. Such a lovely detail.
I love the colours of your rug. Now in winter I like having colours around me to make up for the overall white outside.

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

What bright, beautiful flowers,Melissa! Love the lime green, especially! Also, love your BoaF sampler. I should stitch this one to celebrate our 20th anniversary which comes in November but doubt I ever will since I just started the DT's Marriage of the Minds.

Love, love, love the rug!!!!


Kellie said...

Hello Melissa!
The flowers are beautiful. I am sure your friend loved them too. My Betrothed is looking fabulous. That little bird is so cute! Love the new rug!

Kajsa said...

Nice rug! I love Ikea! Beautiful stitching too. If you can't find that fabric online I can check the local quilting stores for you, we have some great quilting stores in Omaha.

Lennu said...

Good morning Melissa! Beautiful photos again, I love the sampler you're stitching! We have another cold day here, but it looks beautiful. Have a happy weekend!