Sunday, 15 November 2009

Windmills are tamer than Brick Houses

This windmill was easier to stitch than the brick house in my last post, but each has its own charm.
Here is the Windmill Sampler finished! Ta Da!
Windmill Sampler
by Examplar from the Heart
linen is 32 ct Nightingale by Birds of a Feather
floss - used mostly recommended and added a few of my own

I added GA Old Hickory (for the windmill), Chamomile (the lower branches), and Pumpkin Patch (to replace Old Brick) but I also swapped out colours as I felt like it and what worked against the linen I had used. I also modified/added some motifs from this great book Alphabets, Motifs & Borders by Brenda Keyes. I bought the book a few months ago and though it is barely 30 pages, it's been very helpful.

So, after doing the happy dance yesterday, I got down to the serious business of preparing linens for the next few projects. You know how much fun, and agony, that can be! Usually there's an explosion of linens in my room then everything has to be put back after all the cutting and prepping have been done.

Here's my next project, which incidentally I saw on Glenna's blog as well this past week. It's Sarah Salter, and I did pinch the photo from Glenna (hope you don't mind!). I am so looking forward to doing this one. I'm still waiting for one floss colour to arrive.

The above shows my linen (35 ct grab bag line from HDF) and the AVAS silks (missing one). Now when I was laying out the linen and floss for the photo I realized there's a heart shape right in the center of the linen that I had cut and trimmed. It was un-intentional but what a lovely surprise. (Can you see it?)

So off I went happily pleased at this little 'gift', attached the linen to my scroll rods and started stitching the border. Only then did I look down at the heart again and noticed 'the wart'. If you click on the photo you can see it. What do you call it if not 'the wart'? It's a flaw in the weave and it's bigger than one cross stitch worth. I pondered what to do. Should I leave it and hope it will work when I get there, or should I flip the linen now because the other side seems ok?

I frogged the little bit of border I had stitched and ripped out the stitching attaching it to the scroll rods and started over again. It was a bit of disappointment in that I'd felt I had wasted some time but I'm glad I did it because later on it might have caused me heartache ...or heartburn!

It's funny, isn't it? I was so enamoured seeing the heart that I didn't see that little wart on the side. Doesn't that say a lot about us? We see what we want to see, or not to see?

I've been on a bit of Sheepish Love trip lately and slowly finding old charts like Sarah. I especially love the Sheepish Antique charts. They are do-able for someone like myself who haven't committed to big honking samplers like some of the stitchers I've admired (you know who you are because I've told you!) :-)

A couple of weeks ago I received emails that I had won two giveaways! Wow, I've never won anything before! Anyway, the first of the two arrived from lovely Margaret down under.
It's a little kit to stitch a Santa and for putting in a locket. You can see a better photo of the finished item from Margaret here. She did a beautiful job stitching and finishing it. I hope I can too! Thank you Margaret!

I will show you my other giveaway won when it arrives in the mail, hopefully this week.

It is a DARK and STORMY day here. They forecast loads more of rain and possible flooding in low lying areas. Last year it was Winter Wonderland all through, this year it may be a replay of Noah's Ark? Hope not. Besides, our fair city is hosting the Winter Olympics in February so we could use with snow this year!

Thank you for your visits and your comments, especially your support during my crazy work period. They've been very nurturing to the soul. I wish you a wonderful week wherever you are, and hope you don't find any 'warts' in your stitching! ;-)


Glenna said...

I don't mind about the photo at all! About the little wart-I'd poke a needle in there and see if you can gently pull out some of the extra fluff that's probably inside. I generally "operate" on my fabrics' warts. Be careful not to make a hole, of course, because that would be terrible. I think if the wart is hard and huge and not pickable, I'd flip the fabric.

Jennifer said...

I absolutely LOVE Dutch samplers!!!! It's stunning, so very beautiful!

Feathers in the Nest

staci said...

Your Windmill Sampler is lovely, congrats on another beautiful finish!

Margaret said...

Oh I hate those wart thingies. I'll have to try Glenna's method for dealing with them. It works for me sometimes, but not always. Ugh! Too bad -- that heart was nice. I love Sarah Salter -- it's another on my todo list. Which is way too long! lol! And yet I want more charts anyway! Congrats on your Windmill finish-- it's really pretty! And congrats also on winning those two items. Can't wait to see what the other one is! Hope the work stress is easing a bit.

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

What a great finish, Melissa! I love that windmill! So sorry about your warty heart - I saw the heart immediately in the fabric and thought it was very cool - but not with a wart. I love Sarah Salter - she's on my todo list along with a few other Sheepish Designs. So glad you won some giveaways! Take it easy with work this week,okay?

valerie said...

I agree with Glenna about the wart. If it doesn't give, flip the fabric. Congrats on your Windmill Sampler happy dance! It's lovely...I love the personalize touch you gave it.

Hope the week passes by quickly!

Lisa said...

Love your windmill finish, it turned out lovely! As for the warts (I'm sure everyone has different names for them too!) I find it very annoying too, sometimes you are lucky enough to cover them and others just want to annoy you.

Nancy said...

I love your Windmill Sampler! Your stitching is just beautiful. Congratulations on your win.

Deb said...

I love your Windmill Sampler Melissa. I like the idea too of adding your own touches to the piece.

Well, I noticed the heart right away too, but not the wart - funny what your eye doesn't catch. Sometimes you can work those warts out but gently trimming the very top of it and then the wadded up thread will come off. If unsure what to do, I'd just flip the fabric over.

And Sarah Salter - I can't wait to see your start - that's on my hit list too, but I'm just stitching too slowly for my own good. And I know what you mean about the old Sheepish Antique charts - they're really great and usually tend to work up fast. My Adam Alone is an old Sheepish Designs - their second design as a matter of fact.

Joanie said...

I love your windmill sampler! It's gorgeous! And about your "wart", I usually tease it out with my needle and the linen is good as new. If the hole that's left behind is a little large I move the linen threads a little bit to close it up.

Sarah's on my short list to stitch, I love that sampler and I'll be looking forward to pics!

Hsin-I (Sam) Chiang said...

Your finish is adorable!!!! Those colors are so beautiful~~~~

I also see the heart but not the wart. How interesting what you see and can't see when you are not looking for it. At least you caught it early!!!!

Theresa said...

Ooops!! I just noticed that I was logged into my husband's account!!! This is Theresa!!
That was me who left you the comment above!!

Tanya said...

LOVE it!!! I love windmills - this is a darling design - I hadn't seen it before. Super!


CindyMae said...

The windmill is wonderful! What a gorgeous piece that is. Looking forward to watching your new project grow. What a wonderful win you had!

Irene said...

The windmill looks wonderful ! I would have carefully tried to pull the wart out, but flipping it works just as well.

Evik said...

I love your Windmill Sampler Melissa!
I'm very curious to complete your next project ;)I look forward to!

Lois said...

Love your finished Windmill Sampler, it's gorgeous! You know, I saw the heart straightaway but never noticed the wart until you mentioned it. Hopefully you can work it out. Congrats on the giveaway wins! Looking forward to watching your progress on Sarah Salter and I hope the rain goes away soon!

Mel said...

A wonderful finish. and your new project looks like it will be so pretty!

Cari said...

What a beautiful finish Melissa - I just love this piece!

Oh, Sarah is one her way to me as well - I can't wait to get it in the mail. But, now I realise that I do not have any AVAS - boohiss! I'll have to order some. I too love the Sheepish Designs -I just purchased a few from ebay.

You and your hearts - didn't you spy one outside your bedroom window recently?

Are you counting down the days 'til your project comes to fruition! I am so excited for you that all this hard work will be done soon.

Enjoy your week.

mainely stitching said...

What utterly gorgeous stitching! :D

Suzanne said...

Beautiful finish on the Windmill Sampler. I love the Sarah Salter design and have in my collection to stitch one day.

I tend to leave the fabric imperfections in place. I think they give the piece a lot more character. I have even done some darning on mine to make imperfections. If you don't want to see it, I wouldn't trim it as you may need to darn that spot if a hole appears. Just flip the fabric over.

Jane said...

Fast finishing on your Windmill Sampler, Melissa. Looks great!

That wart or pimple on your new fabric can sometimes be picked off. This has happened to me on occasion and I delicately try to pick it out of the fabric. Sometimes it works, others it doesn't. Adds character to the linen if it doesn't. Glenna's idea is the way to go. But alas, you've pulled out your threads and started again. That heart was an amazing sight.

Luck with your new start. Looks like a lovely piece.

Siobhan said...

Woohoo! Congrats on the finish, Melissa! I love it.

Sarah Salter was a fun stitch. Love the linen that you chose! I was so obsessed with using one particular linen that mine turned out a bit too pink & I had to grunge it up a bit with coffee. I saw the heart right away! LOL about the wart. I had quite a few of them (I call them slubs but I think wart sounds more, umm, fun..?!) on my linen for Paradise Lost. Generally I just stitch over them and hope that it isn't too noticeable. I'll have to try some of the other things that people have mentioned. Personally, I'd want to keep the heart--wart and all--and just go with the flow.

Siobhan said...

PS--congrats on the win! It's lovely!

Patti said...

I LOVE your Dutch Sampler - it is totally stunning.
Patti xxx

Katrina said...

Congrats on the finish! Love the little windmill.

Karoline said...

Your Windmill Sampler is gorgeous, congratulations

Anne said...

There is a very old Sheepish Designs chart called Louisa Stephens. It's a Canadian sampler from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. :)

Anne said...

Hi Melissa: There is an old Sheepish Designs called Louisa Stephens. It's a Canadian sampler from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. :)

Brigitte said...

Congratulations on finishing the Windmill Sampler. It looks so great with the replacements you made.
And wow, what a great new piece. I love it.

Evik said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Evik said...

Melissa, please look at my blog ... I have a little surprise for you;)
Have a very nice day!

Loraine said...

Sorry about your fabric. I really hate those little warts. Sometimes I just stitch over them but that one does look big!
congrats on your wins. I guess we were both lucky last month. I won 3 times, and I never win anything!
Take Care!

Michele said...

The Windmill Sampler looks great - I love Dutch samplers! I love Sheepish Designs too! I wish she would release her old patterns digitally. It is fun to try and hunt the down though.