Friday, 2 October 2009

Princess: where art thou?

On Princess' whereabouts

Yes, kiddies, lately I've shed my mild mannered stitching princess disguise and donned my suck-it-up-princess armor and I have been slaying dragons, always careful not to get blood splattered on my outfit of the day because it's hell on dry cleaning bills. Work has been consuming lots - ok - most of my time and energy so stitching has been slower than usual. On top of that, I'd picked the wrong design to wrestle with at this time...So, what's so difficult, you ask?

Regardez le probleme!

Here's the innocuous looking design and here is my progress on it.
The Windmill Sampler
by Examplar from the Heart

So, what's the problem? It's two fold actually. First, the symbols charted do not always match the colours in the photo of the stitching, and second, I'd felt some colours just did not go. There is a pink called GA Old Brick, which, while not pepto-bismal pink is a candy pink and you can see a bit of it in the flower by the bird. In the photo it looks innocent enough. But imagine when that big flower in the middle was stitched with that pink with brown. I did not like it.

I left it alone for awhile and tried to think "it might grow on you". Yeah, like a wart! It thumbed its nose at me and gave me the raspberry every time I looked at it, so Sunday night, taking a few deep breaths, I took out my wart-slaying scissors etc and ripped the whole thing out. I replaced it with GA Mulberry and will fill in with Flax. Much better.

Now, don't get me wrong, I still like this design but it takes more concentration to figure out each colour I should use for each motif. That's a lot more work than I can stand at this point in my stressful work period. I usually park my little grey cells for recharging (just like my cell phone) every night and I want to stitch something where I don't have to question if each symbol charted is correct or if I like the colour! So, after much wrestling about being a quitter, I think I should put this one aside for now, and do something 'easier' before I do something bad to it!

Barbara asked

... if there was a reason I'd left out the words in The Simple Things by BBD. The only reason I left them out is the over 1 stitching! I have a really tough time with over 1 and although I have done it (BBD's Where My Heart Blooms) if I can get away without doing it I will. So there, now you know my shameful secret! ;-)


You may notice that I am posting this on Friday morning. You may wonder "is she playing hookey from work?" Actually I went home feeling the chills and upset stomach yesterday and decided I would take today off as well just to recuperate. I do feel better this morning than yesterday, thank goodness! I am so looking forward to some sunshine though this weekend! The weather was fabulous in September but turned very fall-ish this week - rain and chilly weather, hence many people falling sick at work.

I am looking forward to going back to my quiet stitching princess garb and having some soothing stitching over the weekend, and some gardening if the weather permits!

Reminder that today is the last day of my giveaway. Please post a comment here, and I will announce a winner on Sunday. Here's a photo of the late September roses.
Thank you for stopping by, especially leaving me such well wishes for my blogoversary! Hope you have a lovely weekend where you are!


Glenna said...

I'm sorry that you don't feel well and hope that a little quiet time will make you feel better. My feeling about a stitchy project: if it doesn't soothe and satisfy, kick it to the curb! (Or at least, put it away for a while.) Have a good weekend!

Cari said...

Oh Melissa, I am so sorry that you are not feeling well. I hope you are having a quiet, restful day and will be back to feeling like yourself soon.

I'm with you (and Glenna), your stitching should be fun and relaxing - especially when other stuff in your life is stressful. I hope you find a fun, easy project to occupy your time.

Enjoy your weekend.

Theresa said...

The big temperature difference lately is getting to me a little bit as well!!! I do hope you fell better soon!!
This looks like a very fun stitch, but I totally understand how it feels when something's just not right and it would spoil the fun. I usually will just put it aside for a while, and maybe next time your come back, it will feel different~

Margaret said...

Melissa, feel better soon! I think you're totally right to put that project aside and start something more relaxing. I totally agree with you -- trying to stitch something when you're guessing on the colors and symbols does not a relaxing and enjoyable stitch make. :D Take it easy -- love your roses!

CindyMae said...

I am so sorry you were feeling ill and so happy that you are feeling better. I hope that you are feeling totally recovered!! I love that design but I do understand when it don't feel right, it takes the fun right out! Hope you get it all worked out!

mainely stitching said...

I've seen that GAST "Old Brick" turn up in some REALLY different shades/colors. I had one skein I loved, that really did look like old faded out brick, but everything I've had since is either too pink or too brown. I'm glad you found a sub color you're happy with, though it's a pity you had to fire up the gray cells when they were resting. ;) It's a gorgeous design, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of it. Oh, and thanks for telling me why you skipped the words. ;)

Patti said...

I really hope you are feeling a bit better today than yesterday (that was when you posted this but I am posting on Saturday). If you don't like what you are stitching just put it away until you feel able and ready and want to stitch it. Me? I love over one stitching and started The Simple Things over two because of the over one stitching and I hated it. So I have frogged half of the border and cut the fabric in half and will now stitch the whole thing over one and leave out the wording for a different reason to you. Lots of Love Patti xxx

Siobhan said...

Ah! I hope you're feeling better and that it doesn't turn into a bad cold.

As others have said, stitching is supposed to be your relaxation and fun time. If you aren't enjoying something, toss it aside and start something else. The stitching police aren't going to come for you. ;) Kick that sucker to the curb, as Glenna said!

doris said...

Hope your weekend has made you well!

It's no fun to have issues with a chart when you're doing your best to have a little fun. Hang in there ... that looks like a great project.