Saturday, 12 September 2009

Prescription for Stress

First of all, it was so nice to receive all your comments about the framing in the last post - thank you! I know I always love seeing other stitchers' choices in framing. A piece of stitching can change so dramatically with different frames. I have one more framed piece to show but I'll leave that for the end.

I've mentioned that work has been stressful. I might as well just accept that fact that it will be more or less like that for the next 3 months, until our project is completed at work. It's been awhile since work has taken up so much energy so I've had to revisit how best to deal with the stress.

What I mean is, when you're so busy at work with problems to solve and you come home and there's more things to do, what do you do? Initially I felt really pulled in many directions and not feeling I was getting anything done and not having any fun. So then I decided to just pick a couple of things to focus on.

Here's one thing I've been focusing on, a little every night - The Simple Things, by Blackbird Designs.
Progress as of last Saturday, Sept 5 (above)

Progress as of today, Sept 12

I wish the photos showed off the colours better. The linen used, in fact, is a gorgeous colour - Vintage Buttercream by Lakeside Linens. I am using all the recommended WDW floss. Just paint the colours brighter in your mind and that'll be how it looks in real life! (Oh now I see the difference in the two photos above. I just remembered the first one was taken without the Ott light, and the second with! As you can see while the Ott light is good for helping you stitch, it washes colours out of the photo! )

I was unsure about this design at first but now I'm enjoying it very much. The finish calls for doing a chainstitch around ALL the leaves and flowers. Not sure I'm going to bother!

I am really looking forward to seeing the new releases at Market this month. I think I won't be jumping on the buying bandwagon as I had a disappointing experience with the Nashville Market. I wasn't gaining anything by ordering the new releases right away because they took such a long time to come! Besides, I have taken the pledge (wink wink nudge nudge) of stitching from my own stash.

Hmmm, not sure how long that will last. Today, I was visiting Elegant Stitch online and found that Lois has posted the new releases from Paulette. Scroll down the new releases for Sept 11 and you'll see the new Plum Street Sampler charts. I love Paradise Lost!

As promised, here is the last (for awhile) framed piece - Sampler Sisters of the Thread by Primitive Needle.

Again, I wish the colours showed up better. The frame is quite simple but it's a burnished greeny, bronzy with some black which really suit the colours of the stitching! I just love this one!

Well, my pretties, I'm done for this week's post. I'm just trying to keep heads-down and stress level down! Thank you for visiting and taking the time to leave comments. Even if you don't leave comments, just leave some mental good thoughts for me, will ya? I need some good sparks to sprinkle on me.

Hope you are having a great weekend. We had tons of rain last weekend but this one is full of heat and sunshine and that means garden clean-up time!


Jan said...

Dear Melissa~ good thoughts are winging your way for a little less stress at the workplace!

I love how your wip is looking, you have managed quite abit, and our stitching is a wonderful stress reliever! If you have it at work so much you are overloaded, then you need a break from it when you get home, to at least re-group!

Your framed Sisters of the Thread is so pretty!!!

Siobhan said...

Hey, sorry to hear things are stressful at work! Hang in there, gf. Grab up your needle and stitch out the stress.

Your BBD WIP is B-E-A-Utiful! I have it all kitted up but am also unsure about doing the chain stitch. You're making wonderful progress on it.

LOVE LOVE LOVE your framed Sampler Sisters of the Thread!! That was a quick frame job! It looks great.

Paradise Lost is a definite must have for me. I can't stop thinking about it. I love all of Paulette's new releases but that one is my most favorite. I'm going to try to not buy a ton of stuff but man, just the few sneak peeks I've seen of things have been awesome. Gulp.

Hang in there!

Glenna said...

Oh, I love all your framed pieces (from the last post too). I'm sorry about the stress at work, and I know what an energy suck it is. Stitching helps a little, but sometimes it makes me feel guilty for not doing other things.

I love seeing the before and after progress on a WIP as you showed--doesn't it make you feel as if you've accomplished a lot? Because you have!

Glenna said...

Oh, and thanks for the link--I hadn't seen Paulette's new designs! Wow!

Margaret said...

Melissa, I love your WIP and your framed piece. That frame looks gorgeous! I'm so sorry that you're so stressed out. It's such a bummer to have that situation. I hope the stress goes away soon and that you can relax with stitching when you can. Try to take it easy if you can!

Barb said...

Another fine finish! Love your framed pieces. For someone who is stressed at work, you have made an amazing amount of progress on stitching! I hope your work is at least meaningful. Sometimes I feel like my job is a waste of time :(

Tammy said...

Both your things look wonderful! The framing job is gorgeous and really highlights the design and I love that BBD piece. Great job on your progress.

valerie said...

Hang in there Melissa! I hear you on stress after vacation. Ugh...I'm buried under it and haven't picked up a needle all week. Obligations keep stacking too. Beautiful progress on your BBD and awesome framing!!

Jane said...

Melissa, try not to let the stress bug run your life. Concentrate on the things that soothe your soul. Needlework's a good thing for that. I like how you're stitching a piece called 'The Simple Life'. That's a good thing to be aiming at away from work, to balance out the two. :)

I love how your framed piece has turned out also. Well done with your choice of frame!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Hey Melissa! Your SSotT is awesome - the frame is perfect for it and your BBD is wonderful - you've made great progress!! Love the basket just brimming with flowers.

I'm sorry your work is causing you stress - I hope a little stitching and a little blogging will help alleviate at least some of it.

mainely stitching said...

Beautiful stitching (and framing) Melissa. I hope you're feeling less stressed. I think we all get that way now & then. You take care!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the work stress Melissa. I'm sending you good thoughts for the upcoming weeks/months.

Love your BBD WIP, it's so pretty :) I'm about to start Autumn Bouquet and I'm really looking forward to it. Your Primitive Needle frame looks gorgeous too, just perfect for that lovely design.

I do like Paulette's Paradise Lost, but I think my favourite is her new Halloween one with all the birds - I just love it!

(BTW, I know I owe you an email and it's taken me way too long to reply, but I shall endeavour to get to it very soon - so sorry!)

Brigitte said...

Your framed pieces are definitely eye candy. I have so many projects myself that need to be framed but can't bring myself to doing so.
Your new project looks so nice - and it's nearly done.
Tomorrow it's back to work for me, too, and the stressful times will start again. I hope to squeeze some stitching time in every now and then.

doris said...

Sampler Sisters is gorgeous framed. I like your choice. I also like your BBD you have going.

As for stress, make sure to laugh. It's the only thing that helps if I can't stitch (tough to stitch at work). Good luck.

Kellie said...

Your BBD wip looks wonderful. Stitching does provide such stress relief, doesn't it? Hope this week in better for you.
Sampler Sisters of the Thread looks gorgeous in its frame. :)
Thanks for the link to the Plum Street Sampler pictures. I had heard about Paradise Lost but had not seen the complete project yet. I love it. I will be adding that one to my stash very soon.
Have a great week ahead!

Cari said...

What an apt piece to work on in the middle of stress - "The Simple Things".

Going to work everyday to a stressful job is very hard - been there, done that! I use to come home just drained emotionally (no fun). I am so glad that you have a light at the end of the tunnel.

Praying that your week goes by quickly and all runs smoothly.

The Scarlett House said...

Stress wears me down, too. Make sure to take time to nourish your soul by taking up your stitching whenver you can. I know it's hard at the end of a long day. Love the SS piece, too.

CindyMae said...

Lovely progress on your WIP! It is just gorgeous. I pray that things get a bit less stressful for you soon!

Karoline said...

Your framed Sampler Sisters is gorgeous and great progress on Simple Things.

I hope your work project goes as smoothly as possible

Chrissie said...

Hope your stitching might be working as a form of good stress relief for you. Love your Sampler Sisters.


Deb said...

Melissa - I hope that things calm down for you at work - hopefully, you're stitching will take away some of the stress. I like your progress on the BBD and it looks like you've stitched quite a bit. And I love the frame you chose for Sampler Sisters. It really sets the piece off wonderfully.

Marsha said...

Paradise Lost was the one of two charts I pre-ordered from my LNS. I just love it. Very colorful. The other chart was the Christmas of Hawk Hollow or whatever it is called. Your stitching and the framing look great.

Kajsa said...

Nice WIP, you are doing so good on it. Loved your framed sampler too!

I'm a bit overwhelmed too at the moment so I know how you are feeling. Just take one day at a time and a glass of red wine and chocolate now and then does not hurt!

Suzanne said...

Sorry to hear that work is so stressful, I hope it improves for you.

You certainly stitched a lot on your BBD piece, it's looking great. Sisters of the Thread looks beautiful.