Sunday, 9 August 2009

Summer Ramblings

1) Was it something I said?
...coz since the last post, the weather has cooled down a lot. It was actually very pleasant in the low 20's last week so you can sleep easily at night! Today the rain has started and I'm actually thankful for it as the plants need it very much! Also, we've had wild fires throughout the province for the last month so I'm hoping that we get lots of rain in those areas to help with the fires. Plus, a group of fire-fighters from Austrialia and New Zealand have arrived. Our province sent firefighters in February to help with the Victoria fires so now they are returning the favour, which is so great!
another David Austen Rose - Strawberry Fields, snapped before the rain came!

2) Melissa lives here, Michelle does not.
Thank you for all the lovely comments about the Friendship Sampler on the last post. While I have been called Michelle IRL and in the blog comments every now and then, the last posts had Michelle all over it! Michelle is a lovely name, but it isn't mine! ;-) But then, Michelle is the name of the gorgeous US First Lady, so it ain't so bad! We do have one thing in common, our height!

3) On next projects.
Some of you asked me what I was going to stitch next after Friendship Sampler. I thought I was really clever and organized and had lined up two small projects to stitch. I had set up the linen and started on Sheepish Designs' American Beauty, but on light linen. However, after about an hour or so of stitching it, I had to stop. It didn't feel right!

I'm sure that's happened to you too. In this case, I had to stop and reconsider. It's actually the first time it's happened to me so early in the stitching. I finally decided on Sampler Sisters of the Thread by Primitive Needle. Here's a photo from Lisa's blog.

Here's a bit of progress on my start.

Perhaps I felt the clouds and rain coming. It is just perfect for me to stitch right now. After all the bright colours and colour changes in Friendship Sampler, apparently my inner stitching self craved something completely different, and this was it! I hope you can see from the second photo that there are lovely colours but they are more subtle. I'm also stitching with 1 thread over 2 on 35 ct HDF linen.

So, I'd like to know, dear stitchers, how many projects have you got kitted up ready to go? And how do you decide on the next project to stitch? Do you stick with a list, or do you pick one project at a time?

4) Current audio book
"The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane" by Katherine Howe. It is about the Salem Witch Trials, and the topic just seems perfect for stitching something by Primitive Needle. As you know, the designer, Lisa, has her blog called Witch Stitches. The header on her blog says "The Witch is In".

5) Friendship Tour
Wow, I was very surprised by the response. I have about 2 dozen people interested in doing this. Now I have to figure out how to make it happen, so bear with me. Most of you who showed an interest have your email address in your blog profile and that's fine you don't need to send me any more info. If you have a blog but no email attached in your profile, could you just send me an email so I know how to reach you? You can find my email address in my profile on this blog. Stay tuned for more details.

6) How can you tell...
...I write lists?

Another Sunday / weekly post is done. Thank you for dropping by. I would love to hear about your project selection 'method' if you have one. Sometimes it reminds me of the old Johnny Carson swami routine, where he took a envelope with an answer concealed inside. He then held it to his head to predict the answer. Similarly, it's like I have to take the next design/threads/linen combo, hold them to my heart and ask "are you the one?"


anna s. said...

Hi Melissa! My selection method? Purely based on "heart" selection :) I mean, what I "feel for" stitching at the moment... and I pick from older stash and current new charts :)
Your roses are SO beautiful and so inspiring!! I didn't plan on having roses in the garden here in Norway but you made me think seriously about it for next year!

Missy Ann said...

Love that Sampler Sisters of The Thread. I don't stitch alphabets in general, but that chart could be an exception.

Melissa/Michelle I spent 5 years renting a house in Alabama the land lady called me Melissa maybe twice; I was Michelle the entire time. The rent was reasonable - I just gave up and answered to Michelle. lol

Margaret said...

Oh I love Sampler Sisters of the Thread! Speaking of kitted up, that's one that's kitted! lol! I have way too many projects kitted up -- I have to stop! As to how I decide on the next project, well, I think it's mostly on a whim -- whatever strikes my fancy right when it's time for the next project. I can think I will start such and such while I'm finishing a project, but once it's actually time to start, I may end up starting something totally different. My heart has to be in a project after all!

Please let us know how you like the book you're reading. I've heard mixed reviews from other stitchers so I'm hesitant to try it.

Kellie said...

Hi Melissa,
I am glad the weather is better there and the rain has come. Sounds like you need it to help with the fires. The roses are beautiful!

I noticed the Michelle thing in the comments the last time I visited your blog. It gave me pause for a moment thinking I had been calling you by the wrong name all along! LOL!

Love Sampler Sisters of the Thread. I don't have that one yet, but it is on my list. :) We seem to have the same taste in a lot of designs. I can't wait to see more of this as you stitch it.

As for kitted projects, I have quite a few. Mostly, I kit the design with the fabric and then pull threads when I decide to start the project. When I am in the process of doing some kitting, I keep a running list of threads that I need to buy that I don't have and then place orders here and there. I am a serial starter. So I am probably not a good one to answer how I decide what to start next. Blogs have a LOT of influence on me and what I stitch. If I see one of my blogging friends working on something I have in my stash, it makes me want to start the same thing right away. Then there are my favorite designers that beckon me with new designs frequently. :) I have quite a few projects going. I keep them in my sitting room in a basket. I pick the one that is calling to me the loudest each evening and work on it. Sometimes I will work on a project a few days before moving on to the next, sometimes a few hours, sometimes I will finish...just depends how "into" it I get.

I just finished reading the same book. That is a good book to be reading while stitching that sampler. :)

I think you have my email address, but just in case, I will send you an email to be sure.

Have a great week!!

Linda in MA said...

Hi Melissa! I loved the book "The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane". Hope you are enjoying it to.Glad your weather is better. We are expecting heat and humidity tomorrow and I wish I didn't have the day off. Rather be at work in the A/C. My projects are based on whatever calls to me when I need a new one. Or one that I have all the supplies for.

Chrissie said...

Hi Melissa, I just love those David Austen roses, just beautiful. How do I pick my next project.. well if it something I want to stitch for a gift that usually dictates what it will be but if it is something just for me, then I usually have an idea as to what it will be but then when it actually comes time to do it, that can quite often change. I am not one who likes to have too many projects on the go at once and I try to limit to my SAL with Sandra that is ongoing (we finish one project and start another) and what I am currently stitching as 'my' project. So I personally don't kit up too much in advance.

Thank you so much for your birthday wishes.

Happy Stitching!

Jane said...

1) Firstly, isn't it terrific how the firefighters around the world help each other out. Really builds a bond between two countries. Hopefully those fires will be out soon.

2) I love your Strawberry Fields roses. What a gorgeous colour!

3) Hope I haven't called you Michelle - I don't think I have. :)

4) Don't you hate it when you're not getting the right vibe with a pattern? Maybe the wrong time for it. I'm sure one day you'll pick it up any enjoy working on it.

5) Loving the look of Sampler Sisters of the Thread. It has a great primitive feel, with colours to match.

6) I wouldn't know where to start counting for the number of kits I have ready to go. Does that included Shepherd's Bush too? OMW, too many to count!

7) I usually will have only one project on the go at any given time. I find it easier to concentrate that way.

8) That's it with my list!

Catch you on the next post. :)

CindyMae said...

Melissa, your weather sounds fantastic!!! I don't usually keep anything kitted up. I usually kit when I decide to stitch it. I pick what I am going to do next by however I am feeling at the moment unless I have something specific I need to work on. I am a 1 or 2 project at a time kind of girl, so if there is a gift that I owe, that is what I work on next! I just love Sampler Sisters! Gorgeous!!!

doris said...

Oh, the Sisters looks like great fun to stitch.

I work on whatever thrills me at the moment, which isn't always a good thing. I have way too many WIPs because of that method.

kimstitch3 said...

Beautiful stitching and a beautiful blog too, Kimberly

Kajsa said...

What a great new start! Nice to hear that it's cooler up there now.

I'm not good at kitting up projects, usually I am scrambling around for threads and tossing them on fabrics the day I'm starting.

Siobhan said...

Are you sure your name isn't Margaret? ;) ROFLOL, sorry, couldn't resist.

I love your new WIP! YGG! I saw Lisa's model of it at my LNS and omg, it is even prettier in person. I can't wait to start on mine. I keep hoping to finish Shores so that I can get started on it before Lisa's Witches Hollow comes out at Market. My stitching is minimal these days so I need to get in gear!

As to how I pick projects, hmmm... I just go with what I want to work on right away, what calls to me the loudest, I suppose. Once we book our tickets for our US trips, then I start thinking of what I might have framed and go according to that.

I'm interested to hear what you think of the Physick book. I was so excited to really like it but could barely finish it. I think maybe it was the reader, she seemed very snooty. I know, I am weird. I wish I liked it more.

Brigitte said...

Oh Melissa, your new project appeals to me, it's just gorgeous.
I also have a lot of kitted up projects but when I look for a new start I also consider the charts that are not kitted up and I go through everything and choose the one that calls the loudest. No particular order here. Sometimes I choose something that has never been shortlisted before.

Jan said...

Good Grief, count me guilty on the name bloop! You know, I have always gotten the two names Michelle and Melissa mixed up! No idea why, but that is a fact! Please forgive, dear Melissa?

Your roses are gorgeous, as are all of your flower pics!! Wow!

I have more wips then any one stitcher should confess to, but it is fun and that is what is important. I also have oodles of kitted projects, just waiting to be started! ARGHHH!!

samplerlover said...

Hi Melissa,
What a beautiul rose that one is. I must remember its name and keep a look out for it.
Sampler Sisters of the Thread is lovely.

Michele said...

Hi Melissa, love your start on Sisters! I'm getting ready to order that chart and love the colors you are using. Are those the charted colors or your own choices?

Wendy said...

Great new start, Melissa! Please add my name to the Friendship tour too. Such a great little piece. I'm glad your temps have cooled down but I think you sent all your hot weather our way - but we get it clogged with humidity.