Friday, 24 April 2009

The Life Renovation continues!

Hello, my friends. Well, first the Body goes, and now my Computer died! Ahh, my life is undergoing a much needed renovation I suppose!

Thanks for all the well wishes for my back. I have been diligently doing exercises, stretches of some sort or another every day and my back is doing better. But I have still not stitched. Yup. Poor wee me! But I'll get there!

Then yesterday, my Computer went ka-put - the blue screen of death. DH tried but to no avail. He salvaged some data and we have to get a new one and get everything loaded again etc. I am currently borrowing his but I have lost my email address book, so if you were expecting an email from me, please email me again. What the heck, email me anyway, I feel very disconnected without my own computer.

I leave you with this cute little picture DH had on his computer. Not sure where it's from but it's so cute. Take care, and I hope to get back fully functioning soon!

Grab Life (or watermelon) with both hands and take a bite!

Saturday, 18 April 2009

One year older, One year...wiser?

Thank you so much for all the lovely birthday greetings. It was an extra birthday treat to read your comments! Well, I was so *Blissed* out last weekend that my body was not happy with me that I wasn't doing my daily stretches. On Sunday afternoon, I got up to take a break from stitching and my lower back/hip went into spasms! Owwwwwwieeeee!

Body: I told you, missy, to stop messing about and start exercising. You're not getting any younger, you know, and if you won't take care of me, I'm going to HURT you real bad!

Me: OK-ok-OK-ok-OK! I will start doing strength exercises, and I will stretch daily, OK? Just stop sticking me with pins and needles!

We have a tentative truce, me and the Body. The Body isn't entirely trustful of my pledge even though I did not stitch the rest of the long weekend, nor all week. Yup. No stitching! I know, send in the Stitch-support team! I'm having withdrawal symptoms but every time I look at my stitching, the Body reminds me of the pain.

I have been doing those exercises and I do feel better (so don't worry) but I know I need to keep it up and step it up too and get stronger. Getting older means getting wiser, for most part, but I guess for the other part, I still haven't "gotten it" yet.

Even though I don't have any new stitching to show I can show you something. My two kitty cats turned three within the week of my birthday. I'm kinda sandwiched between the two of them. First comes Julius, who has the biggest personality and just a delight to be with. And he is, indeed, very Curious!
Curious as a Cat
by Birds of a Feather
Stitched in 2003

The real Mr Julius, April 2009

Next is Miss Daisy, who is a very shy cat but is great pals with Mr Julius. I took a class in stencilling probably 20 years ago, and I had decided to stencil this cat. I finished it as a wallhanging, and somehow all these years later, it suits Miss Daisy to a T!

Miss Daisy, April 2009
in one of her playful moods

I am stitching vicariously through your blogs. It's great fun, you should try it! I pretended I was Miss Nicole one day and was very pleased with my speedy needles! Another day I pretended to be Miss Jane and was impressed not only with my stitching but how my photos are so beautifully staged and presented! You know I can go on and on because you are all such wonderful stitchers!

Until next time, enjoy spring, or fall, or just life in general! Thank you for visiting me and saying hi! I'll try signing off, the Annemarie way.

Yours creakily,

Sunday, 12 April 2009

* B l i s s *

It's early Sunday morning and it's pouring outside. Can you hear it? But it just means it'll be a cozy stitching day! I've just finished stitching Miss Ellen Birdseye. Hooray! I needed a finish this weekend!
Ellen Birdseye
by The Goode Huswife

Those of you who have stitched this or have this chart will know that I have made colour changes. I added the red as an extra colour. After doing that, the design became much brighter but the trade-off was I left out the two stars on either side because I felt then it needed some space for the eyes to rest.

Here are the floss recommended with substitutions I put in.
DMC 3371 - same
DMC 611 - used GA Camomile
DMC 612 - same
DMC 931 - used GA Old Blue Paint
DMC 3012 - same
Added GA Old Red Paint

Thank you for all the birthday wishes. What a gift to have it on a 4 day weekend. I have been, still am, in Bliss-land! I spent Friday mostly stitching, reading, puttering around, and baking a Shortbread Pie, something I haven't done in ages. Yesterday my girlfriend and I went out for High Tea. Our birthdays are within a week of each other. There is this great place called The Secret Garden and it's such a girly treat to go there! I bought this great basket.

About two years ago I bought a larger version of this basket and it was very useful to lug things around. I am calling this one my Stash Basket! Speaking of stash, let me show you what I got recently.

They are mostly older charts and I love 'em all!

Thank you for your comments about the BOAF Friendship Sampler. Yes it would be great if designers would re-release their OOP charts digitally. And Suzanne, thanks for letting me know that you saw it at Em-li's. I had already checked there and she doesn't have it. A caution regarding what you see on Em-li's site - a lot of what shows up on the site are no longer available. I learned from bitter experience spending a couple of excited hours finding all these charts and probably emailed to ask about 20, and maybe 2 were available.

Oh, almost forgot, on my birthday I watched a movie. Sounds kind of wierd to be excited but I haven't watched one in so long as I always think do I want to stitch or watch a (new) movie? Sure I can 'watch' a movie I've seen before while I stitch but I can't do that on a first time around. Anyway, the movie is 'Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day'. What a lovely sweet movie. I just loved the 'period piece' aspect and the jazz music. Great fun.

I have found that I am definitely a one project gal. I haven't stitched This is the Day at all so will do that to catch up with Joanie. Hopefully I will have some photos in the next day or so to show you. I am on the last 2 CD's (of 26!) of listening to Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell. I will be glad to finish that one too. I think when I start something I just want to finish it - sooner than later!

I've read about 3 other books since the last time I talked about books but I will write about that another time. My goodness how blogging times flies. Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Thank you for stopping by!

Friday, 10 April 2009

Here we go

Happy Easter Weekend! It's my birthday today and having it on an extra long weekend is a gift in itself! I plan to stitch and stitch some more and do all sorts of self indulgent things, including chocolates! (one can always dream!)

May I introduce you to Emily the Stitching (& often Stashing) Mouse.

As my birthday treat, I adopted her from The House of Mouse. Her creator is the very talented Anna. I originally found Anna's work at our stitching Anna's site. I want to adopt more mice but I will have to pace myself!

I was hoping my package from the SBBC would have arrived but I guess it may be next week. In the meantime I did receive a floss order this week and will be able to kit up a few more projects this weekend.

I would like to ask if anyone has this chart.
Friendship Sampler
by Birds of a Feather

This chart is OOP. I thought I saw it at an ONS in December but I messed up with the shopping cart thinking I had purchased it when I hadn't. When I went back to check with the ONS a few weeks later I found the chart gone. So if you have it, I would love to buy/trade/borrow - please email me (pretty please?).

I will blog more this weekend. I have to definitely catch up with my stitching as I have not stitched much this week, including my SAL with Joanie on This is the Day! Lots of fun to cram into the 4 day weekend!

Enjoy whatever celebrations you have for this weekend!

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Six Birds in the Garden

It's a beautiful Sunday so it will be gardening time today. I went out last Sunday for the first time to start some garden clean-up. The weather has been wicked and changing hour by hour at times. We even had a touch of snow mid-week. I've noticed the same regarding the weather in many of your blogs as well.

We've lost some plants due to the unusually harsh winter for this area. At the same time, I was surprised by how well some plants have done though while others have died. I have 3 tree peonies and they're all doing great! Even my one delphinium survived. I could never grow delphiniums at my old place but here, I planted one last summer and it was a giant. I will have to post pictures of it this summer.

Now for some stitchy progress on Ellen Birdseye.

Andrea, I think, asked me about the floss colours I am using for this. I will list them when I am finished as I may change things as I go.

I will be stitching on This is the Day this week (SAL with Joanie) so I am looking forward to that. But most of all I am looking forward to the 4 day Easter weekend. I feel like the stranded man in the desert crawling towards the oasis.

Oh, I almost forgot! My dear pal Jane has given me an award a few days ago. Thank you Jane!
Jane has a fabulous blog - wonderful stitching and wonderful photos to show them off. She was one of my earliest stitching email buddies so I feel very honoured that she gave me this award.

Now, I should pass this onto four other people. As usual, it's hard to pick a few out of such a wonderful group of stitchers as yourselves. In no particular order :
  • Karen of Simply Stitching. Karen might not realize this but she cracks me up with her honest accounting of her WIP's. Karen and I have emailed each other off and on but I've never asked her if she is an accountant, or has accountant-tendencies! She has wonderful stitching on her blog.
  • Sue of Wee Bird. Sue and I form bookends geographically in Canada. I'm on the west coast and she's on the east, but that's not really the reason. I can't remember really how I met Sue and again here is someone who makes me laugh. Her enthusiasm is contagious and I don't know how many group blog things she has set up this year already!
  • Annemarie of Orts and Ends. Again, I don't remember how I met Annemarie but we were emailing for awhile (note the hint of a guilt trip here?) I enjoy her blog for her writing as well as her stitching.
  • Last, but not least is Leena. She was my first blog buddy and she is just a sweet person. Her stitching is just beautiful - I can attest to that by having the honour of owning one of her stitched pieces.
Well, sunshine is calling and I must obey! Thank you for stopping by and saying hi. If you have left comments but I haven't been by your blog to thank you, please forgive me and accept this as my thanks. Life is crazy busy and a few things are distracting me at the moment.

Until next time, happy stitching, and "bring on the chocolate bunnies!"