Thursday, 5 March 2009

Pincushion in the mail

While I've been anxiously waiting to hear from my Prairie Schooler exchange partner to see that my exchange has arrived safely (still haven't heard yet), I received a little package. For me? Isn't it funny? I hadn't even thought about something arriving in the mail for me. Of course - it's an exchange, silly! I'm still so new with the concept.

Thank you Suzanne for the lovely pinkeep! I don't have this chart so it's doubly nice to have it stitched up.
P for Pincushion
from Pins and Needles booklet by Prairie Schooler

I don't have much progress to show at the moment. I also realized I have the HOE Winter Quaker Exchange to do, for mailing next week and I haven't even started! Guess what I'll be stitching this weekend?

Meanwhile, let's say hi to a few new-to-me blogs!

First is Terri from Chocolates for Breakfast, Stitching for Lunch. I love the name of the blog and it makes me hungry when I go there, both for chocolates and stitching! Terri, if you are reading this, thanks for stopping by my blog. I have been by yours many times and have admired lots of your lovely lovely stitching! However, I am handicapped in that I can't leave a comment on your blog. A little technical difficult with Blogger setup I had written about last month. I would love if if you can email me (my email is in my profile) as I had wanted to ask you about one of your stitching.

Another is Tanya of the Scarlett House. I am loving those big ole' samplers again! Tanya's stitching of The Plantation Sampler is wonderful and she's doing it on 45 count!

Last but not least is Anna from Anna's this-and-that. Anna's blog has been around but Anna's been away. I happen to find her first post after her return, and we struck up a blog conversation last Saturday evening, which was very delightful. You will have to go to her blog and find out what we were talking about. In the end, Anna, I did buy that 'thing' we talked about. I may try and add my own custom touch - I'll let you know!

It's been a week of waiting and waiting. As I've said I haven't heard about my PS exchange arriving safely yet. Also, I have been waiting for this stash delivery, last heard of via email Feb 10. I don't like to 'nag' shops but I finally checked today. It turned out she didn't mail until Feb 26! I wish she would've told me there was a delay. That would've fixed my expectations. I was extremely disappointed at the lack of communication from some shops - makes me wanna cry!

So, which ONS do you like to deal with, or avoid? I have had positive experiences with Drema at Needlework Corner, and Mary Kathryn at Handrafts Online, Homespun Sampler, the Stitch and Frame Shop and the Silver Needle.

That's it for now. I've been enjoying visiting your blogs and sighing over your lovely stitching! So much so I am online more than I'm stitching. Hmmm, seems like I'm falling back to bad old habits!

Thanks for stopping by! The weekend is almost here!!!


Barb said...

I've had good shopping experiences with Needle in a Haystack, Down Sunshine Lane and Wasatch Needlecraft. I'm curious as to where your order is from (?). That's a bummer and so unnecessary to not get an update.

The Scarlett House said...

Hi Melissa, thank you so much for the kind words. I have been enjoying your blog as well. I need to get my blog roll updated and get you and some others added to it.

Rowyn said...

Beautiful exchange.

I like using Downsunshine Lane and The Silver Needle. I like being charged actual postage and fast service.

I definitely spend more time online reading about stitching, than actually stitching. I just tell myself I could be doing worse things! ;-)

Jane said...

Looks like you're enjoying your blogging as much as others again. It's a nice habit to get back into. :)

I find some places as far as ordering vary when it comes to customer service. They all have their own unique way of doing things. I try not to stress with my orders, and occasionally will email for an update on how things are going. I sometimes put a note when I order that I'd like to know when it ships. I did this with Drema recently and she emailed me to say it should be posted by last Friday. I'm now expecting it early next week.

Great exchange you've received too. Looks like you'll have to get moving with your next one due in a week! Good luck.

KarenV said...

Don't get me started on poor communication from shop owners! ;) I've had a couple of instances of that recently, which I'm unhappy about. I actually won't use one of the shops on your "good experience" list because their communication is pretty non-existent.

OK, rant over ;) Now the good stuff! I've recently started to use Anita's Little Stitches and whilst she doesn't have a huge range just yet, she's happy to special order anything, prices are reasonable, shipping is inexpensive and her communication is second to none! Also, Drema at Needlecraft Corner is very good, as you've already found. I also find 123-Stitch good; they'll ship out the same day if they have everything in stock, plus all their items have an expected shipping date, which is brilliant. Shipping is a little high, but not too bad and I tend to prefer them over NC because they have a shopping cart system.

Finding the balance between online and stitching time can be a bit tricky, so I sympathize. It's nice to see you blogging though, I always enjoy reading your posts :)

anna said...

Much too much honor, thanks for featuring me! :)
Same as mentioned above - communication with one of these shops is nonexistent so I stopped ordering. I could mention 2 other I regularly order from, but my ever fav', and since many years, is Deb and her great staff at Stitchesnthings. Low and fast shipping, they're incredibly friendly, honest and fast, I can't imagine a better service. They sometimes play little tricks with my orders [...] to help with the customs and I even received a lovely hand-made gift from Deb for Christmas!

Patti said...

I love the pinkeep you received it is really gorgeous and can't wait to see what you sent. I think that us who live over the pond have all had bad experiences with certain shops that we no longer are prepared to use no matter how many sales they have. My favorites are Elegant Stitch, Needlecraft Corner & Needle in a Haystack as all of their communications are wonderful and I have never had a bad experience with any of them.

Nicole said...

I like Down Sunshine Lane and anything I can't find there I get through Elegant Stitch. Amy and Lois are the best! :)

Glenna said...

I have had good experience with Elegant Stitch, ABCstitch, Homespun Samplar, Silver Needle, Attic Needlework and Drema. I want to try Shakespeare's Peddler--I love her site. Emli's is also good, if they have what you want, but you have to call them after you view the site. Their site shows things they don't have, but they make up for it in friendliness and speedy shipping (and confirm verbally what they do and do not have). I also like In Stitches, in Alexandria, VA for quickly shipping whatever I need. They're a very large store, and while they don't have a web catalog, you can call them up, tell them what you need (say a particular chart, color of floss, etc), and they'll get it to you fast. It's funny that I do so much online ordering when I live fairly close to three well-stocked LNS. I guess we're never fully satisfied!

When Wendy and I were sending things to each other for a RR (I'm in U.S., she's in Ontario), we found that it almost always took 10 days, whatever mail service we chose.

Joanie said...

My Prairie Schooler exchange came!Oh-MY!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!

Thank you!

Snip said...

As a fellow Canadian who likes to avoid duty charges, I suggest Traditional Stitches (, a Canadian online needlework store. They are terrific and have LOTS of merchandise!! I highly recommend them! There is also the Button Shop in Victoria ( They carry lots of needlework supplies and charts as well. Happy shopping!

Brigitte said...

The exchnage piece you received is so cute. Enjoy!
I have oredered from Dreama and from Mary Kathryn, and both of them offer reindly and fast service. I can't say anything about the others as I haven't ordered from them yet.

Leah said...

Love the pincushion you received!

I've had excellent shopping experiences with 123 Stitch!, Violarium, Homespun Samplar, The French Needle, and Traditional Stitches. Communication is very important to me, and all of these shops have demonstrated wonderful communication in my dealings with them.