Sunday, 15 March 2009

Healthy Obsessions

A year ago, I had just resumed stitching after a 5 year absence. I was just doing my own thing, browsing the ONS every now and then, and stitching of course! I had not discovered stitching blogs quite yet - it was in the spring sometime. When I first stepped into the stitching blog world, it was like being a kid in a toy store, and seeing all these other kids in there playing. Initially when I came across bloggers who introduced themselves as "obsessive" or "addicted" about cross-stitching, I raised my eyebrow a bit and wondered "really?" ( I had never felt like I liked stitching THAT much. Ha!)

When I started my blog in late September and actually making a few friends and acquaintances, I got just more "infected" with that stitching obsession virus! It was fun and still is. I've mentioned I'm going through some stress at work (who hasn't?) lately and I have to confess my remedy has been to collect charts - old charts. Now, the great thing about this is, I'm not alone! You all know about being 'addicted' to stitching and all that goes with it, right? I have not started collecting scissors or anything like that, so I figure charts are ok. (I know what you're thinking...) Here's a snap of some latest stash.

There is one new chart in there and is the one in the lower right hand corner, that was a Nashville release.

Last week, the ongoing saga of my delayed package from February finally arrived. However, it was minus 2 new releases and favourite ones at that - GH Home Sweet Home, and PN Earth Sampler. To put it mildly, I was very disappointed (picture banging my head against the wall). I had so wanted to start the Earth Sampler but now the excitement has just left me. So, here's another great thing about stitching blogs - I am going to live vicariously through Karen's and Nicole's blogs as they are stitching this lovely design.

Last week I did manage to finish my exchange piece and sent it off. With work being so busy, I didn't get to finish Friendship Gathering this weekend as I'd hoped!
Last photo

as of last night

Yikes - I just realized the lighting is so different in each photo! There are a couple of 'sprigs' of flowers on each side of the basket I still have to stitch. So, hopefully, next weekend I will have it finished!

Thank you so much for your comments, as always. I want to go back and answer some questions but I'm sorry that will have to wait. I did remember someone asking about this BBD book "A Fine Collection. There is one more design from the book that I've stitched but I don't think I've shown you that yet. So, here it is.
August Melon
by Blackbird Designs

I have shown you June Berries but here it is again so you know all three comes from the same book "A Fine Collection.

Lastly, check out the new Blackbird Exchange that Joanie has set up. I think it will be a lot of fun!

I have to go now and get on with all the "other" demands of life. Thank you for stopping by and I'm always so delighted to read your comments. Happy Stitching!


staci said...

Love those BBD finishes...I've been "thinking" of getting that book :)

I know what you mean about stitching blogs...they're so wonderful to look at and open so many doors! And of course, it's great to find out that I'm not as crazy as I thought, lol ;) Or maybe we're all a bit crazy, LOL!!!

mainely stitching said...

Great stuff! I also have a soft spot for a lot of the older charts. :D

Dianne said...

Your progress on those flowers is beautiful! I also really like your framed finishes ;)

Leah said...

Stitching blogs are going to financially ruin me! ;) I've really got to stop buying everything I see.

Love your BBD finishes! I have that particular book, but I don't think I've stitched anything in it yet.

Deb said...

You've got some great stash. And I love those BBD finishes too!

Siobhan said...

Love your BBDs! Fabulous! I've been wanting to stitch that August Melon design for awhile but have only gotten as far as carrying the chart around. Great stash haul! Argh on the waiting & waiting and then the order not being complete. I've been wanting to stitch PN Earth Sampler after seeing Nicole & Karen's WIPs, too. Too many beautiful designs, too little time!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

I love a lot of the old CHS charts (under Barrick Samplers) and have acquired quite a few myself so I can very much relate to that. Your finishes are so pretty and who doesn't love BBDs? Sorry all your stash didn't come. That's a bummer. Doesn't matter that we have plenty of other things we could stitch.... not the point at all!

Daffycat said...

OK, I'm hooked...those Blackbird Designs you've stitched are irresistable!

Friendship Gathering looks wonderful!

:: wee bird :: said...

nice stash...please come join my BBD group :D
I would love to have you there.

Joanie said...

Ok, you've been playing in my stash again, haven't you! LOL!!!

Are you sure we weren't related in a previous life?

Love your BBD finishes (I have this book and never noticed them, how sad is that?)

Talk with you soon and oh btw, thanks for the plug for the exchange group!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful BBD finishes! Also, I like your stash choices. Good luck with the rest of your order, sounds like some more great charts.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that I could trade all of my stash with you and nearly have the same collection! LOL! You have **great** taste in stitching!!

I also enjoy collecting older charts to fill in patterns by my favorite designers that I missed. Your latest acquisitions are great!

The Scarlett House said...

Welcome to the club! If there was a SAA meeting somewhere, we'd all need to go. Love the stash enhancement. Those old charts are the best, but the new one that you bought is my favorite from market this year.

Patti said...

Love everything. I'm with Leah I have got to stop WANTING everything I see. Lots of Love Patti xxx

Jane said...

Older charts, new charts, I don't care either way - they're all great! Your latest stash looks terrific. I think you've got a theme happening there though - houses! :)

FG is nearly done! We'll be waiting for you to finish it up this weekend. You can do it, I know you can. Your other BBD framed pieces look fantastic. Thanks for letting us have a look at them!

Wendy said...

I have that book too...its added to my pile of BBD that I absolutely have to have. Does this mean you have also joined one of the Loose Feathers Clubs?

And not to worry, we'll have you collecting scissors in no time :-D

Karoline said...

Great new stash :) Nice progress on Friendship Gathering

Dovilė said...

Wonderful BBD!!!
great new stashes:)

Annemarie said...

Sigh... Such a lovely post, Melissa, as always. Sorry for being so quiet lately.
I love those older charts as well, and I'm thinking about starting 'Wife, into thy Garden' by the Goode Huswife when I get some finishes out of the way.

Nicole said...

Love your new patterns. Welcome to my world of stitching obsession! LOL! :) Friendship Gathering is beautiful!

Katrina said...

Gorgeous photos, love all the BBD pieces. I just finished Earth Sampler, it's such a fun stitch. Hope your chart arrives soon.

Kellie said...

Your BBD finishes are gorgeous. :) I like the older charts you are collecting. Charts today, scissors tomorrow...LOL! Hope your stress is better. Stitching is a great stress reliever for me also. Stress at work is what drew me back to stitching a couple of years ago after not stitching for several years. Hang in there. :)

Brigitte said...

Collecting charts is one of the most wonderful obsessions that I know. And I love the haul of charts in your picture. They are all really great and I'd buy them immediately if I saw them somewhere.
Your BBD pieces are beautiful. I have that book too and love nearly everything in it.