Friday, 13 February 2009

Valentine Wishes & Stitches

I just want to drop by quickly to wish you all a lovely Valentine's Day!

I finished stitching for my PS Exchange but, unfortunately, have no other stitching to show yet. However, that doesn't stop me showing off other people's lovely things! Paulette, of Plum Street Samplers, has come out with some lovely new designs. Here's one appropriate for tomorrow -

Love Notes
by Plum Street Samplers

It's so pretty! Paulette has also posted a wonderful Valentine freebie today. I am looking forward to stitching more of her designs this year.

Tomorrow I will be picking up a couple of pieces from the framers so can have something to 'show' on Sunday, hopefully. And if I'm a very good girl, Cupid might be winging in a new camera. I hope so!

I do have a question I've been meaning to ask for advice on - how do you get the creases out of your linen? If that sounds like a no-brainer question - then you know the magic answer and I would love to know what it is! I keep pressing/ironing the piece but it seems some creases are very stubborn! I am also careful with the hand-dyed linen as to not use steam (right?) Anyway, I would love to hear any tips and tricks on getting those creases out.

Spring is coming! Despite a dusting of snow earlier this week (or was that last week?) I can see little shoots coming up in the garden. My Hellebore (Christmas Rose) is blooming happily.

Have a great weekend and Valentine's Day. I plan to eat chocolates, indulge in a glass or two of bubbly, and hopefully get in some time to stitch! Thank you for stopping by!


:: wee bird :: said...

oh you lucky girl..spring coming your way! we have had freezing rain and cold winds over here.You guys always get the best weather in Canada,don't you think? lol
Now for my linen I spray it damp and then I iron on using steam setting.I always seem to get the wrinkles out that way.But I haven't tried it on hand dyed linen because I have used any yet :C
ta-ra! hope you have a good weekend

Julie's Keepsakes said...

I saw Paulette's new design and it is gorgeous!

Also, good question about the creases in linen. I have the same problem from time to time, depending on the type of linen - some behave better than others. Grrrr! Unfortunately, I don't have the magic answer, but I'll be waiting to see what others say. :D

Lisa said...

Thats something I would love to know about the creases aswell. I was only just the other day trying to iron some out without much luck.

Kath said...

Aren't those designs just stunning!

And I think I am going to have to put the Stacy Nash pieces on my wish list too, they are beautiful.
I have Family Sampler on the go too Melissa, I just might have to go back to it once Glad Tidings is finished.

Suzanne said...

These are very tempting designs. I have the same problems with creases. Sometimes I iron and iron and it all looks good and then a few hours later the creases are back. I will be keeping an eye on this post and see if anyone has any good ideas.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't worry too much about using steam with most hand-dyed linens (e.g. Lakeside, Picture This Plus, Countrystitch, Sassy's, Silkweaver etc) if you're ironing before you start stitching. If it's R&R linen, then I would be very cautious about using steam, particularly with dark colours. This is what I have read on a BB about removing wrinkles from linen:

"Wash the linen/piece in orvus or non-dyed dish detegent such as Ivory liquid. Rinse thoroughly and roll piece in a terry towel to remove excess water. Roll into a dry towel and place in the freezer until completely frozen (overnight is great!). Take piece out of freezer and lay on another towel on the ironing surface. Press. The water is now ice crystals and as the iron hits the fabric the ice crystals are instantly vaporized and the piece is wrinkle free"

I've not tried this myself, but some people swear by it! HTH.

Paulette's new freebie is gorgeous - I printed it out last night and can't wait to start it!

Laura said...

Those are beautiful new designs by Plum Street Samplers. And, unfortunately, I don't have the answer to your creases question either.

Wendy said...

Great question ~ and I loved reading KarenV's answer! Personally I have always sprayed with water before pressing. But anything I take to be professionally framed, I was told not to iron as all the wrinkles will be pulled free during stretching.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Siobhan said...

I love Paulette's new designs, can't wait to get them!

For the wrinkles, hmmm... I stitch in hand and so everything looks mangled when it's finished. I iron with a hot iron on the back side of the fabric. I usually only have stubborn creases with R&R fabrics. Thankfully, thus far they've disappeared when the framer stretches them before framing. Sorry that's not much help!

Can't wait to see your goodies back from the framer!

Anna van Schurman said...

I use steam. Be sure to cover your ironing board because you're going to lose color and you don't want to pick it up on someone's good shirt!

Anna van Schurman said...

And by using steam I mean I put a wet paper towel over the crease and iron it--so it's a really wet steam.

Andrea said...

Not sure about hand-dyed linens as I don't use them. For other linens I generally tend to wash them in warm water, lay on a towel and iron. Works for me.

Cathy B said...

Can't wait to see your framed pieces! Thanks for the link to the Valentine freebie!

I've used the freezing technique that KarenV describes and it usually works for me. Good luck!

caerbannog said...

Those Plum Street Sampler designs are so pretty! Thank you for posting the link to the freebie.

Annemarie said...

Well, hooray for Karen, because I didn't know the answer.
Paulette's designs are SO sweet! And so is her new freebie.
Hey, I'm looking forward to seeing your framed pieces :o)
Happy Valentine's Day!

Kellie said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your framed pieces. I am not sure on the wrinkled linen question either. I have a hard time with wrinkles. The answer about freezing it is interesting. I may have to try that sometime. I love Plum Street Sampler designs as well, and that freebie is so cute! I will have to print that one out over the weekend and add it to the pile. :) Hope you have enjoyed Valentine's Day.

Kajsa said...

Aren't the new designs and the freebie lovely?

I've heard about the method that Karen described and some other stitchers I know swears by it.

I think someone once said to rub the wrinkle with an ice cube so the linen get wet just before ironing too. I never tried it though but it could be worth a try.

Barb said...

It was good to read everyone's thoughts on pressing out creases. I forgot about R&R hand dyed linens not being color fast and used steam to try to press out creases. Now I have a blotchy piece of linen. It doesn't look too bad on one side, but on the side I ironed, there are large lighter colored spots. I have a picture of it on my blog.

I then decided that maybe those creases were supposed to be there (there are a lot) and be part of the vintage look. Next time I'll know better.

Some linen looks like it's been folded forever and the creases are there to stay!

Yuko said...

Oh Nooo, Melissa!
I'm sure I can't resist to buy this chart!
This is so pretty!
Thanks for sharing, I just came back to mum's house.
I sent you an e-mail, hope it arrived to you safely!

Brigitte said...

Oh, how I love Plum Street Sampler's designs. But before I buy new charts I'll have to stitch I have by them. This Valentine design is a real beauty and on my wish list ... for further thinking about, lol.

Chrissie said...

I love that long pincushion of Paulette's. How lovely to have helleborus flowering, it is one of my favourite flowers but I think it is too hot here for it to grow.