Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Mid-week update

January is a great month to try to set new goals, make some changes because we are all starting with that similar mindset. On Sunday I'd mentioned I have given myself a 'guideline' of a half hour limit each work week night in order to give myself an hour of stitching. Another thing I'm going to try and do is post twice a week.

I do realize that I will likely not be able to show much stitching mid-week but I would still like to keep let's see if you like this.

This week's mid-week post is on Audio books.

Now, I haven't had much luck with these in the past because I've tried to listen to them while driving to and from work. That doesn't work for me as I can't pay enough attention to the story while driving. In November, I tried borrowing some books on CD from the library. It's good to try a variety.

The most important thing for me, I've found, is that I can tune into the narrator's voice. Sometimes you click with at that voice or you just don't. Some narrators can take on the suits of the characters so easily, donning them and taking them off in an instant. A good storyteller is absolutely mesmerizing. This doesn't mean the storyteller must be melodramatic. It just means how well the story can be told.

I wish I had written down the ones I'd liked in more details but here are some I can remember. The first one was Jamaica Inn by Daphne du Maurier, performed by Emilia Fox. She is the actress who played Georgianna Darcy in BBC's production of Pride & Prejudice. She surprised and delighted me with her performance.

Another one I liked was Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier. The narrator, I think, was Dylan Baker who was just amazing. I loved the Southern accents but he did a wonderful job with the characters. I really felt I was right there in the story.

While I was stitching Family Sampler, I listened to Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. This was an Oprah book club selection and a friend had leant me the book ages ago but I never read it. Before Christmas I found this at the library and decided to give it a go - it's 17 discs and about 21 hours in total! It is read by Kristoffer Tabori. What a fantastic storyteller. The characters come to life in his voice - a truly amazing performance. I really enjoyed this one!

Let me know if you have any audio books you'd like to recommend.

Now, about my trip to Victoria...we never made it because the planes couldn't take off/land due to fog. It's been foggy all week so our meetings got postponed to next week. This time we are going by car and take the ferry over which takes about 3 hours, door-to-door, each way! I'd better find some good reading material.

I've been feeling poorly this week and thankfully was able to get home earlier today and get a nap in. I can't be sick for this work thing coming up. I've been stitching little bits in the evening but really too tired to do much. Get this - last night, I was stitching the alphabets in for members of the family. Since our family is small I decided to add the cats' names (see sidebar). So, I stitched J for Julius, but for some reason I stitched C for Daisy. Are you laughing? C for Cat. Right. Foggy Brain syndrome so after I ripped out the C. Then I went to bed before I did any more silly things!

A little bit of stitchy talk. Here's "A Stitch in Time" by Workbasket. I loved it when it came out in 2005 but since I wasn't stitching then I didn't buy it. Now, it is in my stash.
Another chart acquired into my stash is this lovely one.
Marlene's Sampler
by Romy in Austria

At the heart of things, I really am an 'old sampler' kind of gal.

Thanks for stopping by. I know many of you are getting hit with awful cold weather again - take care! We have a bit of reprieve at the moment though I'm sure the white stuff is not done with us yet! See you soon.


Nicole said...

Hi Melissa! I love audio books. I can recommend several - any that are narrated by Davina Porter (she's the absolute best) and those would be the Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon, Isabel Dalhousie series by Alexander McCall-Smith or the early Hamish MacBeth series by M.C. Beaton. And I also love the Stephanie Plum books by Janet Evanovich - C.J. Critt was the narrartor for the earlier books - I have just gotten used to the new narrator Lorlei King - she's ok, but no where near as good as C.J. Critt. Anyway, I could go on and on about audio books! :)

I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well, I hope you feel better soon! I love the samplers! They are so pretty. Too funny about putting C for cat instead of D for Daisy - can't wait to see your latest progress pic. :)

staci said...

I enjoy audiobooks too, and I agree~~the narrator often makes all the difference :)

I Love, Love, Love that Workbasket Sampler...Gorgeous!!!

Melissa said...

I really enjoy audiobooks too. I'm a big Harry Potter geek, and those audiobooks are wonderful. I agree with you about the narrator though. There was one narrator when I first started with audiobooks that just put me to sleep whenever I tried to listen. LOL. Sorry you didn't get to go to Vancouver.
Hope you're feeling better.

Rachel said...

Love listening to books while at work. Some of my faves are Abhorsen series by Garth Nix read by Tim Curry, Harry Potter books read by Jim Dale (he is wonderful at the characters!) and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy read by Stephen Fry

Annemarie said...

Hey Melissa, I hope you get better soon, because you can't go around mixing up letters in those gorgeous samplers!
Do you know what? I just can't get used to audio books. I've tried and tried. Perhaps I keep listening to people who can't read well. There is one big exception though, and that's anything read by Stephen Fry: his own books, or Harry Potter, or "The Vicar of Nibbleswick" by Roald Dahl. He makes any story come alive.

Jane said...

Yes I did laugh when you put C for Daisy in your Family Sampler. :)) You funny thing!

Samplers are good, aren't they? I like the look of that Workbasket one you got. Nice to enhance that stash pile.

Hope you're feeling better soon. Even we've had a drop in temperature after a couple of hot days.

Vonna said...

I LOVE audiobooks, I get a lot of them via download from our library, it easier as I don't have to change cd's just download and they are on my MP3 player :)
I love anything read by Laural Merlington, she does a lot of the Nora Robert Books, Johanna Lindsay Books, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Linda Lael Miller - Stone Creek Series AWESOME! I also love the man that reads the Hollow Series by Nora Roberts...I listened AND read these books and I enjoyed listening to him better than I liked reading him...and found myself doing the characters in my head with his voice...LOL!
I could go on and on...but I'll let you go :) Audiobooks ROCK! And they help me to focus all my attention on my stitching!

Kellie said...

Hi Melissa, I love to listen to audio books while I stitch. I was going to recommend the Outlander series on audio as well, but I see that Nicole beat me to it. My favorite series of books of all time--love them! I only have one on audio (the first one Outlander) but it is wonderfully narrated. I also enjoyed Horse Whisperer on audio if you haven't ever read that before.
Hope you get to feeling better. I love the samplers--especially the Workbasket one!

Lennu said...

I hope you'll feel better soon and all the work stress will be gone too! I love reading your posts and I'll be looking forward your twice a week posts.

I love audio books too, but so far I've only uploaded some free mp3s from the Internet, Jane Austen books etc. Thanks for telling what you like!

mimpiyangsempurna said...

really nice cross stich... i've fall in love with it now... :)