Sunday, 11 January 2009

Adjusting My Sails

Hello all you wonderful stitchers out there! Yes, it was back-to-work this week and I've had to adjust my sails accordingly. The snow stopped, the rains came and we still have snow. Actually what's remaining is very icy. I didn't use the car this week but was glad to enjoy the kindness of my neighbour to get to work and back. That means though, I've been on someone else's schedule.

My intent for January was to change my habit of visiting blogs every day after work. I've limited myself to half an hour. Yup! So, if your blog blinked for a second, that was me zipping through! My limit of half an hour is not just on blogs, it's the limit on anything using my computer! So far I think it's been working because the intent then was to enable me to stitch for an hour each night during the work week. I think the compromise has worked so far.

Here's an update on Family Sampler. I'm almost there but there are still lots of small bits of stitching to do, all over.
A closer look at the newer section:
I have also received some of my purchases from the December sales, appropriately Shepherd Bush kits! I love the three snowmen and hope to one day hang them together as a trio.
Left to Right - Red Snowman, Green Snowman, Christian's Snowman. Of the three, I am tempted to do the Red Snowman in February (red, appropriate for Valentine's Day!). There is a 'warning' included in the package (and on SB website) that some people have found a problem with the red linen bleeding. Has anyone had that problem? The solution recommended was to do the vinegar rinse but then I don't want to have that lovely red colour fade...what do you think?

Then there is the new Glad Tidings kit. Loved it the moment this came out. I have ordered some SB mats but not sure which I got as it was a sale on in-stock items. I will just have to wait patiently for the surprise.

Now, you may be wondering what I will stitch next. Actually, here are my January goals:
  1. Stitch the HOE Valentine exchange. (done)
  2. Organize the HOE 'package' and mail by Jan 23.
  3. Finish Family Sampler
  4. Stitch one Christmas ornament for 2009 Challenge.
  5. Start my neighbourhood for MM&IRR?
  6. or finish Quaker Alphabet first?
Hmmm, not a loss for choice. I also have the Prairie Schooler exchange next month. Fun Fun Fun.

It is Sunday afternoon as I post this. I have to adjust my sails once again not only to Monday but I'm supposed to be working over in Victoria for a couple of days. Hope the weather permits me to fly out tomorrow. If I get over there, I might just have to stop off at the LNS over there for a bit of stress relief! ;-)

Thanks for stopping by and I so enjoy reading the comments! Sorry the photos are a bit dark. I did rush through them today. Now I have to get packing and ready for work tomorrow. Have a great week.


Lisa said...

Love the snowmen, they will look fab as a trio. I have a SB kit that I have to get around to doing, it will be my first, its "Busy". Happy stitching!

Barb said...

I sometimes get a coffee at Starbucks after work and go home to catch up on blogs. Before I know it, an hour has gone by! Our computer is always on and near the kitchen, so it is always so tempting to peek. Hard to limit computer time!

Wonderful work on the family sampler. The little sheep always have so much character:)

Melissa said...

WOW, your family sampler looks wonderful. You'll have it done in a heartbeat. You have one heck of a resolution for the computer. Good luck to you. You sound definitely determined to do it.

Jane said...

What a lot of work you've done on FS. I love it! Those SB kits look great together. I too am a bit hesitant to wash the fabric for Red Snowman. Don't know anyone that's stitched it yet to know what the best answer is.

Half and hour on the computer? All the best if you can stick to it! You're probably best to hop on it once or twice a week and have a real good go! :) I agree though, blogging can take up so much time too. You could look at it the other way - we wouldn't get to appreciate each others works without it.

Anonymous said...

Family Sampler is looking wonderful! I'm really enjoying watching both you and Nicole stitch this, it's so pretty.

Siobhan said...

Your family sampler is beautiful!! Love your stash haul, too! Good luck with limiting the time on the computer. I try to do the same--set a time that I WILL sign off and get some work done. It is too easy to get sucked into spending loads of time checking out all the stitching stuff, though!

Vonna said...

Your family sampler is really stunning :)
I'm trying to limit myself on the computer too...I'm finding that I get more done!

StitchinManiac said...

I love your family sampler! I hope you are able to stick to your goal. I have been trying to limit my time on the computer as well and my stitching time has increased!

Karoline said...

Great progress on Family Sampler, it's looking gorgeous. The rest of the SB stash looks lovely

Patti said...

Love the Family Sampler and am putting on my wish list now. Love the snowmen too - in fact I just love SB and your stitching is just lovely. Happy New Year. Love Patti xxx

Wendy said...

Your Family Sampler looks great! Computer time definitely cuts into my stitching time but when I need a little inspiration, its great!

Anonymous said...

Wow...what lovely work...glad I stopped by. You sure accomplish a lot too!

mainely stitching said...

I think the photos are great, and I love your progress on the Family Sampler. :D

Kajsa said...

Love the snowmen kits. I think I would cut off a tiny strip of the red fabric and rinse it in vinegar. Then you can see how bad it bleeds and if like the look of the linen afterwards.

The family sampler is looking great, I might have to add that one to my stash.

Asta said...

Amazing and very sweet sampler!!!:)