Tuesday, 2 December 2008


Has anyone noticed Toto, my stash-happy dog, hasn't been around for awhile? Yeah, he's been a bit sad that he hasn't seen much stash arriving lately so that he could make a fool of himself running around yipping and turning in circles. And he's a bit miffed that I have a picture of Daisy and Julius on the blog, but not of him! I will have to do something in the future to remedy that.

Well, before I even got through the front door I hear wild dog noises drifting my way. When I opened the door, Toto was spinning in a circle howling: STASH! A box of stash in fact. Well, OK, this poor stash-doggy has never seen the size of some stitchers' stash which mine pale in comparison, but he is happy.

This being Tuesday it was my yoga night, and I have to pat my oh-so-mature head for not ripping open that package right away. I would wait till I get home so I could really enjoy it. I told Toto to sit on top of the box and guard it and let no one come close. He gruffed in agreement. What a great stash-doggy.

So, here is my Stash Report. The charts are from Needlecraft Corner. I'm stock piling Prairie Schooler charts for the winter!
This second photo includes a back order from the Thread Basket - La Dame au Gateau as I like to bake (when time permits!).
The third photo is some Crescent floss from Shakepeare's Peddler. Theresa does colour conversions for some charts. She has one done for PS Autumn Leaves and I really wanted to use the overdyed floss. Now I have to see if I have the appropriate linen in my stash. I am really looking forward to stitching Autumn Leaves, maybe during the holidays!
The final photo is a shot of my small start with 'Of Female Arts'. I'm really enjoying this stitch. The WDW Cappucino floss looks wonderful against the Lakeside Linen's Vintage Light Examplar. It's too bad photos never really show you the true colours! I've been stitching with 32 count, and this linen is 28 count so it looks huge to me!
Well, frankly I'm a bit pooped from all the excitement. I'm glad to finally be able to show some photos! I have a few more PS charts coming in another week or so because a stockpile has to have more than 5 charts!

I hope you are well and enjoying the start of the Holiday season. I don't enjoy the extreme commercialism of Christmas that can get on one's nerves but I really enjoy seeing houses and trees lit up with Christmas lights, especially in these long dark days. Driving home from work in the dark is more pleasant seeing twinkling lights along the way.

Toto and I must ready now for slumber. Good night!


Jane said...

Love a good stash report and to see other people buying up on a few things. I especially like the chart you got called La Dame au Gateau. I've seen this one before and have admired it. Great going with your new WIP too, Melissa.

staci said...

That is some great stash! Enjoy!

Nicole said...

Great stash haul! I love your new start too! We have very similar tastes! :)

Irene said...

Loved reading through your blog. I came over for a visit from Nicole's blog and guess what, I live in Burnaby !

Barb said...

Just discovered your charming blog. I too am pretty new at this blogging thing, and trying to figure out what I want out of it. The computer is very distracting, but the needlework sites are so inspiring! I am so excited to be stitching again after a quite long hiatus.

I'm jealous of your stash! :)

Andrea said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. You have got a good stash haul there. Enjoy!

Lisa said...

Thanks for the heads up on the color conversions - I might have to hit up Teresa next year. ;)