Sunday, 16 November 2008

Zippity Do Dah Zippity Eh!

My oh my, it's almost Sunday evening and I've just finished my own Zippity Do Dah design!
Adaptation of BOAF Sally Spencer sampler

The 2 lines of the 'Zippity Do Dah' song is something I've been singing or humming to myself for years. I don't know how long I've been doing it. I know no one has ever caught me singing it because I only do it when no one is around! It's my way of saying thanks for the happiness I feel. Sometimes I hum it to try and pick myself up. When La-d-da came out with their 'Zippity Do Dah' chart I was really happy to see it but never got around to buying it.

I've had the Sally Spencer chart for years. Although I liked the design, I was never crazy about the style of the alphabet used. So, this year my happy tune and the design came together and I am very happy with it. The colours in real life look better than in the photo. I will take it to my framer this coming weekend.

Speaking of framers, here are two of my newly dressed pieces!
June Berries
Blackbird Designs
Bitter Flower
by Birds of a Feather

I am quite pleased with these. While I was there, I did pick a new frame for the Winter Sampler. As I've said before I was crushed that our first frame choice was no longer available, so I hope this second choice will be a good one. The fella helping me with picking out a new frame said he liked the second choice though he could understand why I loved the first choice. Then he proceeded to pick up the piece of sample frame of #1 choice to compare with #2 choice and I put out a Stop-sign hand. "Stop!" I said. "Do not taunt me with what I cannot have!" and we laughed. (He did stop.)

I've recently fallen in love with Prairie Schooler charts - all over again. I've stitched PS charts years before but since being in Blog land I've been able to see a lot of them stitched. And being a fan of poetry, I was really taken with some of the seasonal ones. When I read on Leena's blog about the verse on 'Autumn Leaves' I knew I had to stitch it - "Come said the wind to the leaves one day... Come o'er the meadows and we will play..." Oh, how sweet! Thank you, Leena, for writing that in your blog!

Fortuitously I found the Year Long Prairie Schooler Exchange this week, so I joined! I joined this 2 days after I joined the HOE II Exchange. OK, maybe that's enough exchanges to get involved with at this point. I have also asked another stitcher if she'll like to do a personal exchange and that will happen in the new year. So, I'll be going from knowing nothing about exchanges to being quite busy - well, busy enough for me.

Stash- a couple of recent purchases which show I seem to be attracted to monochromatic designs.

I've gotten back to cooking again, or trying to. The sukiyaki dinner went well although it's nicer when someone cooks it for you, which was how we were introduced to this dish at a restaurant when we visited Toyko over 20 years ago! Last week I had some successes and some experiment-gone-wrong meals. Now, I should write these down (the good and the bad) so I can remember them!

Through tripping through the blogs I have somehow found the Mennonite girls can cook site. My husband's family are from Mennonite roots. I am the outsider who married into the clan. Some members are more 'practicing' than others but over the years all have come to accept me. The tantes especially loved feeding me (as when I met my husband I was a slim young lady!) and I especially enjoyed Mennonite baking! Yum! Through this site I hope I can pick up some precious recipes.

This week I will have to set up for my next projects which I think will be small presents. I also want to make some changes to my blog layout over the next couple of weeks. I am currently using one of the basic templates in Blogger so I'm limited (I think) in how much I can put in the sidebar. So, a little bit of homework is in order! If anyone has any tips on templates etc please let me know, thanks!

Thanks for popping around. May your stitching fingers be nimble and happy this week!


staci said...

Wonderful finishes! But I think Sally Spence is my persoanl favorite ;)

Jane said...

Zippity is such a happy looking piece and you've done so well to finish it so quickly. Your framed finishes look great too.

Thanks also for the email, btw!

Annemarie said...

Your sampler is truly inspired, Melissa. Beautiful finish :o)
Love your new stash, love the framed stitcheries and frankly, I would love to taste some of your cooking!

Nicole said...

wow, I love the changes you made! Your sampler turned out beautiful!! :)

Wendy said...

I love the changes you made to the BOAF design - it looks great and is so much more personalized! The framed pieces look terrific too.

A PS Yearlong Exchange??? I think I'm going to have to check that out.

Lisa said...

WOW, I just came across your blog and really enjoyed looking through your work, you have some beautiful finishes. I also love the Winter Sampler that you did, that pattern is on my wishlist as I love the reindeer.
Happy stitching

Vonna said...

Oh my what a lovely finish! And your framed pieces are just gorgeous! Congratulations!