Tuesday, 11 November 2008

What a lovely break it was!

As I write this, it's nearing the end of my 4 day weekend. What a lovely break it was! I didn't realized how tired I've been feeling. Oh to sleep in and wake without an alarm clock! Wonderful. I had a Sunday with just stitching and reading blogs - what a treat!

Yesterday the sun came out which was a wierd phonomenon! Oooooh, what's that brightness? Where are my shades? So, we went outside while it lasted. Today, I did much needed organizing and some housework so feel very virtuous. (I think I need another stash reward don't you?)

Here's progress on my Sally Spencer sampler. Once the 'frame' is stitched, I will stitch on my new words. It will be something fun and happy as deserving of the design. I hope it will turn out too!
Leena and Annemarie, thank you for your comments on the last post! Leena, I think it will be lovely to stitch your daughter's poem! Annemarie, I'm not sure how I will stitch those 2 lines but the right thing will come along and I'll know it then, and thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

While I was doing my organizing today, I found this UFO from my quilting days!
I think it's from around 1995 or so when I got into making small quilts. It's basted ready for the hand quilting so what happened? I dunno! I might've mentioned that I'm not great for finishing. I love selecting the fabric and quilt pattern and putting the quilt together, but the hand quilting (or machine) and finishing I'm afraid *yawn* I get bored by that point. I had taken a Sampler course and have probably a dozen lovely quilt blocks (burgundy, moss green, cream shades) but they sit patiently for some TLC one day!

I think I'd better get started on dinner. I am making the Japanese cold weather favourite at our house - Sukiyaki. You have all the ingredients laid out at the table and you cook the dinner at the table, kind of a variation on fondue I think. It's a bit of prep work but it's yummy. I hope Yuko reads this so she can send me some tips!

Having this breather made me realize I want to (and need to) try some new dishes. I do have new cookbooks so I just need to *gasp* spend a bit less time stitching/blogging! Can I do it? I guess time will tell.

Have a good week, my friends! Thank you for stopping by.


Anonymous said...

Love your progress on Sally Spencer!

Margaret said...

Hi Melissa, how did the sukiyaki go? Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll certainly be rading yours too - although to be quite truthful I am what Edgar calls a lurker and I sometimes don't leave comments

Nicole said...

Your Sally Spencer is looking beautiful! I just ordered this chart after seeing yours! Your blog is such an inspiration to me! :)

staci said...

Your quilt is so lovely! And Sally Spencer is coming along nicely :)