Sunday, 30 November 2008

Fa la la!

I'm warming up my vocals for all the Christmas tunes to come. In November I was groaning about all the Christmas stuff that's been coming up increasingly earlier and earlier in the shops, on the streets, even at the office! Now, on the last day of November, someone has turned on my Happy Elf switch and I'm being wierdly cheerful and looking forward to Christmas. I have Christmas tunes playing today!

I can blame it on work being hectic but I think last week I was just out of sorts. My body was here but my mind was everywhere else. My modus operandi seemed to be deer-in-the-headlights and not going anywhere fast and not getting anything done. Good thing no one ran me over.

On Stitching - well, I didn't take my Sally Spencer/Zippity-do-da finish to the framer as it didn't feel finished to me. So, I've pinned it to my bulletin board for further inspiration to fall like fairy dust over me. Meanwhile, I was really at loose ends about my next project. I knew I wanted to do these two charts that I had posted awhile ago, but I needed to get the threads and I can't just go down to the store and get some, or can I?
I was reminded that there is a LNS about an hour's drive from here. I bought my floor stand scroll frame there about 8 years ago and that was probably the last time I was there. The reason is most of the things they carry are not my style at all. A lot of their samples are stitched in Aida - 'nuf said. But Janice (my stitching buddy to be) said they carry some overdyed floss now - not a lot but at least I can go and look at colours available. Yesterday morning, my DH drove me to the store, amidst the rain! Wasn't that sweet?

Here's a side story concerning men, driving & directions. So, we head off to this store at least an hour away, in an area that we don't usually go to. I asked DH 'should I get out the map?' He looked at me (you know the look) and said 'no need. I know the way'. OK. So, we drive on the highways in the pouring rain and it's just a mass of grey out there. After 45 minutes he said 'maybe it's time to get out the map!' Ha ha ha! Oh we laughed about that.

We arrived safe and sound and I did end up with some floss for the above 2 charts - different floss than they called for. I am using WDW Cappucino on Lakeside's Vintage Light Examplar for the 'Of Female Arts' and WDW Celadon on Lakeside's Lentil for the AAN 'Two Birds' (I might skip the birds in which case it will be 'The Tree'). Lastly I bought WDW Kentucky Bluegrass (love the name!) and Cadet for LDD 'Quaker Alphabet' that's coming. That should go on Lakeside's Examplar. I just finished cutting out the linens for the first 2 projects so I am really looking forwarding to starting a project again!

I have some stash coming but they are taking forever to get here. We're getting to two weeks and I start to twitch. By the way, I had a not-so-great experience at an ONS this weekend. Basically I found a bunch of old charts for a few designers and I was really excited that I might possibly get some of these things I've been looking for. I must've spent at least a precious hour or more yesterday going through and then narrowing down my selection. I did email them to ask what was available. The answer was 'one'. This was probably out of at least a dozen that I had asked for. That was frustrating and I should know better now that if somethings look too good to be true they probably are.

Onto something more pleasant. Carol is organizing a 2009 challenge. Check out her blog where she has a link. BTW, the link only seems to work with the IE browser. Carol and I were emailing back and forth about why I couldn't read the info on the 2009 challenge blog site. However, the pleasant side of this was I got to have a great email conversation with Carol as a result of this. As much as a blog is nice, it's kind of a one sided conversation isn't it? Please feel free to drop me an email if you'd like.

I am excited about December not only because Christmas is coming but I have an old friend from New Zealand who is doing a quick stopover in Vancouver. Gosh I am so looking forward to seeing her, in TWO weeks time!

Sorry I don't have any new photos to show. I hope to have some progress shots next week. In the meantime, here's a cute video a friend sent to me. Enjoy the doghouse with the males in your life. I even sent it to my DS with 'watch and learn!'

Stay warm and cozy. Thank you for visiting.


Margaret said...

Hi there. Love the bit about the map!!!! Been there done that!
What is LDD Quaker Alphabet?

Wendy said...

Great new stash projects! I have the Female Arts one in my stash ... for far too long. Looking forwards to seeing your progress!