Saturday, 27 September 2008


First, thank you Leena for introducing me & my blog on your site. I've had new visitors who have left lovely comments - so thank you to you too! It's a nice feeling.

Now, as promised, Stash Report! Toto has been Yippppeee-ing it up so much he's exhausted.

On Wednesday, it was another horribly stressful day at work, followed by leaving late amidst pouring rain. The traffic was crawling. I phoned home just to tell DH that I will probably be even later than late. He then told me "drive carefully, and when you get home there's a "package" waiting for you!" In the background, I could hear Toto going "Yippppeeee! Yippppeeee!" I started to smile in the car. *sigh* Just knowing the stash was waiting for me just lifted my spirits as I crawled home in the traffic.

Here's a grouping of stash received from 3 different ONS in September.
Notice the theme of houses? They will go into my MM&IRR design, to be finalized soon.

Quick - say "Stacy Nash Stash" three times! This is the first time I have purchased these charts, and I bought them directly from Stacy. I love her designs! Stacy is very nice and it was certainly a very pleasant experience to buy from her. I am looking forward to stitching these.

That's all the stitching news for now. What I really really need to do is to organize things because I was 'losing' them here and there. And of course, get down to stitching! Bye for now.


Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Wow terrific new charts, stash has that awesome ability to lift our spirits even long distance.

Tanya said...

I am a Stacy Nash junkie! LOVE her designs - all of them. I've stitched quite a few - just finished PERFECT PUMPKIN. Anyhoo, love your new stash. You're hooked now.


KarenV said...

You got some lovely stash there!